Eleazar Fig

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Class Magical Theory
Location Hogwarts Castle
Voiced by Nicholas Guy Smith

Eleazar Fig is a Professor in Hogwarts Legacy. Eleazar Fig is a kind, knowledgeable professor in charge of the Magical Theory. Professors can be found mainly throughout Castle Hogwarts, be it attending Classes, just chatting through the halls or riding their brooms in the outside area of the magic school. 


Well, I'm quite sure I've never seen anyone take so quickly to a second-hand wand.
You'll be a force to be reckoned with when you get your own.


Eleazar Fig Information

The Magical Theory Professor at Hogwarts left behind his aspirations of working for the Ministry of Magic to follow his wife, Miriam, around the world as she researched the seeming disappearance of ancient magic. Fig eventually grew weary of this quest and left her to continue on her own while he took on the job of Magical Theory professor at Hogwarts. When Miriam was killed during her travels, Fig felt responsible because he was not there, a guilt that haunts him to this day. He is determined to understand why and how she died and to finish her work. Fig is a kind, knowledgeable professor and will be one of the player's greatest allies during their time at Hogwarts — with respect to the trials they will face both inside and outside the castle walls.


Eleazar Fig Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Eleazar Fig can be found at Hogwarts Castle


Hogwarts Legacy Eleazar Fig Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy Eleazar Fig Notes & Lore

  • Eleazar Fig is the first Npc and Professor players meet as soon as their journey starts. Just after Character Creation.
  • He is married to a woman named Miriam. She is currently dead at the start of the events of the game.
  • As a wizard, Eleazar Fig is renowned for his mastery of the magical arts and is one of the professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • In the game, players will encounter Professor Fig as a teacher of a powerful and mysterious branch of magic. He is depicted as a wise and experienced wizard who is deeply committed to his craft. Eleazar is known for his skill in unraveling the secrets of magic, and his lessons are said to be both enlightening and challenging.
  • Despite his impressive abilities, Professor Fig is not without his quirks. He has a fascination with ancient and obscure artifacts, which he keeps in his office. Players will have the opportunity to explore Professor Fig's office, discover his collection and uncover the hidden secrets he has kept.
  • Throughout the game, players will also have the chance to interact with Eleazar Fig. He will offer Quests and provide valuable information that will aid players in their journey. Through these interactions, players will gain an understanding of the powerful magic Professor Fig practices and the ways in which it can be harnessed to achieve great feats.
  • Eleazar Fig is a captivating character in Hogwarts Legacy. With his extensive knowledge and mastery of magic, he is sure to play a significant role in the game. His eccentric personality and love for the arcane make him a memorable NPC, and players will relish learning from him and exploring the magical world.



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