Sirona Ryan

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House -
Role Merchant NPC
Location Hogsmeade
Voiced by Rebecca Root

Sirona Ryan is one of the Other Npcs in Hogwarts Legacy. Sirona Ryan is the barkeeper who runs The Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.


Oh, there’s a face I haven’t seen before.
Butterbeers on me.


Sirona Ryan Information in Hogwarts Legacy

She currently runs The Three Broomsticks Inn, a popular gathering spot amongst the students of Hogwarts. Also, despite various people complaining about the game damaging the LGBT community, Sirona is actually a transgender character.


Sirona Ryan Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Sirona Ryan can be found in The Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade


Hogwarts Legacy Sirona Ryan Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy Sirona Ryan Notes & Lore

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