Potions in Hogwarts Legacy gathers information about Magical Consumables that have specific effects to the one that is consuming them. Potions can be brewed at a Potion Station, but it is required to have unlocked the recipe first for each new potion Wizards want to make. Potions are often used for recovery of health, or stamina, they also grant Status Effects or deny Status Effects. Potions may require magic to be made, but once the potion is ready, Wizards won't require to add any more magic for them to work.

Potions and Ingredients may be familiar to Harry Potter fans, not only from the Books, or the Movies, but also from previous Harry Potter games.

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Potions Comparison Table


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Brewing Time
wiggenweld potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Wiggenweld Potion
A potion that aids in healing and restores a bit of the drinker’s health. It can be brewed at a potion station. Immediate [Recipe]
edurus potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Edurus Potion
A potion that enhances the drinker's defense by converting them with a durable rocky skin. 20s Brewing Time: 1 Minute
focus potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Focus Potion
Reduces the drinker's spell cooldowns. 15s Brewing Time: 1 Minute
felix felicis potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Felix Felicis Potion
Use this potion to reveal gear chests on the mini-map for one in-game day, resulting in a particularly rewarding journey as you explore Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. TBC If you pre-order Hogwarts Legacy, you'll be able to access the recipe for Felix Felicis, also known as "liquid luck."
invisibility potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256pxn
Invisibility Potion

The drinker turns invisible, causing enemies to immediately lose sight of them - the drinker is then imperceptible for a period of time.
TBC Brewing Time: 1m
maxima potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Maxima Potion
Increases the drinker's spell damage for a limited amount of time. TBC Brewing Time: 30s
thunderbrew potion hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Creates a storm aroudn the drinker which will stun and damage and damage nearby enemies TBC 

Brewing Time: 1m 30s





Wizards can buy Potions and Ingredients in several places, of course, the rarer the item, the most expensive it will be. But not all Potions or ingredients will be available at a store, Wizards may have to visit other store, or consider craft the desired Potions themselves. Also some rare ingredients may not be found in stores either, so Wizards may have to gather them from the game world, or maybe obtain them from a creature drop or as reward for completing a quest.

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Ingredients & Herbology

It is wise to be always on the lookout for new ingredients, not at all Potions can be found at the store and the only way to obtain them will be to craft them. Most common ingredients are usually sold by Potions sellers, but again, rare items or high value ones may only be obtainable by finding them in the wild.

Most ingredients are taken from plants of the wild. Plants are studied in the Harry Potter world in Herbology, and it is believed that some Herbology elements will be added to Hogwarts Legacy. Not all of the ingredients are related to plants, some reagents are related to creatures.


Brewing & Recipes

Wizards are able to brew their own Potions at a brewing station, but it's required for Wizards to know the recipes of each potion to be able to brew them. Recipes are obtained by advancing in the story, main quests and side quests may award you with a new recipe that will become useful on your next quest. It is adviced to always loot every corner of each room, read notes, books or scrolls that may grant you useful information such as the desired recipe for a new potions.


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