Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy covers all the fantastical creatures players will be able to find throughout the Wizarding World. Players can befriend many of these creatures and send them to their Vivarium, to tend and care for them. If done properly, some Beasts may yield Ingredients or Resources to be used for Crafting by the players. There are a total of 13 Beasts to be found and rescued in Hogwarts Legacy 

This page is exclusive to the creatures you can take to your Vivarium. Please refer to the Flying Mounts page if you want to see how to acquire them for transportation.

Can Beasts have names?

Yes, you can rename your Beasts at the Vivarium. Note that this has no confirmed implication on the behavior or any other bonus to the renamed Magical Beast. It only serves as another customization layer for players to have an experience as unique and personal as possible while enjoying the Wizarding World in Hogwarts Legacy

How do I rescue Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

In order to begin rescuing Beasts, players must first progress through the Main Quests up to the completion of The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom, a quest which grants them the use of the Nab-Sack as well as serving as a tutorial on Beast rescuing. 

The Nab-Sack is a magically charmed bag that can vacuum up Beasts and store them until the player can return them to their Vivarium. Beasts can be found out in the wild at the various Beast Dens scattered throughout the Wizarding World. These dens can be identified by the claw icon beast den icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide on the Map and each den houses a specific type of Beast.

Some Beasts can be rescued with a simple conjuring of the Nab-Sack. However, some of the more elusive ones may require the use of Levioso or other such spells to temporarily immobilize the creatures.

Where do I find my Vivarium?

The Vivarium can be found in The Room of Requirement which itself is unlocked during The Room of Requirement (Quest). However, similar to rescuing Beasts, players must progress through the Main Quests to complete The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom in order to gain access to the Vivarium.


Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

Beasts Comparison Table



Where to find



Graophorns are large mountian-dwelling beasts that have a tough hide and two sharp horns. The tentacle-like appendages on Graphorn's faces are used for capturing food and tending to their young. Graphorns are known for their aggressive nature; however, a witch or wizard has been known to befriend one in rare circumstances. Clagmar Coast Graphorn Horn


The Mooncalf is a small, calf-like beast with enormous eyes and a shy personality. They can be observed dancing when the light of the full moon hits the ground. Forbidden Forest
Poidsear Coast
Mooncalf Fur


The Niffler is a small, furry and mischievous beast that causes mayhem in its pursuit of shiny objects which it stores in its marsupial-like pouch. Feldcroft Region
Poidsear Coast

Niffler Fur


Kneazles are cat-like beasts with large ears and a plumed tail. They can be aggressive, but if they like a witch or wizard, they make exceptional pets. Kneazles are highly intelligent and can detect suspicious or distrustful people. South Sea Bog
Marunweem Lake
Kneazle Fur

Giant Purple Toad

A large magical toad with warts that are useful in potion-making North Ford Bog
Forbidden Forest
Hogsmeade Valley
South Sea Bog
Marunweem Lake
Toad Warts


The Thestral is a haunting, winged equine beast that is only visible to those who have seen death. North Ford Bog
Marunweem Lake
Thestral Hair


A Jobberknoll is a small speckled bluebird, which never makes any noise until the moment of its death. North Ford Bog
Feldcroft Region
Jobberknoll Feather


The Unicorn is a shy and beautiful equine beast that spots a horn from its head. The foals are said to have shimmering golden coast Forbidden Forest Unicorn Hair


Puffskeins are round and fluffy beasts, soft enough to cuddle but tough enough to be thrown around. Puffskeins will eat almost anything, but their favorite meal is bogies. They are common household pets for wizarding families because they are easy to maintain. Forbidden Forest
Hogsmeade Valley
Feldcroft Region
Poidsear Coast
Clagmar Coast
Puffskein Fur


A Fwooper is a colourful bird that has a song known to drive people mad. Feldcroft Region
Poidsear Coast
Clagmar Coast
Fwooper Feather


The hippogriff is a majestic beast with the front half of an eagle and the back half of a horse. The Hippogriff can soar great distances and commands the respect of anyone who dares to approach it. Feldcroft Region
South Sea Bog
Hippogriff Feather


Diricawl are plump, fluffy birds incapable of flight. They have the unique ability to vanish and reappear to escape danger. Muggles were aware of these birds at one time and called them Dodos. However, Muggles now believe them extinct. Poidsear Coast
Marunweem Lake
Clagmar Coast
Diricawl Feather


Fascinating creatures, phoenixes. They can carry immensely heavy loads, their tears have healing powers, and they make highly faithful pets. Phoenix Rising quest. Phoenix Feather


Hogwarts Legacy Beasts Care

Why is Beast Care important in Hogwarts Legacy? 

Beast Care in Hogwarts Legacy is vital for Wizards and Witches because it provides rare magical materials. These Materials can then be used for Crafting to create different pieces of Gear or upgrades such as Traits.


care hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide 565px

Care of Magical Creatures

While strolling through the Vivarium, players will be able to find their rescued creatures and tend to them to make them happier. You can Brush, Feed and Play with your Beasts.

beast care hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideBrush:

  • Players can select this option, that it is represented by a claw inside the heart icon. A magical brush will appear near the selected magical beast and will start brushing it. Once this is completed, the brush icon will change its color. beast care green hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide

beast care food hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideFeed:

  • Players can select this option, represented by a knife and a fork. The player will release food from a conjured bowl to the creature, that will start eating it immediately. Once this is completed, the icon will also change its color. beast care food green hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide
  • It is currently unknown if not being well-fed may affect Beasts in some way.


  • Players can conjure up a Beast Toybox that allows to summon different kinds of toys for your beasts to play with. There is no icon displaying this action.


Some beasts are "shiny" beasts, and have a different color scheme. Please add more info

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