Nora Treadwell

nora treadwell npcs hogwarts legacy wiki guide
House Unknown
Role Historian and Archaeologist
Location Lower Hogsfield
Voiced by Natalie Gray

Nora Treadwell is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Nora Treadwell is an archaeologist whom the protagonist encounters while exploring outside of Hogwarts. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.


Nora Treadwell, at your service. Historian and archaeologist specialising in Merlin's work and life.
Merlin attended Hogwarts, you know. And I'm studying some curious fixtures he left here centuries ago.


Nora Treadwell Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Nora Treadwell is a historian and archaeologist. She was a former student at Hogwarts, of an unknown House. 

During The Girl From Uagadou, the protagonist meets with Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield. After a brief conversation, the protagonist overhears an altercation taking place at a tent nearby, beginning the Trials of Merlin quest. After investigating, they find Nora Treadwell being accosted by a pair of Victor Rookwood's Ashwinders. The poachers turn their attention to the protagonist and Nora comes to their defense. The two of them make quick work of the poachers.

Nora then introduces herself and divulges that she is researching the many curious fixtures scattered across the Highlands, purportedly left behind by the legendary wizard Merlin, whose life and works she specializes in. She names these structures the Merlin Trials, a set of challenges left behind by the great wizard but which are sealed by way of a large, stone emblem on the ground with a swirl pattern. Nora's research had led her to believe that the Trials can be activated by sprinkling Mallowsweet Leaves on the swirl and requests that the protagonist help prove her theory. The test proves successful and Nora leaves to continue her research, imploring the protagonist to complete the Trials where ever they come across them.

Nora is married to Priya Treadwell, a merchant who was also a student at Hogwarts. During their school years, Priya gave Nora a book on Merlin, kickstarting her fascination with the legendary wizard and his works.

Nora Treadwell Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Nora Treadwell is encountered on the outskirts of the hamlet of Lower Hogsfield during the Trials of Merlin, which begins immediately after The Girl from Uagadou.


Hogwarts Legacy Nora Treadwell Related Quests

Nora Treadwell is involved in the following Quests:


Hogwarts Legacy Nora Treadwell Notes & Lore

  • After completing the Trials of Merlin quest, random encounters with Dark Wizards may see them reference Nora Treadwell and how the protagonist let her get away from them.


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