Merlin's Cloak Male

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Type Cloaks and Robes
House N/A
  • Legendary
Gender Male

Merlin's Cloak Male is one of the Cloaks and Robes available in Hogwarts LegacyCloaks and Robes are an armor piece that protects the player's chest and back. This type of Gear not only allows you to customize the appearance of the character, also provides the user protection from damage, and some of them may even grant diverse boosts to other stats or bonuses. Cloaks and Robes can be upgraded up to 3 times at the Enchanted Loom, to boost their stats. 


A cloak in mystical blue and gold



Merlin's Cloak Male Stats and Information

All Gear in Hogwarts Legacy is random, which means that Base Stats, Rarity and Locations are not fixed. Legendary Gear is the only exception to this rule, and can be found in determined places.

Merlin's Cloak Male can be found in the following rarities:


  • Legendary


Merlin's Cloak Male belongs to the following House:

  • N/A


Where to find Merlin's Cloak Male in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin's Cloak Male can be found at the following location:

  • Merlin's Cloak Male: To unlock Merlin's Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to tune into the eligible streams on official Avalanche Software Twitch Channel. Viewers on Twitch will need to stay for at least 20 minutes to redeem the in-game cosmetic.


Hogwarts Legacy Merlin's Cloak Male Notes & Lore


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Robe Female  ♦  Dark Arts Robe Male  ♦  Dashing Gray Longcoat Female  ♦  Dashing Gray Longcoat Male  ♦  Decorative School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Decorative School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Decorative School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Decorative School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Decorative School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Decorative School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Decorative School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Decorative School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Deluxe House Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Diamond Weave Robe Female  ♦  Diamond Weave Robe Male  ♦  Dignified School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Dignified School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Dignified School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Dignified School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Dignified School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Dignified School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Dignified School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Dignified School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Distinguished Amber Cloak Female  ♦  Distinguished Amber Cloak Male  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Distinguished School Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Distinguished School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Draconic Longcoat Female  ♦  Draconic Longcoat Male  ♦  Dragonhide Protector's Cloak Female  ♦  Dragonhide Protector's Cloak Male  ♦  Druid Wolf Cape Female  ♦  Druid Wolf Cape Male  ♦  Elegant Emerald Robe Female  ♦  Elegant Emerald Robe Male  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Elegant House Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Elegant Runic Cape Female  ♦  Elegant Runic Cape Male  ♦  Embellished Cobalt Overcoat  ♦  Embellished Cobalt Overcoat Female  ♦  Embellished Cobalt Overcoat Male  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Embellished House Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Embossed Tailcoat  ♦  Embossed Tailcoat Female  ♦  Embossed Tailcoat Male  ♦  Emerald Silk Robe Female  ♦  Emerald Silk Robe Male  ♦  Fabled Overcoat Female  ♦  Fabled Overcoat Male  ♦  Fashionable Dress Robes Female  ♦  Fashionable Dress Robes Male  ♦  Flamboyant Cloak  ♦  Flamboyant Cloak Female  ♦  Flamboyant Cloak Male  ♦  Fur Coat Female  ♦  Fur Coat Male  ♦  Gallantry Cape Female  ♦  Gallantry Cape Male  ♦  Gardener's Robe Female  ♦  Gardener's Robe Male  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Geometric House Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Golden Silk Robe Female  ♦  Golden Silk Robe Male  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Golden Trimmed School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Gryffindor Relic House Uniform Female  ♦  Gryffindor Relic House Uniform Male  ♦  Heraldic Longcoat Female  ♦  Heraldic Longcoat Male  ♦  Herodiana's Cape Female  ♦  Herodiana's Cape Male  ♦  Hickory Striped Robe Female  ♦  Hickory Striped Robe Male  ♦  Highland Explorer Cloak Female  ♦  Highland Explorer Cloak Male  ♦  Hogwarts Regalia Robe Female  ♦  Hogwarts Regalia Robe Male  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  House Fan-atic School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Hufflepuff Relic House Uniform Female  ♦  Hufflepuff Relic House Uniform Male  ♦  Hunter Green Corduroy Robe Female  ♦  Hunter Green Corduroy Robe Male  ♦  Illustrious Cloak Female  ♦  Illustrious Cloak Male  ♦  Illustrious Emerald Silk Robe Female  ♦  Illustrious Emerald Silk Robe Male  ♦  Kelpie Robe Female  ♦  Kelpie Robe Male  ♦  Kraken Cloak Female  ♦  Kraken Cloak Male  ♦  Leather Longcoat Female  ♦  Leather Longcoat Male  ♦  Leather Winter Cloak Female  ♦  Leather Winter Cloak Male  ♦  Legendary Cape Female  ♦  Legendary Cape Male  ♦  Loyal and Kind Cloak Female  ♦  Loyal and Kind Cloak Male  ♦  Lucky Leprechaun Overcoat Female  ♦  Lucky Leprechaun Overcoat Male  ♦  Luxurious Cloak Female  ♦  Luxurious Cloak Male  ♦  Majestic School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Majestic School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Majestic School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Majestic School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Majestic School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Majestic School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Majestic School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Majestic School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Merlin's Cloak Female  ♦  Mormaer Robes Female  ♦  Mormaer Robes Male  ♦  Mysterious Corduroy Robe Female  ♦  Mysterious Corduroy Robe Male  ♦  Noble Azure Overcoat Female  ♦  Noble Azure Overcoat Male  ♦  Noblesse Coat Female  ♦  Noblesse Coat Male  ♦  Ochre Cloak Female  ♦  Ochre Cloak Male  ♦  Olive Patterned Robe Female  ♦  Olive Patterned Robe Male  ♦  Patterned House Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Patterned House Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Patterned House Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Patterned House Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Patterned House Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Patterned House Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Patterned House Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Patterned House Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Periwinkle Tailcoat Female  ♦  Periwinkle Tailcoat Male  ♦  Plum Velvet Robe Female  ♦  Plum Velvet Robe Male  ♦  Poacher Coat Female  ♦  Poacher Coat Male  ♦  Quidditch Cape  ♦  Quidditch Cape Gryffindor Female  ♦  Quidditch Cape Gryffindor Male  ♦  Quidditch Cape Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Quidditch Cape Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Quidditch Cape Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Quidditch Cape Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Quidditch Cape Slytherin Female  ♦  Quidditch Cape Slytherin Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Gryffindor Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Gryffindor Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Slytherin Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Cape Slytherin Male  ♦  Quidditch Robe  ♦  Quidditch Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Quidditch Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Quidditch Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Quidditch Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Quidditch Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Quidditch Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Quidditch Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Quidditch Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Ravenclaw Relic House Uniform Female  ♦  Ravenclaw Relic House Uniform Male  ♦  Refined School Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Refined School Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Refined School Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Refined School Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Refined School Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Refined School Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Refined School Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Refined School Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Regal Golden Silk Robe Female  ♦  Regal Golden Silk Robe Male  ♦  Regal School Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Regal School Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Regal School Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Regal School Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Regal School Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Regal School Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Regal School Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Regal School Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Resplendent Robe  ♦  Resplendent Robe Female  ♦  Resplendent Robe Male  ♦  Royal Maroon Coat Female  ♦  Royal Maroon Coat Male  ♦  Rugged Overcoat Female  ♦  Rugged Overcoat Male  ♦  Rugged Robe Female  ♦  Rugged Robe Male  ♦  Runic Robe Female  ♦  Runic Robe Male  ♦  Scholar's Robe Female  ♦  Scholar's Robe Male  ♦  Scholarly Cloak Female  ♦  Scholarly Cloak Male  ♦  Shopkeeper's Coat Female  ♦  Shopkeeper's Coat Male  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Sleek School Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Slytherin Relic House Uniform Female  ♦  Slytherin Relic House Uniform Male  ♦  Solitarian Robe Female  ♦  Solitarian Robe Male  ♦  Spider Slayer Armour Female  ♦  Spider Slayer Armour Male  ♦  Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape Female  ♦  Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape Male  ♦  Steel Blue Robe Female  ♦  Steel Blue Robe Male  ♦  Striking Turquoise Cloak Female  ♦  Striking Turquoise Cloak Male  ♦  Striped School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Striped School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Striped School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Striped School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Striped School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Striped School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Striped School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Striped School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Stylish School Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Sunrise Robe Female  ♦  Sunrise Robe Male  ♦  Tailored Tailcoat Female  ♦  Tailored Tailcoat Male  ♦  Tanned Cloak Female  ♦  Tanned Cloak Male  ♦  Thief's Coat Female  ♦  Thief's Coat Male  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Top of the Class Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Traditional Check Cloak Female  ♦  Traditional Check Cloak Male  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Traditional School Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Traditional School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Traditional School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Traditional School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Traditional School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Traditional School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Traditional School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Traditional School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Traditional School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Traveller's Coat Male  ♦  Treasure-Seeker's Longcoat Female  ♦  Treasure-Seeker's Longcoat Male  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Trifecta School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Trimmed School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Twilight Cloak Female  ♦  Twilight Cloak Male  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Two-tone House Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Gryffindor Female  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Gryffindor Male  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Slytherin Female  ♦  Velvet House Cloak Slytherin Male  ♦  Velvet School Robe Gryffindor Female  ♦  Velvet School Robe Gryffindor Male  ♦  Velvet School Robe Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Velvet School Robe Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Velvet School Robe Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Velvet School Robe Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Velvet School Robe Slytherin Female  ♦  Velvet School Robe Slytherin Male  ♦  Venomous Tentacula Robe Female  ♦  Venomous Tentacula Robe Male  ♦  Zonko's Chief Prankster Coat Female  ♦  Zonko's Chief Prankster Coat Male

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