Richard Jackdaw

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House Unknown
Role Former Student, Returned Ghost
Location Various
Voiced by Joseph Burdge

Richard Jackdaw is one of the Other NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Richard Jackdaw is a former student at Hogwarts who was killed by decapitation while seeking adventure. He returned as a ghost, with no idea of how he died, the circumstances of which are tied to the overarching story of the main questline. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that may have an influence in the story of the game.


Could it be? Has someone solved my puzzle after all these years? Well done indeed.
Richard Jackdaw, at your service.


Richard Jackdaw Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Richard Jackdaw was a former student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was possessed of an adventurous spirit and would often go seeking for thrills in caves, tombs and other dangerous locations during his school years. Jackdaw had a reputation of being quite the ladies' man and once attempted to woo a young witch named Anne Thisbe using a map he had pilfered from Peeves after one of his chaotic rampages at the school. Unaware of it at the time, the map that Jackdaw found was tied to the book that the protagonist would late come to possess, and would lead to The Map Chamber, a secret room beneath Hogwarts Castle.

Jackdaw asked Anne to meet him one night in order to follow the map with him, but not until she completed a series of puzzles he had set up for her. At some point, he thought Anne had written him off and went on without her. It is during this excursion that he was killed and decapitated, and his body was never found.  Jackdaw returned as a ghost some time later, wholly unaware of the circumstances of his death. Anne had tried to tell the authorities that she was to meet him to follow a map, but was not able to as she was trying to solve the puzzles Jackdaw had set up for her. However, without Jackdaw's remains,, puzzles or the map, Anne was ultimately convicted of his murder and was sent to Azkaban. Her conviction and incarceration were largely decided by the false testimony of one Apollonia Black, who was jealous of Anne and claimed that she threatened to kill Jackdaw after he broke her heart.

Jackdaw's murder remained unsolved for decades, but interest in it is rekindled after the protagonist comes across a mysterious book in The Restricted Section of the Library at Hogwarts — the very same book whose torn pages contained the map that lead to Jackdaw's demise.


Richard Jackdaw Location in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Richard Jackdaw can be found in various locations and is tied to several Main Quests, some of which are House-specific.
  • Students of Gryffindor meet Jackdaw at the graveyard north of Hogsmeade after a tip from Nearly Headless Nick leads them to The Headless Hunt, a group of ghosts who died by decapitation and meet for various headless activities.
  • Students of Hufflepuff meet Jackdaw outside a cave near Upper Hogsfield, after being escorted by Helen Thistlewood to Azkaban to get new information from Anne Thisbe.
  • Students of Ravenclaw meet Jackdaw at the Owlery at Hogwarts, after being recruited by Gerbold Ollivander to investigate a century-old case of a missing heirloom wand that was suspected to have been stolen by Jackdaw from his time working as an assistant at Ollivanders.
  • Students of Slytherin meet Jackdaw at Apollonia's Grotto, south of Hogwarts Castle after being recruited by Scrope, house elf to the Black Family, to retrieve an heirloom ring his late Mistress Black had hidden there.
  • Jackdaw accompanies the protagonist to the place where he died at Jackdaw's Tomb during the Jackdaw's Rest quest.


Hogwarts Legacy Richard Jackdaw Related Quests

Richard Jackdaw is involved in the following Quests:


Hogwarts Legacy Richard Jackdaw Notes & Lore

  • Richard Jackdaw attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry around a century before the events of Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Jackdaw is a member of The Headless Hunt, group of headless ghosts who gather for 'headless activities'. Nearly Headless Nick has been trying to get into the hunt for ages, but is unable to join due to the fact that he is only nearly headless.


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