Unforgivable Curse

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Effect Inflicts intense, excruciating physical pain to the target.
How to Learn Can be learned during In the Shadow of the Study

Crucio is an Unforgivable Curse in Hogwarts Legacy. Crucio is a spell that causes an intense and unbearable pain throughout the target's body. In Hogwarts Legacy, Spells are a powerful combat mechanic that can be used to execute various offensive, defensive, and support functions. Players have a wide variety of over 20 different Spells to choose from, allowing them to customize their strategies and approaches to fit their style. Spells can be combined in creative ways to unleash powerful combos  making them a versatile and indispensable tool for any aspiring witch or wizard.


Causes most enemies to writhen in pain as they take damage over time. Also curses the victim - and cursed enemies take extra damage.

What Crucio does in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Crucio is a spell that causes an unimaginable and unbearable pain throughout the target's body. The pain is so intense that it makes the victim unable to think clearly.
  • To unleash the full potential of this curse, the caster should have a strong desire to inflict pain on the target.
  • It is one of the 3 Unforgivable Curses


How to learn Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Crucio can be learned during the quest In the Shadow of the Study. During the quest, you will be presented with dialogue options to either refuse to learn the curse, learn the curse and cast it on Sebastian Sallow or learn the curse and have Sebastian cast it on you. Whom the spell gets cast on does not matter, you will learn it either way. 
  • Crucio is unlocked and can be used freely within the Dark Arts Battle Arena (Deluxe Edition only), even before the player can learn the spell or if they refused to learn it during In the Shadow of the Study. However, the spell will only remain unlocked within the Arena, if the player has not learned it themselves.


What Talents can be used to improve Crucio

The following Talents can be used to improve the effectiveness of Crucio:

  • Crucio Mastery: Striking an enemy cursed by Crucio releases a projectile that curses a nearby enemy.


Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Notes & Lore

  • In the Harry Potter world, Crucio is considered one of the most evil and forbidden spells in the wizarding world, and its use is strictly prohibited by law. Those who are caught using the spell can expect severe punishment, including imprisonment in Azkaban, the wizarding prison. The use of Crucio is a serious matter and is viewed as a display of evil and cruelty.
  • In the Harry Potter series, Crucio is used by some of the most dangerous and evil characters, including Voldemort and his Death Eaters. They use the spell to torture and punish those who oppose them, or to extract information and control their victims. The spell is also used as a tool of intimidation and fear, as the mere threat of using it can be enough to control and manipulate others.
  • Despite its evil nature, Crucio is also depicted as a difficult spell to cast and control. The caster must have a strong and focused mind, as well as a strong will and skill with magic. The spell requires a high level of skill and control, as the caster must be able to maintain the spell for an extended period of time and increase or decrease the intensity of the pain at will.
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