Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy represent all the creatures, animals, or monsters hostile to the player that inhabit Hogwarts and its surrounding areas. Throughout the game you will face enemies with unique defensive and offensive abilities, including Blasting Curses, Stunning Spells and enchanted weaponry. While some may attack directly, others might enchant and incapacitate you. Mastery of the Shield Charm allows you to deflect ranged spells and direct weapon strikes. Counter-attack with powerful Stunning Charms, allowing you to follow up extended spell combinations. Students who become particularly adept at Spell Casting will find many ways to exploit their enemies' weakness.

Defeating Enemies is vital for players to earn experience and level up. Enemies may also drop important resources or materials used for the players to create or craft Items in the Room of Requirement.

Enemies can also be found in Enemy Lairs and Bandit Camps, there are a total of 69 Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.

Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy

Infamous Foes are formidable and wily Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts Legacy Enemies


Dark Beasts
Dark Wizards



loyalist ranger 150px enemies hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Loyalist Ranger

Goblin that uses ranged attacks.

loyalist warrior 150px enemies hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Loyalist Warrior

Goblin that uses melee attacks

Enemy Information Hogwarts Legacy

Will Hogwarts Legacy have Spiders?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy confirmed on a tweet showing an in-game screenshot of multiple signs reading "Beware Spiders", indirectly confirming that spider will be included in this Harry Potter game.

Duelling Feats

Duelling feats, refer to special field challenges that the player may attempt to complete while in Combat. These Duelling Feats are not required to be completed, but it is advisable to do so, since they grant the player with bonus Experience Points. Besides that, Duelling Feats may help players to understand new intricacies and mechanics regarding Combat, as well as indirectly teaching more options or available interactions between Spells to the player.

Will the Deathly Hallows be in Hogwarts Legacy?

Deathly Hallows were not officially confirmed yet, but recent footage from official trailers, where a book with a skull on its surface can be seen, may suggest the possibility that Deathly Hallows will be included in the game, so expectations are high.

Traits & Enemies

Enemy types and Traits have a very important relation in Hogwarts Legacy. Traits can be woven into Gear that possess Trait Slots, and they provide different advantages while facing a certain type of Enemy.

For example, by weaving the Necromantic Protection I Trait into any slot, players receive less damage from Inferi enemies.


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