Unicorn Hair

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The hair is shed by the swift and beautiful Unicorns inhabiting the Forbidden Forest. Unicorn hair can be used to upgrade and assign traits to gear

Unicorn Hair is a Beast byproduct or Resources in Hogwarts Legacy. Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Hair is used to create Traits and upgrade equipment with the Enchanted Loom in The Room of Requirement, and can be purchased or collected from the Vivarium.


How to get Unicorn Hair

There are two main ways of collecting Beasts byproducts (Resources):

Can be bought from Indira Wolff in Pitt-Upon-Ford - see it on the Hogwarts Legacy Map. Costs 700 gold coin hogwarts legacy wiki 25px

Find the Unicorn Magical Beast in these locations and bring it back to the Vivarium in The Room of Requirement. Note that there's a timer for collection that has a Unknown.


Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Hair Uses

Beast byproducts like Unicorn Hair are used to upgrade Gear. The materials needed for upgrades vary based on the rarity and level of the item.

You can craft the following traits using this item with the Enchanted Loom:

  • TBA


Unicorn Hair Notes & Trivia

Lore, notes and interesting points about this resource




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