Items in Hogwarts Legacy contains information regarding all obtainable items such as Key Items, Consumables like Potions and Plants, currency, etc. Items may be bought from Merchants, dropped by Enemies or powerful Bosses, looted from magical chests or given by NPCs. Here players can learn all about their Locations, description and best uses.

Explore the Wizarding World to its Fullest!

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG that has a sizeable map, where you can roam through the passageways of Hogwarts, explore hidden rooms, discover secrets, and travel through Hogsmeade and the entirety of the Highlands. Try to explore and see what the world has to offer, there are loot, collectibles, and different resources everywhere you go. Make sure to always use Revelio to reveal if there are any items nearby, this is an essential Spell that you will always have at your disposal to reveal hidden secrets in the environment. These secrets may vary from hidden entrances, to collectibles.

The Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is a vital part of your playthrough as you progress through the game, as this is where you'll be able to customize your own room, conjure and decorate to the appearance to your liking. Its role as a central hub is essential and acts as a focal point for your journey through the game, both in terms of gameplay and story. Almost all types of crafting can be done in this Room. From growing Plants in the Potting Station, brewing Potions in the Potions station, upgrade gear in the Enchanted room, and also Beasts can be tamed here, using also stations like Feeders of Breeders. Wizards can play with their tamed beasts here to obtain all kinds of ingredients.

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Visit Merchants

There are special NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy that can sell you different wares such as Ingredients or resources, and also upgrades. Make sure to drop by and visit a Merchant when you can, as some will have a different inventory and provide a unique stock of items or services. Most merchants can be identified as you will see the merchant icon merchants icon hogwarts legacy wiki guide 25px above their heads or you can view it on the minimap, but some will have shops indicated with a different icon displayed on the minimap. The main hub for most Merchants found in the Wizarding world is Hogsmeade. A number of services and shops can be encountered in one Location, but there are plenty of other stalls and shops that offer a similar stock and services in many othe regions.

Items in Hogwarts Legacy


wizard's field guide item hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Wizard's Field Guide

Allows players to practise their magic and educate themselves about wizarding lore.

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Revelio Pages

Field Guide Pages players can find by casting Revelio. These pages reveal interesting facts about the world and its lore, as well as characters, locations or important events.

notes item hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Collectible Items that contain extra information about the different aspects of the game such as LocationsMagical Beasts, Creatures, Students, other Characters, and Lore.

conjuration spellcraft placeholder hogwarts legacy wiki guide 200px
Conjuration Spellcrafts

Scrolls that can be used to learn Conjurations and allow players to Conjure unique items, custom pieces of furniture or decoration.


mallowsweet byproduct plants 150px hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Mallowsweet Leaves

Key Items that are primarily used to enter or pass through a Merlin Trial, these trials are scattered across the map of the wizarding world, and finishing a trial grants various rewards to those who successfully complete it.

quest item hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Quest Items

Items that are and used for the completion of certain Quests. Some quest items disappear from the inventory once all related quests are completed.

wiggenweld potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px

Magical Consumables that have specific effects to the one that is consuming them. Potions can be brewed at a Potion Station but it is required to have the specific recipe unlocked first.

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Plants and Seeds

Plants and Seeds are items that can be obtained from plants, such as ingredients, or also be used to obtain plants such as seeds. Some can be used to craft Potions, and some can be used to grow plants that can help players both in and out of combat.


lacewingflies 150px ingredients hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Resources that can be obtained throughout the Wizarding World. Ingredients can be used to Craft or create useful items.

mandrake byproduct plants 150px hogwarts legacy wiki guide

These are the Potions and magical Plants that can be used during Combat. These Tools provide different benefits or buffs to the players, as well as assist them in certain situations.

corkscrew brown wand handles hogwarts legacy wiki guide 250px
Wand Handles

Cosmetic Items that are attached to the handle of a player's chosen Wand that can be found as players progress through the game. These are incorporated into the game since players cannot change the wand they created, so wand handles are the only way to change the wand's look.

night dancer broom hogwarts legacy wiki 256px

The main transport method for Wizards and Witches, allowing them to soar into the sky at high speed. It comes in a variety of shapes and, upgrades may be applied to them, as well as some customization options.


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