New Player Help for Hogwarts Legacy encompasses many concepts and mechanics that aim to ease new players into the game. Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game, and there are a lot of mechanics going on at once while playing it. This may confuse some players, so the content of this page aims to clarify and explain all these mechanics.


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  • Talents: Improve your magic and become a powerful wizard

Hogwarts Legacy New Player Help


Floo Network and Floo Flames

The Floo Network is a vast and interconnected network of Floo Flames, that allow users to teleport from one place to another one. This serves as the fast traveling system for Hogwarts Legacy. Players need to activate the Floo Flames individually in order to enable a certain location. This is simply done passing by or close to the Floo Flames' location. A prompt in the center of the screen will tell players when a new node on the network has been activated.

floo flames hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide 565px


In the bottom left corner of the screen, players can find the Minimap. Useful for guiding players throughout the world, but more adventuring wizards and witches may note that, if you want to turn it off you can. Head to the options menu and turn it off to be able to explore to your heart's content.


Wizards and Witches can swim in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can't dive under and submerge underwater to explore anything beneath the surface but, your playable character can swim across vast pools of water from point to another.


Seasons in Hogwarts Legacy will be present will be tied to certain story elements and progression. The landscape will change with the seasons. Trees will bloom during spring and snow will cover up the whole landscape during winter. This may also create different interactions with Npcs as well as probably certain activities will be available only during a determined season.

Always Check Gear

Throughout the game, you will obtain different types of gear and attire. Although the stats won't have a significant improvement to the next one you pick up, because you will gather so many gear items at a time, it gets easier to see the stats with some man items to compare to. So making a habit to always check your gear will benefit you in the long run. If you equipped a gear item but it ruins the style you are going for, you can always hide it them if you wish to.

Changing Appearance

If you have decided that you do not like how your character looks, you can always head to Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium in Hogsmeade to change your appearance for a small fee. Such as, Hair Color, Hair Style, Eyebrows, Facial Features such as scars and freckles and such.


Revelio is an essential Spell that players always have at their disposal to reveal hidden secrets in the environment. These secrets may vary from hidden entrances to collectibles.

Players will notice the following icon, also located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. revelio hud hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide This icon, corresponds to the Spell Revelio and players have to press left on the d-pad d pad hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guidein order to cast it. 

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While you are strolling through Hogwarts, you will see many students or classmates talking to each other, or even in groups. Pause to listen to them and you may learn valuable information regarding what is going on in different classes, to different Students, or even what are some Professors up to.

For example, some students are gossiping about Quidditch, and about how apparently Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black has decided to ban the sport.


If you find a door or chest that has a lock on it, interact with the lock and an unlocking puzzle will appear. Move the sparks and rotate the dials until both corresponding gears are activated to release the lock. The huge Cylinder on the left side will rise, indicating that you've unlocked the door lock.

Getting a Broom

You don't start the game with a broom so exploration outside of the Hogwarts Castle will just be getting to and fro by foot. You will need to progress through the game to the Riding Lesson quest to learn the controls of riding a broom, afterwards, you will be able to purchase a broom for yourself and for easier exploration outside of Hogwarts Castle.


Once you obtain an attire, you will be able to sell it. But if you sold an attire by accident, it will still be able to use it through the transmog options. This is only for cosmetic purposes and will not affect the gear you are equipped with and the stats of your gear. 


Basic Attacks in Hogwarts Legacy

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By tapping R2/RT, your character will perform a basic attack, by pointing the wand towards the target. This attack is the bread and butter of Hogwarts Legacy Combat, and all Wizards and Witches can perform it without much trouble. This basic attack damages the target and can be easily mixed with other Spells to create powerful combos.


Spells are a vital part of what makes a Wizard. In combat, they are specially useful. By slotting them in the Spell Diamond located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, players can access up to 4 spells in an instant by holding R2/RT and pressing one of the corresponding 4 face buttons. 

Further on, players may be able to unlock even more Spell Diamonds, granting quick access to up to 16 Spells!

Ancient Magic Meter

Ancient magic takes a central part in the story of Hogwarts Legacy. As one of the few characters that can harness its power, you are able to use it to devastating effects. When you manage to reach a x10 Combo, you will see that the meter, located in the bottom right corner of the screen, just upside the health bar, starts to fill. Once it is filled enough, players will see a prompt over enemies heads. This prompts you to press L1+R1/LB+RB at the same time, to perform a devastating attack. This immediately drains the bar.

Defeated enemies may also drop blue orbs that also help fill the Ancient Magic Meter. During the game, players may learn to concoct potions that allow the meter to fill faster for a certain amount of time, or level up and earn a talent or trait that makes it easier to fill it.

The Tool Wheel

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The Tool Wheel can be accessed by holding down L1/LB on the controller. Here you can access all the Potions, Plants, or other consumables you are currently carrying and slot one into the quick slot.

Tap L1/LB in order to use the item located on the quick slot.

These items provide many bonuses to the players, such as the Rock Skin Potion that reduces incoming damage, the Wiggengeld Potion which increases your health or the Focus potion, which reduces the cooldown on some Spells.

Deflecting Attacks in Hogwarts Legacy

halo hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide

When you are about to receive an attack, a Halo will appear surrounding your character's head. You can press Δ/Y when prompted, in order to deflect such attack. This will send it away, and prevent damage. Deflecting is a very important defensive tool at the disposal of all aspiring Wizards and Witches.


Counterattacking is strictly related to Deflecting in Hogwarts Legacy. When the halo manifests itself, you can decide to hold down Δ/Y instead of press them, and if timed correctly, you will counterattack with Stupefy. By performing a counterattack, you will not only save health, but also you will be able to mount an offense immediately, possibly turning the tides of combat.

Breaking Shields

Enemies will use their own magical shields to protect against your attacks and Spells. It is critical to note that these shields can come in different colors. In order to break them, players must cast a spell at the target that matches the shield's color.

Battle Arenas

There are at least Battle arenas confirmed in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Two available in the main game for any player, and the third one, the Dark Arts Battle Arena, only available to those who purchase the digital deluxe edition.

In battle arenas, players are thrown into specific situations and have to complete combat challenges to complete them.




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