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House --
Role Chaotic Poltergeist
Location Hogsmeade
Voiced by Greg Ellis

Fastidio is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Fastidio is a poltergeist who haunts a shop in Hogsmeade which the protagonist can purchase later in the story. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.


Well, well! Finally, someone deserving of the playground I so meticulously crafted. Such a treat to have fun again in my little dungeon.

Fastidio Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Fastidio is a poltergeist who haunts the secret dungeon found inside a chest in the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop. The shop is originally owned by Cassandra Mason, who offers to sell the shop to the protagonist for an exceedingly fair price during Minding Your Own Business. Upon purchase, she mentions that she had not been able to retrieve her late husband's belongings from a chest inside the shop and requests that the protagonist help her do so, a request which is in fact a plan she had devised to force students to the dungeon and drive them mad.

While exploring the dungeon, the protagonist encounters Fastidio who challenges them to explore his "playground", all the while hurling various objects at the student. He taunts the protagonist with the challenge of making it all the way to the end, after which he may come to an agreement with them regarding the shop. Fastidio had fashioned the dungeon into a labyrinth of sorts, placing various obstacles and puzzles in front of the protagonist. After the protagonist makes it to the end of the dungeon, proving their wit, Fastidio attempts to cut a deal with them by signing a contract. The stipulations; take on one final challenge and allow Fastidio unfettered access to the shop for one day of the month in exchange for him leaving the shop and its customers alone at all other times. Needless to say, the protagonist bests the final challenge and Fastidio, a self-proclaimed "poltergeist of his word" is bound by contract but is nonetheless ecstatic about being able to have fun creating chaos in his dungeon once again.

*Note: Fastidio and his quest are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms.

Fastidio Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Fastidio can be found in the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogsmeade during the Minding Your Own Business quest.


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Hogwarts Legacy Fastidio Notes & Lore

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