Helen Thistlewood

helen thislewood npcs hogwarts legacy wiki guide
House Unknown
Role Retired Auror
Location Upper Hogsfield
Voiced by Julia Farino

Helen Thistlewood is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Helen Thistlewood is a former Auror who had recently retired to the hamlet of Upper Hogsfield. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.


I'm pleased you came. Uncle Eldritch believes the book you found – and its missing pages – may be relevant to an unsolved case from my time as an Auror.


Helen Thistlewood Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Helen Thistlewood is a witch who formerly held the highly respected job of an Auror. She had recently retired to the hamlet of Upper Hogsfield. She is involved in the Hufflepuff-exclusive quest Prisoner of Love.

Helen is the great-niece of the former Minister of Magic Eldritch Diggory, who held office in the early-to-mid 18th Century. Having learned of the protagonist's acquisition of a magical book and their search for its missing pages, Eldritch requested for them to meet with Helen as he suspects the book may be connected to an unsolved, decades-old murder case that Helen was involved in. She accompanies the protagonist to Azkaban, where an inmate named Anne Thisbe is incarcerated. Anne set out to meet with a student, Richard Jackdaw, one night. He had prepared a series of puzzles for Anne to solve, after which they were to follow a map he found together. Jackdaw mysteriously disappeared, however, and his body was never found. Anne was sent to Azkaban for his murder based solely on the vindictive accusations of a certain Apollonia Black, whom Helen suspects was jealous of Anne.

Helen bears a lot of guilt and feels that Anne blames her for not having solved the case and proving her innocence all these years. After a brief conversation between the protagonist and Anne, whose mental state had severely deteriorated from being tormented at the prison for years, she calls out to Helen and then attacks her through the bars of her cell. While Helen is injured, she is able to apparate herself and the protagonist back to safety. She implores the protagonist to solve the case using what they had learned from Anne.

Helen is highly skilled in the magical arts and is able to use the Apparition spell to instantly transport herself and others from one place to another. She also possesses the Patronus of a Rabbit.


Helen Thistlewood Location in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy Helen Thistlewood Related Quests

Helen Thisltewood is involved in the following Quests:


Hogwarts Legacy Helen Thistlewood Notes & Lore

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