Dittany Leaves

Plants and Seeds

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How to Get Purchased at The Magic Neep

Dittany Leaves belongs to Plants and Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy. Some plants serve their own purpose as they have an effect by themselves and can be used in their raw state, while other plants only serve as Ingredients to craft other things such as Potions. Seeds can be used to grow your own plants and avoid having to gather them from the world or buy them at the store.


Dittany Leaves Hogwarts Legacy Information

Due to their healing properties, these leaves are a key ingredient in Wiggenweld Potion. Can be grown in pots of any size.


How to Get Dittany Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy

Dittany seeds can be purchased at The Magic Neep for 100 gold coin hogwarts legacy wiki 25px


Hogwarts Legacy Dittany Leaves Notes & Lore

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