Game Progress Route for Hogwarts Legacy covers a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game. This progression guide maps out the best path to take to avoid missing objectives, important NPCs, useful gear, and much more. Note that this page ONLY contains an overview of the game's main quest that will lead the player to reach the ending of the game, but does not mention side quests or side objectives.

For a more detailed guide on fully completing the game, please feel free to visit the Walkthrough page or check out the Quests page to find a list of all the quests in the game


Helpful Pages for Hogwarts Legacy

  • Hogwarts Legacy Interactive Map: view the interactive map to find all locations of the different collectibles, locations, and more.
  • Walkthrough: a step-by-step guide for the main story of Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Collections: the Collections page lists down all the available collectibles in the game.
  • Quests: you can find all available Main Quests and Sub Quests available in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Spells: the Spells page covers all available Spells in the game, you can find the different type of spells and how to get them.
  • Combat: the Combat page features information regarding basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game.
  • New Player Help: find helpful information and things that you should know before you play the game.
  • Endings Guide: the Endings page covers all the possible Endings that you can get in your playthrough, and how to get them.
  • Puzzles Guide: find a comprehensive guide on how to solve all the puzzles you'll run into while exploring the wizarding world.


Helpful Tips for Exploration in Hogwarts Legacy

Prioritise Buying a Broom

Although exploring the various locations in Hogwarts Legacy on foot can certainly help to thoroughly check and scan the area for different items and secrets, investing in a broom and flying over the scenic views can make exploring more efficient but also more enjoyable. 

Players are required to reach level 6 and to complete Jackdaw's Rest to start Flying Class. During the quest, players will learn the basics of controlling the broom and can eventually participate in broom races. After completing the quest, players will be able to head to Hogsmeade to purchase a broom. After buying a broom, players will be able to upgrade it at the shop they bought their broom in later on in the game as they complete side quests.

Find all Floo Flames

Floo Flames are half-busts of Ignatia Wildsmith with a bowl and a green flame below it that players can encounter throughout the various locations in the game, they act as fast travel points, simply approaching it and it will activate the Floo Flame. This is helpful for players early game who do not have a broom yet or prefer exploring on foot. Floo flames will be marked on your map with the flame icon floo flame undiscovered icon hogwarts legacy wiki guide 125px, simply hover over the icon on your chosen location and you can have the option to fast travel.

Head over to our Floo Flames page to check all the locations of the Floo Flames around the game.


Hogwarts Legacy Game Progress Route

Hogwarts Legacy Main Quests in Chronological Order




  1. Create your Character
  2. Travel to Hogwarts
  3. Acquire x4 Wiggenweld Potion
  4. Learn Basic Cast
  5. Find a way to return to Hogwarts
  6. Learn Revelio
  7. Learn Lumos
  8. Solve the Reflection Puzzle
  9. Obtain Protego and Stupefy during combat
  10. Reunite with Professor Fig and Escape
  11. Arrive in Hogwarts and interact with The Sorting Hat to acquire your House


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already own a wizarding world account and have already taken the Hogwarts Sorting feature on the website, make sure you link your Wizarding World account to whichever platform you are playing on so that you can acquire the type of wand and house that you've been sorted in the game.

You start the game by creating your character via Character Creation. As you travel to Hogwarts with Professor Fig and George Osric, a dragon appears and destroys the carriage you are in, which results in Professor Fig using a portkey that transports the two of you to an unknown area. You awaken and Professor Fig hands you x4 Wiggenweld Potion to recover your health. As you follow Professor Fig, he will teach you how to use Basic Cast, your primary attack used in combat. This part of the game also serves as the tutorial section for the basic movement and other features of the game. Continue exploring the ruins area and you'll encounter another portkey that only your character can see, which transports you to Gringotts Bank.

At Gringotts Bank, you'll learn the Revelio spell from Professor Fig to reveal another portkey door within vault number 12, this transports you to another secret area within Gringgots Bank that is dark. After touching the white mist on the ground, it will reveal a reflection of a statue on the ground, and using Revelio will make the physical figure appear. Your character then realizes that the light from Professor Fig's wand is causing the reflection to move based on where he is standing, and you will need to align the reflection with the statue. Professor Fig then teaches you how to cast Lumos. As you align the reflection to the statue, a magical barrier appears and you will have to fight a group of Guardian statues — during combat, you will automatically learn the Protego and Stupefy spells.

After the combat and further exploring the area, you'll get separated from Professor Fig, you will have to find another magical mist on the ground to solve another reflection puzzle. There are three statues here and you'll need to make sure they are all aligned and that they stand at the same time. To do this, you need to align all three statues first, move back a bit and stand at the center where all three glowing lights are connected. Once all three statues stand, it will slam its sword on the ground and a magical barrier will appear where you'll have to fight another group of Guardian statues to proceed.

Once you've defeated the second group of Guardian statues, follow the magical wisps to another magical mist on the ground and go through the arched doorway that leads to a vault. Take the vial floating on the Pensieve and a cutscene will trigger where you'll reunite with Professor Fig and encounter the main antagonist of the game, Ranrok. You'll be able to escape via Portkey and arrive at Hogwarts where you'll be sorted by The Sorting Hat to your respective House.



Welcome to Hogwarts!

  1. Head to the Common Room of your house
  2. Introduce yourself to the Students
  3. Meet with Professor Weasley outside of the Common Room
  4. Acquire your first Field Guide Page
  5. Learn how to use Floo Flames and travel to the Central Hall
  6. Follow Professor Weasley and speak to Professor Fig
  7. Attend the Charms class and learn Accio
  8. Attend the Defence Against the Dark Arts class and learn Levioso
  9. Report back to Professor Weasley at the Transfiguration classroom
  10. Complete Professor Ronen's Assignment to learn Reparo
  11. Meet with Sebastian Sallow Or Natsai Onai at the entrance of Hogwarts.
  12. Gather Ingredients along the way as you travel to Hogsmeade
  13. Obtain your wand at Ollivanders
  14. Collect the Edurus Potion Recipe and the Wiggenweld Potion Recipe from J. Pipppin's Potions
  15. Collect the Potting Table with a Small Pot Spellcraft and the Small Potions Station Spellcraft from Tomes and Scrolls
  16. Collect the Dittany Seed supply from the Magic Neep shop
  17. Meet Sebastian/Natsai at the Town Circle
  18. Defeat the Armoured Troll (Boss)
  19. Learn Ancient Magic Throw during the encounter
  20. Use Reparo to fix 7/7 Damaged Objects
  21. Visit Gladrags Wizardwear and collect the Traditional School Robe
  22. Follow Sebastian/Natsai to the Three Broomsticks Inn
  23. Travel back to the house common room


Your first day in Hogwarts has officially started and you'll find yourself in your dormitory room. Depending on which house you are in, we suggest looking around the lower and upper floors of the dormitory area to find where the chests are, they most likely will be locked but once you have the necessary requirements, you know where to find these chests to open them later on. For your first task, proceed to the Common Room of your house and introduce yourself to the three students there. After talking to them, meet Professor Weasley outside of the common room and she will provide you with the Field Book Guide, it is the main menu where you can check almost everything you need in the game. Simply follow Professor Weasley and depending on your house, you'll be able to acquire your first Field Guide Page by using Revelio at an area that she asks you to, she will also explain how to use Floo Flames and you can use it by traveling to the Central Hall. After speaking to Professor Weasley, Professor Fig further explains how to use the map and you are now asked to attend your first classes in Hogwarts.

You can attend the Defence Against the Dark Arts or Charms class, it doesn't matter which class you take first since you'll need to complete them both anyway. Attending the Defence Against the Dark Arts class is handled by Professor Hecat where you'll learn the Levioso spell, and you'll be able to use it against a friendly duel with Sebastian Sallow. The Charms class is handled by Professor Ronen where you'll learn the Accio spell and you'll also get to meet a Gryffindor student, Natsai Onai. After attending both classes, you are to meet Professor Weasley in her classroom to find out more about your task of going to Hogsmeade to collect your lost supplies. You'll also choose who will accompany you to Hogsmeade, Sebastian or Natsai. To meet the requirements of the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest, you will need to reach player Level 2 and learn the Reparo spell. Luckily, an assignment automatically unlocks here and you'll need to complete Professor Ronen's Assignment to learn the Reparo spell.

Upon completing the said spell, head to the main entrance to meet up with Sebastian/Natsai, he will be your guide and you'll travel by foot to Hogsmeade. Along the way, don't forget to check the surroundings to gather some IngredientsSebastian will tell you about it as well when you pass by some bushes. Simply follow him and when you arrive at Hogsmeade, your next task is to visit four shops: Tomes and ScrollsJ. Pippin's Potions, The Magic Neep, and Ollivanders. At Ollivanders, you'll acquire your wand, J. Pipppin's Potions provides you with the Edurus Potion Recipe and the Wiggenweld Potion Recipe, you'll collect the Potting Table with a Small Pot Spellcraft and the Small Potions Station Spellcraft from Tomes and Scrolls, and finally, the Dittany Seed at The Magic Neep.

After visiting all four shops, meet Sebastian/Natsai at the town circle and a cutscene will trigger where you'll encounter an Armoured Troll. Fight the creature and during the battle, you'll be able to learn Ancient Magic Throw, a spell that allows you to throw objects at an enemy. Defeat the troll and help the town by repairing the damaged objects with Reparo. Once you've finished fixing all 7 damaged objects, head to Gladrags Wizardwear to collect your reward, the Traditional School Robe. From here, you'll simply just need to follow Sebastian and head to The Three Broomsticks Inn, after the cutscene, fast travel using Floo Flames to your common room.



The Secret in the Restricted Section

  1. Meet Professor Fig in his classroom
  2. Learn Incendio during Professor Hecat's Assignment 1
  3. Speak to Lucan Brattleby and win two rounds of Crossed Wands
  4. Report back to Professor Fig and talk to Sebastian
  5. Meet Sebastian at the Center Hall at night and learn Disillusionment
  6. Sneak in the library and head to the Restricted Section
  7. Collect the book and return to Professor Fig


You've returned to your dormitory room, read the letter that was sent by Professor Fig, asking you to meet him at his classroom. Simply talk to him and you'll mention that the map is pointing out something within the Restriced Section of the library. Professor Fig asks you then that before you proceed with him, that you'll need to complete Professor Hecat's Assignment to learn a new spell, Incendio. To complete the assignment, speak to Lucan Brattleby at the Clock Tower Courtyard and complete two side quests here: ask him to join the duel for Crossed Wands Round 2 and ask to use the dummy for Spell Combination Practice I. Once the following are done, head back to Professor Hecat, learn Incendio, and return to Professor Fig in his classroom.

During the cutscene, Headmaster Phineas Black calls out Professor Fig, and you'll decide to take matters into your own hands by sneaking in to the Resitriced Section of the library. Talk to Sebastian first who's at the Defence Agains the Dark Arts Tower then meet him at the Center Hall at night. The central hall is being supervised by prefects and you'll learn the Disillusionment spell from Sebastian, that makes you invisible. Once you learn the spell, sneak behind the prefects while you are invisible to enter the library. The librarian will still be there and you'll need to grab the key that unlocks the gate of the Restricted Section from the librarian's desk. Use Disillusionment and wait for Sebastian to make a distraction. Once the librarian moves to check, just make sure you are away from where she is about to walk so that you won't be caught, grab the key and meet up with Sebastian at the gate.

Head down to the lower area of the restricted section while avoiding the ghosts. You can't be caught! Eventually, you'll reach an entrance that's blocked and Peeves will appear. The ghost will then tell the librarian about it and Sebastian leaves you as he tries to stop Peeves. Use Reparo on the broken armor to repair it and so that you can enter the area. Continue forward and investigate the pool of ancient magic and the enter the Athenaeum. From here, the area is pretty much linear where you'll fight some Guardians and there are some chests along the way that are easily solved just by using the magical platforms. You'll reach the last room that has a Pensieve and a floating book. Grab it and this will trigger a cutscene — after this, return to Professor Fig in his classroom to give him the book.



Living your Life as a Hogwarts Student

  1. Attend the Herbology Class
  2. Learn how to grow plants
  3. Meet Leander Prewett
  4. Use the Chinese Chomping Cabbage on the training dummies
  5. Finish the class by reporting back to Professor Garlick
  6. Attend the Potions Class
  7. Collect the Dark Mongrel Fur, Ashwinger Eggs and the Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley
  8. Brew an Edurus Potion
  9. Report back to Professor Sharp to end the class
  10. Meet Natsai Onai in Lower Hogsfield
  11. Help the stranger from the thieves
  12. Speak to the stranger
  13. Approach Nora's trunk by her tent to collect the Mallowseet
  14. Solve Merlin's Trial
  15. Report back to Nora Treadwell


Professor Fig advises you that he needs time to study the book you've retrieved from the Restricted Section of the library. And by doing so, you'll have to complete other Main Quest and other Side Quests become available as well. First, you'll attend your Herbology Class, mark it on the map and follow your charmed compass. Follow the instructions on how to pot a Mandrake and when that's done, speak to Professor Garlick so she can teach you how to grow plants. Using the Dittany Seeds you previously acquired from The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade, approach the Potting Table and follow the instructions. Take note that each plant has a specific growth time and it follows real-life time. When it's ready after you plant the seeds, harvest it so you can use it later to brew a Wiggenweld Potion. Next, head up the nearby stairs and speak to Leander Prewett. Head to the other greenhouse where you can collect other plants like Mallowsweet Leaves and then grab the Chinese Chomping Cabbages, simply use the cabbages to attack the training dummy — explore the greenhouse if you want and then report back to Professor Garlick to end the class.

Next, attend your Potions Class. Open the map, mark the quest and use the charmed compass to reach the classroom. Follow the instructions on how to brew potions and then head to the purple area that's marked on the minimap. Here, you'll meet Garreth Weasley and he'll ask you to grab a Fwooper Feather for him. Continue to the room and collect the following: Ashwinder Eggs, Dark Mongrel Fur, and the Fwooper Feather for Garreth. Go back to Garreth, hand over the feather, and then go back to the station that's opposite to Garreth and start brewing an Edurus Potion. Remember that a potion can only be brewed after you learn its recipe. After collecting the potion, explore the area if you want and report back to Professor Sharp to end the class.

Earlier, after talking to Professor Fig, you received an OWL from Natty to meet her at a hamlet which is Lower Hogsfield, again, open your map, mark it and follow your compass (fast travel to a nearest Floo Flame if there is available). When you arrive, talk to Natty and you'll hear screams from a nearby camp. Investigate the area and you'll see a woman being harrased by two thieves, intervene, fight the two thieves and defeat the reinforcements. Remember that you'll need to cast the right Spell depending on the color of the enemy's barrier, corresponding the spell color to an enemy barrier's spell breaks their defenses. After dealing with the bandits, speak to the woman and then check the trunk near the tent to gather Mallowsweet — all that's left to do to complete this quest is to complete the first "Merlin's Trial" and to report back to Nora Treadwell.



The Map Chamber

  1. Complete the exclusive house quest
  2. Learn Expelliarmus by completing Hecat's Assignment 2
  3. Meet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest
  4. Find the Cave Where Richard Jackdaw Died
  5. Defeat Ranrok's Loyalists
  6. Investigate the cave and find the Missing Pages
  7. Defend yourself against the Ancient Defenders
  8. Investigate the Traces of Ancient Magic
  9. Speak to the Portrait
  10. Unlock the Talents feature
  11. Exit the Map Chamber
  12. Attend your next class


The next quest you'll need to complete will depend on your HouseOllivander's Heirloom for Ravenclaw students, The Hunt for The Missing Pages for Gryffindor, Prisoner of Love for Hufflepuff, and Scrope's Last Hope for Slytherin. Upon completion of the house-exclusive main quest, return to Hogwarts Castle and report to Professor Hecat to learn more about her second assignment if you want to learn Expelliarmus. For "Hecat's Assignment 2", you will simply need to avoid attacks by using dodge ten times and to cast Incendio on the enemies five times. There is no fixed location for this and it does not require you to do it in a single combat encounter. Just remember that when you encounter enemies, use dodge when they are about to attack and use Incendio five times, you can even cast the spell on the same target who's set ablaze. Once you finish the assignment, return to Professor Hecat in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom to learn the spell.

Next, meet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest and follow him where you'll need to find the cave where he died. You'll find the area Jackdaw's Tomb where you'll also activate the area's Floo Flame. Approach the Pensieve and whisper the password to open the entrance, and you'll be ambushed by Ranrok's Loyalists, defeat the enemies and enter the cave to find the missing pages of the book you gave to Professor Fig. Inside the cave, you'll see thee runes on the right next to a gate, just use Basic Cast on the three runes to unlock the gate and for a stone bridge to appear. Now the area is full of chests, so make sure you fully explore the cave before you proceed to the main objective. You'll eventually reach Jackdaw's skeleton where you'll find the missing pages, and here, you'll have to fight the Ancient Defenders after interacting with the bones.

Once you've defeated the enemies, follow the traces of magic which will lead you to a section of the cave where you'll find Percival Rackham's portrait, speak to him and after the conversation, you'll be given a tutorial on how to spend Talent Points to unlock various Talents. Talents are essential since it strengthens your spells, provides you with bonuses, and more. Just take note that Talent Points can only be used once and that acquiring a Talent is limited. When you're done, head updates to leave the Map Chamber and you'll find yourself back at Hogwarts — up next, is to attend your Flying Class.



The Trials in Hogwarts

  1. Attend the Flying Class
  2. Visit Spin******es Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade
  3. Meet with Sebastian Sallow
  4. Explore the Secret Room
  5. Learn Confringo
  6. Meet Professor Weasley
  7. Learn Evanesco
  8. Explore The Room of Requirement
  9. Learn the Conjuring Spell
  10. Conjure a Potting Table and Potions Station
  11. Report to Professor Fig
  12. Enter the Map Chamber
  13. Meet Professor Fig at the Tower
  14. Investigate the Goblin Presence and get past them
  15. Learn Petrificus Totalus
  16. Search the Tower to find the entrance to the First Trial
  17. Complete Percival Rackham’s Trial
  18. Return to the Map Chamber and speak to Professor Fig, Professor Rackham, and Charles Rookwood


You've returned to Hogwarts from the Map Chamber, and you'll have to attend your next class, Flying 101 with Madam Kogawa. Proceed to the Bell Tower Courtyard by marking the quest on the map and following the Charmed Compass, and start the class. Follow the instructions to ride the broom and maneuver it to fly through 3 rings and a new set around the school grounds. Once you've completed it, follow Everett to familiarize yourself with the flying controls, as well as to admire the surroundings. When it's done, you'll eventually have to return to the courtyard and you will need to land and dismount by pressing the corresponding button. By dismounting, this will end the quest and you'll be rewarded with XP and unlocks the Spin******es Sporting Needs shop in Hogsmeade — you can take this time to visit the shop in Hogsmeade to look at the available Brooms.

Next, Sebastian wants to meet you to show you a secret room called "the Undercroft". Fast travel via Floo Flame to the Defense Against the Dark Arts point in the Astronomy Wing and then follow the marker to speak with Sebastian and then follow him to the entrance of the Undercroft. While you are inside, take this opportunity to search the room and use Revelio to unveil the locations of some chests. Once you're done, walk up to Sebastian and speak to him, he will teach you the Blasting Curse Spell, Confringo. Upon learning the spell, test it out by using it on the hanging candelabrum on the ceiling that's marked by the yellow markers — after testing out the new spell, speak to Sebastian to leave the Undercroft and speak to Ominis Gaunt outside to end the quest.

Now that you know Confringo, you are ready to meet Professor Weasley to show you The Room of Requirement. Simply mark the quest on the map and use the Charmed Compass. Follow Professor Weasley inside and she will teach your the vanishing spell, Evanesco, use it to make the stack of chairs disappear once you've learned the spell and then continue following Professor Weasley. From here, you can explore The Room of Requirement and make use of Revelio to unveal the locations of loot and/or chests. Continue searching and then proceed when you're done to meet Deek, the house-elf. After the cutscene, approach the Desk of Description to use it, this allows you to reveal the properties of any Unidentified Gear that you've acquired. Next, speak to Professor Weasley again to learn the Conjuring Spell. Upon learning it, use the spell to conjure a Potting Table and a Potions Station anywhere you want.

At this point, Professor Fig has returned from his trip and you'll want to advise him of your recent findings. Fast travel to Professor Fig's classroom in the Astronomy Wing and speak to him in his office. Simply head to the entrance of the Map Chamber with him and this triggers a cutscene, after which, take Professor Fig to the Portrait of Professor Rackham to learn about the trials.

With the knowledge that you have, you're ready to discover the first trial, Percival Rackham's Trial. You'll need to travel to Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo Flame in the Forbidden Forest which is east of Hogsmeade, if you haven't discovered the Floo Flame, you can travel by foot or fly using your Broom. Follow Professor Fig to the ruins and cast Disillusionment before heading up the first set of steps. Here, you'll learn the petrification spell, Petrificus Totalus. You can use this while invisible to incapacitate a weak enemy or apply a large damage against a strong enemy. You'll need to work you way around the goblins and fight some of them before you can search the tower. At this point, find the entrance to Percival Rackham’s Trial and you'll need to complete it. Take your time to explore the area since there are chests here and use Revelio to reveal its location. Defeat the Pensieve Sentinel enemies as you enter multiple portals, eventually leading to a boss fight against the Pensieve Guardian, and once the battle is over, proceed to the next waypoint to return to the Map Chamber — all that's left is to speak to Professor Fig, Professor Rackham and Charles Rookwood's portrait.



The Trials in Hogwarts (cont.)

  1. Attend Beasts Class
  2. Learn how to tend to the Beasts
  3. Speak to Gladwin Moon
  4. Learn how to interact with Demiguise Statues
  5. Learn Alohomora
  6. Retrieve the Demiguise Moons
  7. Learn Depulso by completing Professor Sharp's Assignment 1
  8. Complete The Helm of Urtkot quest
  9. Complete In the Shadow of the Estate with Sebastian
  10. Complete The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom
  11. Attend Astronomy Class
  12. Learn Wingardium Leviosa by completing Professor Garlick's Assignment 1
  13. Acquire the Highwing mount
  14. Return to the Map Chamber
  15. Complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial


With everything that has happened so far, it's time to go back to reality and to attend your classes. Next up is to learn all about the magical beasts in Beasts Class instructed by Professor Howin. Head to the Beasts Classroom in the Bell Tower Wing to start the quest and you'll learn how to take care of the beasts by brushing and feeding them, after attending to the beasts, report to Professor Howin and then coordinate with a Hufflepuff student, Poppy, to meet a Highwing the hippogriff. Follow the instructions for bowing down to the beast and when it accepts your greeting, you can brush and feed the beast. This finishes the class and you'll acquire Beast Petting Brush and Beast Feed, apart from XP.

There's more to do in Hogwarts, so fast travel to the Grand Staircase or if you haven't yet, open the map and mark the "The Caretaker's Lunar Lament" quest and follow the Charmed Compass where you'll find the school's caretaker, Gladwin Moon. Speak to him and he will introduce you to a magical item that you've probably seen around different locations, the Demiguise Statue. These statues can only be collected at night and some of them require you to use certain Spells in order to collect it. It is important that you collect these statues since you'll be able to strengthen the properties of the unlocking spell, Alohomora, allowing you to open high-level locks. Grab the moon from the statue that Gladwin Moon shows you, follow him, and shortly after, you'll learn Alohomora. Now that you know the spell, use it to unlock the Faculty Tower door, by using the spell, you'll need to solve a mini-puzzle that involves gears and locks to unlock it. Now, retrieve the Demiguise Moon in the Prefects' Bathroom, and in the Hospital Wing, and then return to Gladwin Moon to complete the quest.

Next, you'll need to learn the Depulso spell first before starting the next quest, The Helm of Urtkot. To learn Depulso, you'll need to report to Professor Sharp and complete his Assignment. The assignment instructs you to acquire potions from J. Pippins Potions in Hogsmeade, to use it simultaneously, and to attend Potions Class during the day. When it's done, Professor Sharp will teach you Depulso. Once you've learned the spell, you're now ready to speak to Sirona at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. After learning about the dark arts that maguc used by the goblins, proceed to the Hog's Head Inn to find Lodgok who's sitting at a table, speak to him and he'll ask you to meet him near the Witch's Tomb which is at the outskirts of Hogsmeade. When you arrive at the meeting point, follow the goblin to the tomb's entrance and head inside to start exploring.

The area requires some mini-puzzles where you'll need to use Spells such as Lumos and Depulso, eventually, you will reach a dead Ashwinder where you'll obtain a Signet Ring. Exit the cave via the secret passageway and report your findings to Lodgok, from here, proceed to the thieves' camp and fight your way or sneak in undetected to recover the helmet. You can find the helmet in a chest under a tent within the purple area on the mini-map — once you have it, return to Lodgok and give him the helmet.

The next quest is related to a fellow companion, Sebastian Sallow. Head over to Feldcroft to meet Sebastian and follow him to his home where you'll meet his twin sister Anne and his uncle, Solomon. After the conversation with the Sallow family, follow Sebastian to the location where Anne was cursed and on the way you'll encounter Ranrok's Loyalists, defeat the enemies in order to proceed. When you reach the estate, search for clues. start by investigating the stove which is on the left where you start, the pickaxe near Sebastian, the shield and halberd, the well, the cobblestones, and the shield near the tree at the top of the hill. Continue searching the estate after you talk to Sebastian and you'll see a pile of rubble that can be destroyed. Go through it to find a cellar, collect Isidora Morganach Journal Entry 1 and 2, and destroy the furniture to find a mirror. The mirror is a passageway that leads to the Undercroft that you previously were in with Sebastian in Hogwarts. Approach the triptych to collect the Rune Diagram Note and show it to Sebastian to complete this quest.

Next quest is The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom where you'll work with Deek. This quest introduces you to more features that you can use in The Room of Requirement, as well as a rescue mission to save some beasts such as a Puffskein, a Jobberknoll, and a Mooncalf. Complete the tasks and return to the Room of Requirement to find the vivarium where the beasts you've rescued can be found. Inside the vivarium, collect the ingredients: Jobberknoll Feather, Puffskein Fur, and Mooncalf Fur. Speak to Deek, exit the Vivarium and learn how to use the Enchanted Loom after conjuring it.

Back to school work, you'll need to attend the Astronomy Class that is instructed by Professor Shah. Proceed to the Astronomy Tower floo flame in the Astronomy Wing and start the class, here, you'll unlock a new collectible/challenge feature, the Astronomy Tables. Astronomy Tables are small structures found around The Highlands that can be interacted with to initiate quick astral puzzles. These puzzles involve connecting stars together to form constellations, the catch being that players cannot go over the same line more than once. After successfully solving an Astronomy Table puzzle, players are shown the complete constellation.

It's time for another assignment, Professor Garlick's Assignment 1. Completing this will allow you to learn Wingardium Leviosa, and you'll need this spell in order to start the next main quest, The High Keep. For the assignment, travel to Hogsmeade and head north of the village to Dogweed and Deathcap and purchase a Venomous Tentacula for 600 gold coin hogwarts legacy wiki 25px. Purchase a Mandrake as well for 500 gold coin hogwarts legacy wiki 25px for the second objective. Simply use the Venomous Tentacula and as for the Mandrake, you need to find a group of 2 or more enemies that you can use the Mandrake on. Once you complete the objectives, return to Hogwarts and attend Herbology Class during the day. Report to Professor Garlick to learn Wingardium Leviosa.

You can now start the quest The High Keep since you know Wingardium Leviosa and acquired Player Level 17. Head to the Falbarton Castle in the Highlands to meet Natty and don't forget to activate the nearby Floo Flames so you can fast travel here later on if you want. Proceed inside the gatehouse and maneuver your way through the obstacles by using the spells you've learned so far until you reach a room that holds some beast cells. You can rescue the beasts here by releasing them and you'll eventually come across the Hippogriff, Highwing. After the cutscene, you'll be able to ride Highwing and unlock the beast as a Flying Mount.

Once you're back in Hogwarts, proceed to the Map Chamber to learn about the next trial. Travel by foot or fas travel to the Map Chamber and speak to Professor Fig to find out more about Charles Rookwood's Trial. Simply head to Rookwood Castle to meet Professor Fig, you'll need to explore the castle and complete the trial in order to close this quest. Once the trial is completed,lLeave the chamber using the crystallized door to return to the Map Chamber and speak to Percival Rackham's portrait and then Professor Fig.



Stopping Ranrok and Rookwood

  1. Meet Poppy Sweeting and help free the Dragon
  2. Compelte Professor Weasley's Assignment
  3. Learn the Transformation spell
  4. Meet Sebastian by the Overlook Mine
  5. Investigate the Goblin Mine
  6. Speak to the Portrait of Professor Niamh Fitzgerald in the Map Chamber
  7. Meet Professor Fig in his office to learn about his plans for you
  8. Access the Headmaster’s Office
  9. Find the Book in the Headmaster’s Office
  10. Complete the Trial of the Stone
  11. Witness Niamh Fitzgerald’s Memory
  12. Return to the Map Chamber and speak to the Newly Arrived Keeper


Completing Charles Rookwood's Trial unlocks the next main quest, Fire and Vice. Mark the quest on your map and head to the North Ford Bog region to meet with Poppy. Talk to her and follow her through the woods to reach an abandoned campsite. At the camp, ready your wand to cast Revelio and you'll see points of interests that are highlighted blue, these are the beast pelts, the cage, bonfire, and goblin metal at the back. After investigating these objects, return to Poppy and tell her about what you've found. Follow her downhill and you'll find a poacher-ridden area. From here, you'll need to dispatch the enemies aggressively or by stealth, clear the area and use Reparo on the broken bridge to reach the tent on the other side. Proceed to the restricted area where you'll find a dragon that's being held captive. Head down the stairs and use Alohomora to unlock the cage and to collect the Dragon Egg — defeat the poachers, and free the dragon to complete this quest.

Head back to Hogwarts and read the OWL from Professor Weasley, she'll instruct you to complete her assignment which is to collect some Field Guide Page before you attend the Transfiguration Class in the day. Proceed to the Boathouse in Hogwarts then swim towards the marker where you'll find a cave entrance that leads to the Underground Harbor, loot the area and use Revelio to find the Field Guide Page. Next, proceed to the library, to the second floor to find a fellow student, Sophronia Franklin. Speak to her and she will challenge you to a quiz. The answers to her questions are as follows: The Golden Snidget > Felix Felicis > The Deathly Hallows > The Quaffle > False. After that's done, use Revelio to collect the page, then proceed to Professor Weasley's classroom to start the session — here, you will learn the Transformation spell.

Next, you can now meet Sebastian who's waiting for you in the Upper Hogsfield region since you've learned the Transformation spell. You'll need to talk to him at night, so if you arrive in the day, simply wait for him by the quest marker. Defeat the enemies along the way as you both head towards the entrance of the mine where you'll need to find the Rune Symbol, take note that the area is overrun by Ranrok's Loyalists and spiders, so fight your way through until you reach the cavern and the chamber where you'll find Isisdora’s Journal Entry 3/7 and the triptych canvas piece from the chest.. Use the magic passageway to return to the Undercroft in Hogwarts and place the portrait into the triptych — speak to Sebastian to close the quest.

You've now completed the quest, In the Shadow of the Mine, make sure to read Lodgok's letter to unlock the next quest, It’s All Gobbledegook. To start, teleport to the Astronomy Tower in the Astronomy Wing and go up the rooftop where you'll find Amit Thakkar. After talking to him, proceed to the meeting spot where Lodgok is and enter the Goblin Mine. Your goal is to find evidence regarding Ranrok's plan, solve the mini-puzzles here in the mine and then return to the main path to go back to Hogwarts Valley — outside, speak to Amit and then Lodgok to complete the quest.

Now return to the Map Chamber and speak to Professor Fitzgerald’s portrait to learn more about the next trial, where you'll learn that the next trial is held inside the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts. Head to Professor Fig's classroom in the Astronomy Wing and you'll learn about the plan. During the quest, The Polyjuice Plot, you won't be able to use the Floo Flames to fast travel, so use your Charmed Compass for directions if you're lost. Your task is to find out what the password is to enter the trial, head to the location where Madam Kogawa is and then proceed to the Great Hall where you'll be interrupted by Professor Weasley. In the Great Hall, approach the lectern and talk to the house-elf, Scrope. At this point, the Polyjuice Potion is about to wear off, so quickly use your Charmed Copass to track down the next point of interest and run before you transform back into yourself.

You now have the password, it's time to inflitrate the Headmaster's Office and to use the password to enter the trial. At the Phoenix statute, whisper the password to get access into the office, and then head upstairs to find a book, interact with the object and you'll be transported to a black-and-white drawing setting. Head to the town without being seen by hiding behind crates and cover, eventually reaching the objective where you'lll find the Cloak of Invisibility, grab it and it will be easy for you to run around undetected. Proceed to the next objective where you'll find the Elder Wand, grab the wand, and this will allow you to cast limited spells such as Bombarda, Diffindo, Depulso and Descendo. Cast Bombarda at the wall in front and be ready to defeat the enemies ahead, push through, and you'll reach the third objective, which is the Resurrection Stone. Enter the graveyard where you'll face Death once more, and then approach the body on the grave where you'll follow Niamh to the Pensieve to see Niamh’s memory. After the cutscene, you'll return to the real world, approach the crystallized door, interact with it to return to the Map Chamber — speak to the new and fourth Keeper, San Bakar to end the quest.



Preparing for the O.W.L.S

  1. Meet Sebastian Sallow Along the Coast
  2. Enter the Caverns and search for Runes
  3. Search for the Triptych Segment
  4. Investigate the Chamber
  5. Use the Magic Passageway
  6. Find the entrance to the Coastal Mine and search for Lodgok
  7. Collapse All Pillars to Destroy the Drill
  8. Go to the Map Chamber and speak to Professor Fig
  9. Meet Professor Fig at San Bakar’s Pensieve Chamber
  10. Complete the Trial


You've finally learned the exploding spell, Bombarda, now it's time to meet Sebastian at the southern region. The only way to get there is to travel on foot and to go through a mine, this is where the Bombarda spell will come in handy. Take note that you can only ride your Broom once you're out of the mine. Follow your charmed compass and travel up the switchbacks, clear the area and continue up the mountains where you'll encounter more enemies. Before you enter the caverns, make sure to loot the area and activate the Tower Tunnel Floo Flame, use Revelio to unveil its location. Inside the caverns, you'll need to search fore the runes where you'll enter a spider lair. Proceed further after killing the enemies to search for the Triptych Segment and then head to a chamber where you'll find the final piece of Isidora’s Journal 7/7 on a table. Grab some loot around the area and then use the magical passageway to return to the Undercroft — approach the triptych and place the last piece of the canvas inside it.

After the quest with Sebastian, read the second letter that was sent from Lodgok and head to the Coastal Mine to find him. Travel by broom or fast travel to the Tower Tunnel floo flame, then enter the mine. Continue inside and defeat the enemies in the first room, don't forget to loot the area and open a chest. After riding the card, ignite the furnace with Incendio or Bombarda, then proceed onto the next area where you'll encounter more enemies. The next sections of the mine require you to use Alohomora on some locks, proceed further and then collapse all 5 pillars to destroy the drill, the pillars will become highlighted when you're near one. After that's done, exit the mine where you'll find yourself at Mraunweem Lake.

Completing Lodgok’s Loyalty unlocks the next quest, San Bakar’s Trial. Fast travel to the secret room section of Hogwarts to the Map Chamber and then speak to Professor Fig to learn about San Bakar's Trial. After talking, mark the quest on the map and fast travel to the nearest unlocked Floo Flame to make it easier for you to reach the objective. You'll reach the Cragcroft Shore here. To open the Pensieve Chamber, you need to find the clue first,  cast Revelio and the Confringo on the ivy wall to reveal the clue. Continue towards the next objective, which is all the way to the south, leading you to a Graphorn's Den, where you'll fight against a Graphorn. After the battle, ride the Graphorn to the Pensieve Chamber or fast travel to the Cragcroft Shore floo flame. Stand on the platform and the Graphorn will open the door. Head inside the chamber and use the Pensieve to watch San Bakar's memory. Appriach the crystal door and use it to port back to the Map Chamber — approach the Keeper's portraits and speak to them.



Stopping Ranrok

  1. Head to Ollivanders in Hogsmeade
  2. Speak to Gerbold Ollivander
  3. Defend yourself from Rookwood's men
  4. Defeat Victor Rookwood
  5. Return to the Map Chamber
  6. Speak to Professor Fig
  7. Make Your Way to the Repository
  8. Stop the Goblin Loyalists
  9. Reach the Repository Before Ranrok
  10. Defeat Ranrok's Loyalists
  11. Defeat Ranrok


The final trial is now complete and you must reach the final repository of ancient magic, but in order to do so, you will need a powerful wand. Travel to Hogsmeade and speak to Gerbold Ollivander at Ollivanders. After the cutscene, fight and defend yourself against Rookwood's men, after which, Victor Rookwood himself fights you. When he casts Avada Kedavra, press the corresponding button to counter the deadly spell. Now, you'll need to fight Rookwood, and in order to defeat him, you'll need to cast Stupefy, which is a counter spell that automatically casts if you press the Protego button spell longer after casting it. Stupefy is the only way to break his shield, once it is broken, you can cast other attack spells at him. When Rookwood's health is almost empty, he will cast Avada Kedavra again and you will need to counter it before you can defeat him. When this is done, return to the Map Chamber and speak to Professor Fig.

It's now time to try and reach the Repository before Ranrok does, and to face him and his loyalists. Enter the Keeper's Cavern in the Map Chamber and walk along Professor Fig to the repository. Simply defeat all of the enemies you encounter and proceed further through the tunnels. Eventually, when you reach the repository, Ranrok will turn into a dragon after casting a spell to the repository and destroying it. This boss will have three phases indicated by the gaps in the health bar. Before starting this quest, make sure to stack up on potions such as the Wiggenweld Potion, this will be useful to help you recover HP since his attacks are capable of dealing heavy damage. We recommend that you check our Ranrok Dragon page to learn more about how to fight this boss, and to visit the Endings Guide page to learn about the available endings of the game.



Post-Story Quests

  1. Speak to Professor Weasley in her office
  2. Reach Player Level 34
  3. Complete all Side Quests
  4. Complete all Puzzles and Collections
  5. Head to the Great Hall of Hogwarts


Ranrok has been dealt with, but you've also lost a friend and a mentor. Fast travel to the Trasnfiguration Classroom in the Astronomy Wing and speak to Professor Weasley. At this point, if you want to unlock the true ending, you will need to Reach Level 34, complete all Side Quests and/or Relationship Quests, and to complete all Puzzles and Collections. Once you've met all these conditions, head to the Great Hall where a ceremony will take place to announce the winners of the House Cup.

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