Concentration III

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Significantly increased damage of all Damage spells.
Requires x1 Kneazle Fur

Concentration III is a Trait in Hogwarts Legacy. The Hogwarts Legacy Concentration III trait has the effect "Significantly increased damage of all Damage spells.". You can find this Trait randomly on Gear, or you can craft it using the Enchanted Loom and specific materials.


How to get Concentration III Trait in Hogwrats Legacy

You may find this trait randomly applied to a piece of Gear.

You can create this trait by using x1 Kneazle Fur obtained from  Kneazle. You must capture the beast first and bring it to the Viavarium in The Room of Requirement where you would nurture it.

Find the  Kneazle Magical Beast in these locations and bring it back to the Vivarium in The Room of Requirement:



To craft the trait, you need to find its RECIPE:


  • You will always find a Trait in the Collection Chest in a Bandit Camp and it will be random from the Exploration category in Collections
  • You can reload before opening it to change what Trait is inside, so it's recommended to save before opening
  • You can get from Tier 1 to Tier 3 in any Bandit Camps, it is random
  • Not all Traits are from Bandit Camps, but this is a reliable way to get some



How to Use Hogwarts Legacy Concentration III Trait

Traits can be applied to gear that has Trait Slots. Depending on the rarity of a piece of Gear, players can determine the Trait slot level it has.

  • Superb gear has a Trait Slot Level 1
  • Extraordinary gear has a Trait Slot Level 2
  • Legendary gear has a Trait Slot Level 3


Concentration III Notes & Tips


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    • I really wish they could tell us by how much instead of vague description like these. Like... Make the information either "Detailed" or "Brief" and put both in...
      We know that it's "Significant" but HOW MUCH!? 5%?! 10? 15%!?

      • Anonymous

        Did some really basic tests out of curiosity. I did not do a deep dive. But I tested a few spells with and without concentration 3 on a few spiders (difficulty was on hard, not sure if it makes a difference at all).

        I tested with with basic cast, confringo and expelliarmus.

        Basic cast is not effected by concentration. Which means it technically doesn't count as a damage spell.

        With a full set bonus it essentially added x1.68 damage to both spells.

        So with 6 pieces that means one piece with *concentration 3" multiplies damage by around 0.28

        • Anonymous

          What's better (%) ? Concentration III or Solo-Spell III
          Is it equal or different?

          Like 5% / 10% or 2.5% / 5%

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