Gladwin Moon

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House -
Role Caretaker
Location Hogsmeade Valley
Voiced by Jason Anthony

Gladwin Moon is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Gladwin Moon is the Hogwarts caretaker. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.


That wasn't exactly swift and silent now, was it?
Chin up, even the best of us get caught sometimes. Except me, of course."


Gladwin Moon Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Gladwin Moon is the Hogwarts caretaker.


Gladwin Moon Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Gladwin Moon can be found on the path leading to Hogsmeade, near to the Hogsmeade Valley.


Hogwarts Legacy Gladwin Moon Related Quests

  • During Welcome to Hogsmeade, Gladwin Moon is found at the side of the way warning people about the Demiguise. He seems drunk during this short conversation.
  • The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament can be obtained from Gladwin Moon near the Grand Staircase :

    "I met with the Caretaker, Gladwin Moon, and he believes there's a plot to torment him with Demiguise Statues placed all over Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. The Caretaker wants me to collect the moons from these statues. He's asking for my help. He says he'll teach me additional techniques with Alohomora if I bring him more moons. It's important that I remember that I can only collect at night."


Hogwarts Legacy Gladwin Moon Notes & Lore


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