Scrope's Last Hope

Main Quest

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How to Obtain Completed Trials of Merlin
Requirements Level 5
Slytherin Students only
Rewards 260 XP

Scrope's Last Hope is a Main Quest in Hogwarts LegacyScrope's Last Hope is an exclusive quest for the Slytherin house, it becomes available after completing Trials of Merlin. Main Quests are mandatory Quests that tell the main story of the game, and completing all of them will accomplish the completion of the game. Still, that doesn't mean that Subquests, Challenges and Collections are not important, as these quests grant very useful items as rewards for completion and also contain a lot of Lore.


Scrope's Last Hope Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideFind Scrope's Note in the Courtyard

Travel to Hogwarts South exit, in the south wing of Hogwarts. Head to the bridge and into the courtyard. Once there, look at the statues, one of them will have a scroll in its mouth.

Collect it to learn that Scrope has hidden another note for you to find.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideSearch for the next note

Head out of Hogwarts by taking the same bridge you took to enter. As soon as you step outside the bridge, look to the east, you will find many rocks. Another scroll can be found in one of them. There is a crate nearby that you have to use to reach the scroll. Pull Accio on the crate and position it near the rock, get up on it and grab the scroll.

You will learn about the next location.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideSearch the Pumpkin patch for another note

Collect the second note, head down to the shack down the path to the south.

Once you are there, you will find a scarecrow and a pumpkin field. Use Revelio to learn which one to destroy. Obtain the note from it.

Scrope will ask you to meet at the water's edge.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideMeet Scrope at the water's edge

Head to the new waypoint and meet Scrope at the broken docks. Scrope is the house-elf of the Black family. He will tell you where to find the missing pages, as well as a ring he would like to give to his master. Agree and head to the grotto.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideInvestigate the Grotto

Head towards the marker along the beach. You will have to face a few Stoneback Dugbog along the way. Enter the small cave opening, 

You will find a squid painted on the wall. Head to the stand before it and place the toast Scrope gave you on it, to create a path.

Head inside and grab the journal off the desk. A cutscene will trigger and you will meet Richard Jackdaw.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideReturn to Scrope

Once you finish talking with the ghost, return to Scrope to finish the quest.


Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Information

A house-elf named Scrope contacted me about the missing pages. He recalls his previous mistress Apollonia Black speaking of pages being ripped from a book. He thinks she took them to her private grotto and believes a family ring will be found inside. He wants to give the ring to Professor Black to earn his favour. I also met the ghost of Richard Jackdaw. HJe told me that when he was alive, he tried to impress Apollonia Black by stealing a secret map from Peeves for her, but she didn't care. He decided that if Apollonia wasn't interested in the map, perhaps it would lead him to something that would impress her. So, he followed the map to his demise. Jackdaw has promised to meet me at the edge of the Forbidden Forest and show me where he died. The pages should still be with his remains.


How to find Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope

 Scrope's Last Hope Main Quest can be obtained as indicated as follows:


Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Enemies and Npcs

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during Scrope's Last Hope


Scrope's Last Hope Requirements & Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy

Scrope's Last Hope quest has the following requirements:

By completing Scrope's Last Hope quest, you will obtain the following Rewards:

  • 260 XP


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