Essential Spells are a type of Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Essential Spells are activated using the left d-pad on a controller, and players will learn them as they advance through the story. Spells are a combat mechanic that allow players to execute a vast array of offensive, defensive, or even support functions

How to use Essential Spells?

Unlocking Essential Spells through the story allows players to access them at any time using the left D-pad on a controller. These spells are essential for progressing through the game and solving puzzles, and once learned, they are always available for use without needing to depend on the Spell Diamond.





 All Essential Spells in Hogwarts Legacy


Essential Spells Comparison Table


Essential Spells Comparison Table

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How to earn

alohomora hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Grants access to a variety of locked rooms and containers throughout the world, but requires magical prowess to perform successfully. Cast with square hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide when prompted near a valid lock.  The Man Behind the Moons quest

ancient magic hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Ancient Magic

When at least one segment of your Ancient Magic Meter is full. you can cast devastating Ancient Magic attacks that deal massive damage and break Shield Charms. Cast with l1 hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide + r1 hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guidewhen you see the prompt over an enemy's head. Complete Welcome to Hogsmeade Main Quest

ancient magic throw hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Ancient Magic Throw

Summons and then throws special environmental objects at the targeted enemy. Particularly useful for breaking through Shield Charms. Cast with r1 hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide when that prompt is hovering over an object. Complete Welcome to Hogsmeade Main Quest

basic cast hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Basic Cast

Deals minor damage to enemies and objects. Tap r2 hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide 30pxto cast. The Path to Hogwarts Main Quest

petrificus totalus hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Petrificus Totalus

Powerful enough to bind most enemies permanently. but more dangerous foes will only take some damage and then quickly break free from the effect. Sneak up undetected to an enemy and press square hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide when prompted to cast. Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest

protego hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Protects against a variety of attacks, including spell casts, weapon strikes, and more. Cast with triangle hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide.
Waiting to cast Protego until the last moment before an impact results in a Perfect Protego that damages melee attackers and reflects projectiles back, breaking enemy shields.
During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts

revelio hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Highlights a variety of useful and interactive targets in the world, including hidden objects, puzzle items, loot,
enemies, and more. Cast with left dpad hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide.
During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts

stupefy hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Stuns enemies, making them easy targets for follow-up spells. It deals no direct damage but stunned enemies take extra damage, indicated by gold numbers. It also breaks enemy Shield Charms (except on Hard difficulty). When successfully deflecting an incoming attack with Protego, keep triangle hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide held to cast a Stupefy counter-attack at whichever enemy you choose to target. During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts




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