Controls for Hogwarts Legacy displays information regarding the input mechanisms for the character's movement, combat, and interactions. Listed below are details on the default configuration for Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC



In the bottom left corner of the screen, players can find the Minimap. Useful for guiding players throughout the world, but more adventuring wizards and witches may note that, if you want to turn it off you can. Head to the options menu and turn it off to be able to explore to your heart's content.


Wizards and Witches can swim in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can't dive under and submerge underwater to explore anything beneath the surface but, your  playable character can swim across vast pools of water from point to another. By pressing L3 you can swim faster.


Hogwarts Legacy Controls


Playstation 4/5
Xbox Series S|X and One


PS5 – Motion Sensor Function
  • This function is exclusive only for PS5 control, and allows the player to use the gyro functionality of the Dual Sense controller to control flight while on a mount or broom.


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controls icon hogwarts fextralife wiki guide4 50pxBrooms

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controls icon hogwarts fextralife wiki guide4 50pxGround Mounts

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Character Controls

  • ← : Cast Revelio
  • → : Switch Spell Diamonds
  • ↑ : Track Quest.
  • ↓ : 
  • B: Dodge/Back (in menus) / Dismount while on Broom or Flying Mount
  • A: Accept (in menus)
  • Tap Y when prompted: when prompted: Deflect (combat)
  • Hold Y when prompted: Counter-attack. (Combat)
  • X: Event action (Examine, Open, Talk, Use etc.)
  • Left stick: Movement
  • Right stick: Move Camera / Change Target / Descend or Ascend (while on Broom)
  • L3: Press to swim faster
  • R3: Lock-On / Remove Target
  • LB (Tap): Consumes item located in the quick slot
  • LB (Hold): Item Wheel. 
  • LT+RT: Cast Ancient Magic. Requires filled Ancient Magic Meter.
  • LT: Speed Burst (While on broom)
  • RB: (Tap): Basic Attack (Flippendo)
  • RT: Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)
  • Press and hold RT + A face button (A, B, or Y): Uses the assigned slotted Spell of the current Spell Diamond
  • Option: Main menu





  • Right Arrow: Lock Right
  • Left Arrow: Lock Left:
  • Up Arrow: Look Up
  • Down Arrow: Look Down
  • W, A, S, D: Movement
  • Left Shift: Sprint
  • C: Walk
  • Spacebar: Jump


  • C: Drop Item
  • V: Sort Inventory
  • F: Use/Equip/Inspect
  • F: Change Gear Appearance
  • F: Confirm Purchase
  • Right Mouse Button: Preview Vendor Gear
  • Right Mouse Button: Toggle Hood


  • W, A, S, D: Movemement
  • Space: Fly Up
  • Ctrl: Fly Down
  • Shift: Sprint Fly Faster
  • C: Walk
  • Left Mouse Button: Boost Charge
  • Spacebar: Take Off
  • B: Dismount
  • Q: Show Controls


  • F: Confirm Rescue
  • ESC: Cancel Rescue
  • F: Add beast to Inventory
  • T: Summon Beast
  • R: Rename Beast: 
  • C: Release Beast
  • Spacebar: Hide Beast Detail Screen
  • F: Collect Byproduct
  • D: Next Beast
  • A: Previous Beast
  • F: Select Breeding Pair

Spells & Actions

  • F: Interact
  • Left Mouse Button: Basic Cast
  • G: Heal
  • R: Revelio
  • V: Compass Path to Objetive
  • Right Mouse Button: Aim
  • Caps Lock: Lock On
  • Q: Protego
  • Ctrl: Dodge
  • X: Activate Ancient Magic
  • 1: Cast Spell 1
  • 2: Cast Spell 2
  • 3: Cast Spell 3
  • 4: Cast Spell 4
  • F1 or 5: Spell Set 1 
  • F2 or 6: Spell Set 2
  • F3 or 7: Spell Set 3
  • F4 or 8: Spell Set 4
  • Mouse Wheel: Next & Previous Spell Set
  • Z: Ancient Magic Throw
  • S: Break Free Option 1
  • A: Break Free Option 2
  • D: Break Free Option 3
  • W: Break Free Option 4

































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Ground Mounts

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Flying Mounts

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    • Anonymous

      So for PC only when you learn a new spell there are buttons you must press before learning. What are they? I see the F, and Space button, but I dont recognize the other buttons. Of course I can't find a vid on it anywhere. Just tell me the button order for each spell. It is appreciated.
      Ex. F, space, space for spell X.

      • Anonymous

        Why are the sticks different from any game ever played??!? Left stick needs to be movement and right needs to be aim. I am completely backwards on movement! Is there a fix for this?

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