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How to Get Pre-order Bonus for any edition of the game

Caligo is a Flying Mount in Hogwarts Legacy. Also known as the Onyx HippogriffCaligo is a black Hippogriff that is an exclusive bonus for pre-ordering the game. Flying Mounts are diverse magical beasts that wizards and witches can use to roam the skies of the Wizarding World. They can also be used as ground mounts, just like any normal horse, allowing players to traverse the world at a faster pace than they would without them.


You have earned the trust of this beautiful, black Hippogriff and will now be able to soar the skies on its back.


Hogwarts Legacy Caligo Information

Caligo is a Hippogriff with beautiful black plumage who can only be obtained by pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy. It is also known as the Onyx Hippogriff.



How to Get Caligo in Hogwarts Legacy

Caligo is a Pre-Order Bonus and cannot be obtained by normal means.

After completing The High Keep main quest, Flying Mounts are unlocked as a feature and Caligo will be obtained automatically if the player has the Pre-Order Bonus. It can then be chosen and equipped as a Flying Mount on the character's Gear Menu.


Hogwarts Legacy Caligo Notes & Trivia

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      ATTENTION, quand caligo est place daans un des 3 jardin disponible de la piece secrete, celui ci ne pourra plus etre changer de jardin !!!!

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