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House -
Roll Most Problematic Poltergeist
Location Hogwarts Castle
Voiced by Jason Anthony

Peeves is one of the most iconic characters in Hogwarts Legacy. Peeves is the most problematic poltergeist in Harry Potter's universe  These NPCs can be found mainly throughout Hogwarts Castle, be it attending Classes, just chatting through the halls or riding their brooms in the outside area of the magic school. 


As long as 'twere only one time per week. I can plunge the boys' lavatory - not for the week!


Peeves Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Peeves is the most notorious and problematic poltergeist that Hogwarts ever had. Peeves has lived in the Hogwarts Castle since 993. Peeves is the author of a lot chaos and trouble in Hogwarts for centuries. Peeves is different from other poltergeist as he has physical form, yet he is able to become invisible at will, and move through walls. His appearance is an expression of his chaotic personality, he spends his time tormenting students with jokes and pranks that almost always go too far. 

The Caretaker of Hogwarts, Rancorous Carpe, once attempted to set a trap on Peeves to banish him from the castle, but Rancorous Carpe's Containment Charms failed to trap Peeves inside of a jar, so Peeves took revenge. Peeves became much more aggresive and threatening against students, so the castle had to be evacuated for several days. Until Eupraxia Mole negotiated with Peeves and decided to sign a contract. Where Peeves would officially gain some priviligies as long as he behaved. The privilege being that he could swim in a toilet bowl in the boys lavatory once a week.

Peeves can be seen as part of the Hogwarts atmosphere, tormenting some students and telling his stories in rhymes. The player is not able to interact with Peeves during these cameos, players can only choose to be an spectator of the entire cameo, or leave, as these cameos are not part of cinematics.


Peeves Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Peeves can be found at Hogwarts Castle.


Hogwarts Legacy Peeves Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy Peeves Notes & Trivia

  • Some people may be familiar with him as he appears in Harry Potter books and also in some previous Harry Potter Games. Some other people may not be familiar with Peeves, as he never made it to the movies. 
  • In the Harry Potter books, Peeves has certain protagonism, not very integral to the plot, but ends up playing a bigger role than simply some comedic scenes.
  • Peeves is physically less cartoonish than other versions of him in previous games, but he still wears very coloured clowninsh clothes, and he behaves as a mad jester.


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