Theophilus Harlow

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House -
Role Victor Rookwood's right hand
Location Hogsmeade
Voiced by Greg Ellis

Theophilus Harlow is one of the Other Npcs in Hogwarts Legacy. Theophilus Harlow is Victor Rookwood's right hand. These NPCs don't refer to any other of the categorizations such as Students or Professors. They are, nevertheless, important characters that have a major influence in the story of the game.


Little Natsai Onai, isn't it? And her excruciatingly loyal companion.
You two have done quite a bit of damage to my business interests.
But – I must grudgingly give you some credit. What was once a mere annoyance has become – remarkably problematic.


Theophilus Harlow Information in Hogwarts Legacy

Theophilus Harlow is basically a mobster, oftenly seen walking to Victor Rookwood's side.During Welcome to Hogsmeade quest briefing, Matilda Weasley mentions them as undesirable people you may encounter while you are visiting Hogsmeade.

During your visit to Hogsmeade, you will be able to see Victor Rookwood talking to Ranrok, who seems to have caught you listening to their conversation so Victor decides to follow you. Until he finds you in an Inn, Ranrok is no longer with him, but he is seconded by Theophilus.

Theophilus is about take something out of his back, but Sirona Ryan worns him not you as the people at the Inn also jump in to defend you as they recognize you from fighting the trolls and fixing the city.


Theophilus Harlow Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Theophilus Harlow can be found in Hogsmeade


Hogwarts Legacy Theophilus Harlow Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy Theophilus Harlow Notes & Lore

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