Damage Spells (or Offensive Spells) are a type of Spell in Hogwarts LegacyDamage Spells are a powerful tool for players to use in combat. These spells allow players to deal damage and defeat Enemies, with options such as fireballs and lightning strikes at their disposal. These Spells can be used to control the battlefield and gain the upper hand in battles against other wizards and magical creatures. With a wide variety of offensive spells to choose from, players can experiment and find the perfect spell to fit their playstyle. Spells are a combat mechanic that allow players to execute a vast array of offensive, defensive, or even support functions.

Do Damage Spells have a cooldown in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, Damage Spells in Hogwarts Legacy have cooldown periods. This means that after casting a spell, the player must wait a certain amount of time before they can cast that spell again. The cooldown period varies depending on the spell and the player's level. It is important to understand the cooldown periods of offensive attack spells in order to maximize their efficiency. Each spell has a different cooldown period, so it is important to plan ahead and be prepared to use the right spell at the right time




 All Damage Spells in Hogwarts Legacy


Damage Spells Comparison Table


Damage Spells Comparison Table

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spell bombrada hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Deals heavy damage on impact, accompanied by an explosion that can destroy heavy obstacles and hit surrounding enemies. Complete:  Professor Howin’s Assignment

confringo hogwarts legacy wiki guide

A long-range bolt that deals damage on impact. Enemies hit with fire-based attacks will continue to take damage for a few seconds, during which time collisions will result in incendiary bursts. Complete: In the Shadow of the Undercroft

diffindo hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Slashes objects and enemies from afar dealing considerable damage. Complete:  Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2

expelliarmus hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Disarms wands and weapons from most enemies who wield them. Also deals damage to all enemies, even if they do not carry a weapon Complete:Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

incendio hogwarts legacy wiki guide

It can be used to harm Enemies, to set objects on fire and get rid of them, or even to light a torch to create more light. Complete: Professor Hecat's Assignment 1



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