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House --
Role Leader of the Goblin Rebellion
Location Various
Voiced by Mathew Waterson

Ranrok is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Ranrok is a Goblin and is the main antagonist in Hogwarts Legacy. First encountered at the very beginning of the game, Ranrok is in search of an ancient power that wizardkind had kept hidden, setting the stage for the game's story. Other NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.

  • For the Boss encounter involving Ranrok, click here.


That witch did not consider you an equal. She, like all wizardkind, sought only to use you.
The young ones are especially deceitful. They are taught to hide their disgust for us as they exploit us.


Ranrok Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Ranrok is a greedy and vicious Goblin who holds a strong, deep-seated hatred for all of wizardkind. In the pursuit of knowledge of an ancient power that a faction of wizards known as the 'Keepers' had kept hidden for centuries, Ranrok began a rebellion in an effort to obliterate all wizards and witches. To bolster his ranks and keep tabs on the events surrounding Hogsmeade and the nearby Hogwarts, he forms an uneasy alliance with Victor Rookwood and his faction of Dark Wizards.

Ranrok is impatient, impulsive and intolerant of failure, stopping at nothing in order to get his way. This is evident when he invades Vault 12 at Gringotts Wizarding Bank and kills a Goblin Banker, one of his kind, whom he deemed was "traitorous". He appears to be highly proficient in Goblin Magic and is able to wield a dark and potent form of the art. He is extremely capable of holding his own against powerful wizards and witches, and does so with deliberate and murderous intent.


Ranrok Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Ranrok is encountered throughout various locations in cutscenes related to the Main Questline.


Hogwarts Legacy Ranrok Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy Ranrok Notes & Lore

  • Ranrok is revealed to be the older brother of Lodgok, whom the protagonist befriends but who does not completely disclose his exact relation to the leader of the Goblin Rebellion.
  • While Ranrok is decidedly evil and has brought and will bring tremendous suffering to the Wizarding World, his hatred for wizardkind was not born without reason. During The Tale of Rowland Oakes, the protagonist is recruited by Adelaide Oakes to search for her uncle, a metal trader named Rowland Oakes who she suspects had gone missing after being involved in dealings with Ranrok's Loyalists. After his rescue, Rowland divulges information he overheard regarding Ranrok's early years.
  • As a child, Ranrok happened upon an illegal dragon-breeding camp. Being fascinated with the creatures, he would frequently visit the camp in secret for weeks to watch the dragons while concealing his presence. After several weeks of surveilling the dragons and wanting to join the wizards at the camp, he finally mustered the courage to speak to the wizard in charge. The wizard in question happened to drop his wand which Ranrok picked up and with good intentions, wished to return it as a means of introducing himself. However, the sight of a Goblin with a wand sent the wizard into a rage, beating Ranrok close to death. This unfortunate and extreme act of cruelty is what birthed Ranrok's vendetta against wizardkind, forever steering him into the path of vengeance.


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