Ancient Magic Throw Expertise

Core Talent
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Ancient Magic Throw catches and throws disarmed enemy weapons.
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lock hogwarts legacy icon fextralife wiki guide Requirement Must be able to use Ancient Magic Throw to unlock this talent.

Ancient Magic Throw Expertise is a Core Talent in Hogwarts Legacy. Core Talents aim to increase the overall effectiveness of Wizards and Witches. Talents have to be learned by spending a Talent Point, which is granted to players when they level up their Wizarding Level. There are a total of 48 different Talents, divided among five different types. Besides Core Talents, the other four types are: Dark Arts Talents, Spells Talents, Stealth Talents, and Room of Requirement Talents. Each governing over different mechanics.



Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Throw Expertise Requirements



How to unlock Ancient Magic Throw Expertise in Hogwarts Legacy

Ancient Magic Throw Expertise can be first unlocked after completing the Main Quest called Jackdaw's Rest. This will open the Talents system for players, allowing them to spend their hard-earned Talent Points in the Talents that suit their playstyle best.



Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Throw Expertise Notes & Lore

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