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Control Spell

Effect Lifts small objects and animals up in the air
How to Learn Can be learned at the Defence against the Dark Arts class by following the symbol's path

Levioso is a Control Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Levioso is a Levitation Spell that allows the player to lift and manipulate objects in the game world. This spell can be used to solve puzzles, move obstacles, and even in combat to throw objects at enemies. In Hogwarts Legacy, Spells are a powerful combat mechanic that can be used to execute various offensive, defensive, and support functions. Players have a wide variety of over 20 different Spells to choose from, allowing them to customize their strategies and approaches to fit their style. Spells can be combined in creative ways to unleash powerful combos  making them a versatile and indispensable tool for any aspiring witch or wizard.


Levitates objects and enemies. Useful for solving puzzles and suppressing enemies alike.

What Levioso does in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Levioso is a spell that allows the player to levitate and move objects in the game. Not to be confused with Wingardium Leviosa which allows the caster to levitate AND move objects, Levioso simply levitates an object, opponent or creature in place, a short distance above ground. Its effects last for several seconds and allows the caster to perform feats such as levitating a box or block and then jumping on top of it to climb up otherwise unreachable ledges before the spell wears off.
  • It can be used to solve puzzles, manipulate objects to solve problems or in combat to move objects to block or hit enemies.
  • It is considered a basic spell in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is one of the first spells the player will learn.


How to learn Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy

Levioso can be learned at the Defence against the Dark Arts class.


Steady your wand with Left stick and guide it along the symbol's path to learn the spell. Press the corresponding Input when prompted to accelerate your wand's motion along the symbol's path.

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The best way to practise is by duelling. When an opponent has a yellow shield, you can cast Levioso first, and then the basic Cast. You can break Yellows Shields with Control Spells like the Levitation Spell, Levioso. A surprised opponent is a weak opponet.

You can use a simple combo by using Levioso, Basic Cast and Protego.  



What Talents can be used to improve Levioso

The following Talents can be used to improve the effectiveness of Levioso:

  • Levioso Mastery: Enemis near a target levitated by Levioso are also levitated.


Hogwarts Legacy Levioso Notes & Lore

  • Levioso is a spell that has saved Professor Hecat from death at the hands of Dark wizards more times than she can remember.
  • First used in the game by Eleazar Fig during the battle with the statues, in the Main Quest The Path to Hogwarts.
  • This spell is often taught to students during their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is considered one of the basic spells in the wizarding world.
  • The spell requires a significant amount of concentration and control, as the wizard must maintain the levitation for as long as they wish.
  • Levioso is a versatile spell that can be used for a variety of purposes, from simple tasks such as levitating brooms to more complex uses such as levitating and manipulating heavy objects in construction or repair work.
  • The spell is also useful for dueling, as levitating objects can be used as projectiles or to block attacks.
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