Otto Dibble

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House N/A
Role Associate at Gladrags Wizardwear
Location Hogsmeade
Voiced by Enn Reitel

Otto Dibble is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Otto Dibble is an associate working under Augustus Hill at Gladrags Wizardwear. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that may have an influence in the story of the game.


The Ashwinders have ceased pestering me. I suspect that's your doing. Thank you from me and Rosie both. We're just leaving for our honeymoon – after we tell Mr Hill of our recent marriage. Wish me luck!


Otto Dibble Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Otto Dibble is a humble man working at Gladrags Wizardwear under Augustus Hill. He got himself into some trouble when Theophilus Harlow visited the store one time and saw him reading a note which he hid in the counter. Harlow then asked him to check the storeroom for an order he had placed. When Otto returned, Harlow was holding the note which turned out to be from the daughter of Mr. Hill's daughter Rosie, with whom Otto had begun a relationship and has been secretly engaged to for the last six months.

Harlow used this as an opportunity to blackmail the poor man, by stealing an expensive scarf and demanding that Otto supply him with such delightful items every so often, lest he inform Mr. Hill himself which he assures the man would result in him losing his beloved, as well as his employment. Having kept the relationship a secret as he feels as though Mr. Hill expects more for his daughter, Otto had no choice but to co-operate with some 'creative bookkeeping'. However, he cannot bear to keep up with Harlow's requests any longer. Otto divulges this information to the protagonist during A Basis for Blackmail, in which the protagonist and Natsai Onai are gathering evidence to put Harlow away for good. He implores the protagonist to destroy the letter should they happen upon it.


Otto Dibble Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Otto Dibble can be found in Hogsmeade, at Gladrags Wizardwear


Hogwarts Legacy Otto Dibble Related Quests

Otto Dibble is involved in the following Quests:


Hogwarts Legacy Otto Dibble Notes & Lore

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