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Effect Allows you to see in dark areas or solve puzzles that require extra light.
How to Learn During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts

Lumos is an Utility Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Lumos is a spell that causes the tip of your wand to emit light. In Hogwarts Legacy, Spells are a powerful combat mechanic that can be used to execute various offensive, defensive, and support functions. Players have a wide variety of over 20 different Spells to choose from, allowing them to customize their strategies and approaches to fit their style. Spells can be combined in creative ways to unleash powerful combos  making them a versatile and indispensable tool for any aspiring witch or wizard.


Allows you to see in dark areas or solve puzzles that require extra light.

What Lumos does in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Lumos is a spell that causes the tip of your wand to emit light, useful for illuminating dark areas.
  • This beam of light illuminates the immediate surroundings, making it easier to see and navigate in the dark.
  • The spell is useful for exploring hidden areas, uncovering secrets, and solving puzzles.
  • Lumos is an essential spell for solving the various Moth Frame Puzzles spread across Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade and other locations. It is used to reveal the hidden paintings within these frames, as well as to attract the stray moths toward the frames and unlock their secrets.


How to learn Lumos in Hogwarts Legacy

Lumos can be learned during the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts. Eleazar Fig teaches it to you when interacting with the statue, once inside the vault of the goblin bank.


What Talents can be used to improve Lumos

The following Talents can be used to improve the effectiveness of Lumos:

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Hogwarts Legacy Lumos Notes & Lore

  • The spell is cast by incanting "Lumos" and is represented by a beam of light that is generated from the player's wand.
  • The spell can be stopped by saying "Nox," which extinguishes the light.
  • First cast during The Path to Hogwarts by Eleazar Fig, after accessing the vault.
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