Builds in Hogwarts Legacy focuses on the various combinations players can create by using different types of Equipment and Spells, as well as Talents and TraitsBuilds can be more geared towards different styles of gameplay, such as Exploration Oriented builds or more Combat Oriented Builds. On this page we take a look at some of the ways you can make Builds in Hogwarts Legacy, and how some famous Wizards and Witches may have played!


Does What House You Choose Matter to Your Build?

No. It won't have any impact on what Spells you learn, or Traits and Talents available to you. The only reason to choose one House over another is simply role playing purposes, and the way you see some Quests.


Can You Respec Talents? How Many Talent Points do You Get?

No. You cannot Respec Talents, so make sure you choose the ones you want. If you aren't sure, save your points until you are. You'll gain 1 Talent point for each level you gain once you reach Level 5 up to Max Level. However, you are unlikely to reach it before finishing the game.


What is Max Level for a Build?

Max Level is 40 in Hogwarts Legacy, but it's unlikely you will reach this unless you 100% the game. You will most likely be somewhere between levels 30-35 when finishing the game if you don't skip Side Quests, so it's best not to worry about reaching it.


When Will I Gain Access to Traits?

You usually gain access to Traits around Level 20-25 by continuing the main quest: THE ELF, THE NAB-SACK, AND THE LOOM. Once you've finished this you will need to collect Beasts and feed and pet them in your Vivarium in order to obtain Trait crafting materials, or you can purchase some from select vendors around the game. You can find Beast Dens on the Interactive Map [HERE].


Where Can I Find Traits?

You can find Traits in the Collection Chests located inside Bandit Camps which you can find the locations of on our [Interactive Map]. These Traits are random, but you can reload and change the Trait inside if you saved before opening. Note that it is just as easy to make tier 3 Traits as it is tier 1, so try to get tier 3 if you can! These chests don't respawn, and you cannot get the same Trait more than once.


Hogwarts Legacy Builds


Hogwarts Legacy Death Eater Build


A Dark Wizard Build that uses the Unforgiveable Curses as the primary means of dealing damage and defeating enemies. Curses increase the damage targets take, and you can spread this around with this build, and kill enemies quickly.

The way this Build works is that you'll use your Talents to make Curse more effective and get several phenomenal benefits from it. Cursing enemies makes them take increased damage from your attacks, and since we're stacking the Unforgiveable III Trait on all our Armor, you'll deal insane extra damage to them when Cursed.

The Blood Curse Talent makes it so attacking a Cursed enemy deals damage to ALL Cursed enemies, and Crucio Mastery makes it so when you cast Crucio you Curse a nearby target as well. Enduring Curse extends the duration of Curse on enemies, making it easier to deal damage to multiple enemies at once, and Avada Kedavra Mastery makes it so killing an enemy with it will kill all Cursed enemies, which is deadly to say the least.  Curse Sapper heals you when you kill enemies that are Cursed, and Imperio Mastery makes enemies affected by this spell Curse targets they attack, furthering the objective of this Build. 

When you enter combat you'll usually use Crucio first to render a target helpless, deal damage over time to them, and more importantly, Curse them and hopefully one more target as well. This helps eliminate an enemy from the fight for a good while, giving you time to setup the rest of your combo.

Next you'll cast Imperio, ideally on the deadliest enemy you're facing so they can kill and Curse enemies for you, but don't take too long when deciding which enemy to Imperio, just get one under your control quickly. This also Curses them subsequently, increasing the damage they take, and susceptible to being one shot by Avada Kedavra if you use it on another target.

Then you'll cast Arresto Momentum, or any other Spell you chose, as long as it has a Talent that allows it to  Curse its target and you've taken that Talent. When selecting targets for Curses, be mindful that you leave the one with the Damage Shield that matches the color of whatever Spell you chose here. In this case, you need to use this on an enemy with NO Damage Shield or YELLOW. If there are only enemies left with Red and Purple Damage Shields, you chose your targets incorrectly.

Once all 3 of those Spells have been cast you're free to use Avada Kedavra on any other target, preferably the deadliest remaining un-Cursed enemy. This will kill it instantly and all other enemies you have Cursed previously, wiping most enemies off the screen in one cast. Remaining stragglers should be  Crucioed and Basic Casted to death afterwards.

Basic Casts deal tremendous damage against Cursed enemies with this setup, so don't be afraid to use them liberally. This also helps to generate Ancient Magic, which you can use to pick off targets here and there as well.



Hogwarts Legacy Dumbledore Build


The Classic Dumbledore Build that focuses on Control Spells that free up your attention to focus on individual targets, and use Ancient Magic often.

The way this Build works is that you'll lead with Arresto Momentum on one target, who will then be Cursed thanks to the Slowing Curse Talent. You can then attack them with basic attacks to generate Ancient Magic quickly, or you can leave them floating and begin attacking a second target while they are helpless. Keep in mind you gain extra Ancient Magic Build up when attacking them because of the Basic Cast Airborne Absorption Talent. Enduring Curse extends the duration of this damage debuff, and Curse Sapper heals you when you defeat them if they are Cursed, which work very nicely together.

Glacius is used to freeze one target that is annoying, removing them from the fight while you focus on other enemies. You should be casting Glacius on the target and then leaving them untouched otherwise you will break the CC, and they will move again. The exception is if they are frozen inside a group and you want to detonate them for extra damage due to Glacius Mastery.

Depulso is used to throw targets away, dealing damage when they fly into objects, and because of Depulso Mastery it protects you at close range effectively. Use this to break Purple Shields and shove enemies into one another or into things.

Incendio is used to AoE close range targets, and is used defensively more than offensively. Dumbledore was famous for Firestorm, but there is none in this game, so this is the closest Spell to that. Incendio Mastery makes it AoE all around you when cast, and it is particularly good against Undead enemies.

There is a huge focus on Protego here as well, as we've taken many Talents that increased its efficacy,  either by granting more projectiles reflected, or by increasing Stupify Stun duration and adding damage. Additionally, you will also gain Ancient Magic Build Up from the Protego Absorption Talent, and Evastion Talents, allowing you to focus on Ancient Magic.

Ancient Magic often one shots just about any enemy in the game, and building it up quickly allows you to make up for your lack of Damage Spells in your arsenal. By slotting the Ancient Magic Focus III Trait on all gear, you build this up incredibly fast, and by seeking out Ancient Magic Hotspots across the map, and collecting Ancient Magic, you increase then number of Ancient Magic you can hold at once, allowing you to go into combat, already powered up with several one shot attacks!

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build


The Harry Potter Build focuses on the the strengths of Harry and what magic he is most proficient with like Expelliarmus and Petrificus Totalus.

The way this build works is that you'll focus on using Expelliarmus a lot as your primary spell. This Curses enemies because of Disarming Curse, and will also heal you when you kill the target because of Curse Sapper. Additionally, Ancient Magic Throw Expertise will allow you throw enemies weapons back at them for damage after you've disarmed them. This works particularly well against Goblins and Penceive Guardians who both wield melee weapons that can be thrown. This damage is boosted by Control III, allowing you to damage them with Expelliarmus, and then their weapon back to back, which makes it a deadly combo. Expelliarmus is still effective at dealing damage at range, even if you cannot disarm your opponent, and serves as an effective means to dispel red shields from enemies at range, since Incendio has rather short range by comparison.

Using Accio on targets with the Accio Mastery Talent allows you to pull groups of enemies to you at once, and the unleash Incendio on them point blank dealing devastating damage. And, you'll deal even more damage since you'll also have the Incendio Mastery Talent, making it AoE around you in a 360 degree arc. Make sure you use a couple of your Trait slots for the Scorching Trait to further boost the damage of Incendio. Remember, you'll deal increased damage when enemies are floating in the air if you've used Accio first.

Arresto Momentum works to dispel yellow damage shields on enemies, and can slow down tough to kill enemies like Trolls, allowing you to stay safely out of danger. Because of the Slowing Curse Talent, this will also Curse the target you use it against, increasing your damage with basic attacks and spells against them for a short time afterwards. This is really nice, since Arresto Momentum deals no damage of its own, making it more worth while to cast this spell.

Disillusionment will allow you to sneak around undetected and use Petrificus Totalus on enemies, one shotting them the majority of the time. You also deal more damage when casting from Invisible thanks to Ambush III, and deal more damage with Petrificus Totalus itself thanks to Binding III. These Traits can be overkill, however, so you might want to save your Trait slots for other that increase your spell damage, like Concentration III, Disarming III or Scorching III.

Hogwarts Legacy Severus Snape Build


The definitive Potions Master Build that uses a combination of various spells, potions and plants to defeat his enemies.

The way this build works is that you'll use Potions and Plants to augment your playtsyle making you much more formidable. But first let us talk about the Spells you will use for this Build. The first spell you're going to use is of course Levioso.

Levioso is the closest spell to Liberacorpus, a Spell that Snape created himself that raises a target into the air dangling by their foot. So we use it in this Build in its place. You'll use it to take an enemy out of a fight for some time, or to make an enemy weak to attacks. It also breaks Yellow damage shields, and when upgraded with Levioso Mastery, it will hit many targets at once, making it even more effective.

Next up is Diffindo. Diffindo is a substitute for Snapes's infamous SectumSempra spells, which slashes its target, not unlike Diffindo. This makes it a perfect fit in this build. It hits a target rather hard, possibly harder than any other damaging spell, and its best to use it when an enemy is weakened by Curse, or is floating in the air from Levioso, or from any other manner.

Expelliarmus was used by Snape as well, and is fitting here. This deals ok ish damage to most enemies, but shines against Goblins with melee weapons and Pensieve Guardians, where you can remove their melee weapon and if you have the Ancient Magic Throw Expertise Talent, throw it back at them for increased damage. Try to use it on these enemies or to break red damage shields, saving Diffindo for when enemies are weak.

Lastly we have Avada Kedavra, probably the most notable spell here, and one Snape has used before. This spell instantly kills a target, or takes on portion of a Boss HP bar off (except the final boss), so use it on the toughest enemies in the game like Trolls and named enemies. With the Avada Kedavra Mastery Talent you can also kill enemies that are Cursed from your Stupify or Expelliarmus, but we don't worry too much about that in this build.

Moving onto the Plants and Potions, we use all 3 Plants for this Build and 2 Potions, but you can use the other Potions if you please. Chinese Chomping Cabbage will seek out and attack enemies near you for a short time, dealing ok damage UNLESS you have Herbology III on all your gear, and then they hit like an absolute truck! The downside is they cannot penetrate enemy shields, so you should focus on removing these so your Cabbages can kill enemies for you. If you have the Fertiliser Talent you'll summon 2 of these at once, making them twice as effective, so make sure to get it.

Venomous Tentacula are used like a turret to snipe enemies from a distance. They deal very good damage, though less than the Cabbage when using Herbology III, and when upgraded with the Noxious Talent deal more damage, but more importantly, can break though enemy Shields. This helps your Cabbages that are out deal with enemies and you as well, so get this one.

Mandrakes are used to deal damage in a large AoE and to stun enemies. These pair very well with both other Plants, since they will continue to attack while you channel their screams. The Headache Talent extends the duration of the Mandrake's attack, making enemies Stunned for longer, so be sure to get it.

Potions we use for this Build are Focus Potion, to reduce the cooldowns of our Spells and Thunderbrew Potion which deals damage and stuns in an AoE around you. Faster cooldowns mean more Avada Kedavra, and Thunderbrew augments your Plant focused playstyle by attacking enemies while you are free to cast spells.

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