J. Pippin's Potions

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Role Merchant
Merchant NPC Parry Pippin
Stock Potions / Recipes / Ingredients
Location Hogsmeade

J. Pippin's Potions is one of the Merchants in Hogwarts Legacy. J. Pippin's Potions is a Potions Shop that sells Potions Recipes, Potions and Ingredients. It is run by Parry Pippins and can be found among the many shops in Hogsmeade. Merchants are special NPCs that can be encountered throughout the game to provide different Ingredients, Resources, Materials and Equipment including Weapons and Gear. A number of shops can be found around Hogsmeade


An apothecary that carries a wide selection of potions and potions ingredients


J. Pippin's Potions Information in Hogwarts Legacy

J Pippin's Potions, established in 1753, is the apothecary in Hogsmeade where proprietor Parry Pippin sells a wide variety of potions and their ingredients. His stock changes up and introduces new potions, so his inventory may vary after each visit. - J. Pippin's Potions Guide Page.  Use Revelio to reveal the J. Pippin's Potions Guide Page Revelio Page in the shop. 


J. Pippin's Potions Location in Hogwarts Legacy

  • J. Pippin's Potions can be found in West Hogsmeade


Hogwarts Legacy J. Pippin's Potions Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy J. Pippin's Potions Shop Stock Inventory



Hogwarts Legacy J. Pippin's Potions Notes & Lore




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