A special room to keep Magical Beasts within The Room of Requirement
Complete The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom to unlock

Vivarium is a special Location in Hogwarts Legacy. The Vivarium is found within The Room of Requirement, and unlocked after advancing the main quest to a specific point. Players can use the vivarium to keep Magical Beasts, interact with them, and harvest their materials for Traits creation.


How to unlock the Vivarium and Keep Magical Beasts as pets


How to Capture Magical Beasts for the Vivarium

You will obtain a special item slotted as a spell that allows you to capture beasts. When out in the world, visit the Beast Dens to find them, or look out for Bandit Camps with poachers. If you have the Alohomora spell, you can unlock the cages where they keep pets and (once they are exiting the enclosure) quickly get them into the Nab-Sack.


How to interact with Beasts in the Vivarium

The Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium allows you to enter and interact with pets, and nurturing will yield crafting rewards. You can use the special Spells you are given to nurture your pets by giving them affection via brushing, and food via snacks. Each beast has its own timer for production of materials.


All Vivarium Beasts & Beast Materials Guide

Keep in mind you can also Purchase these materials by visiting the vendor in Pitt-Upon-Ford in the North Ford Bog region. You can see it here in our Hogwarts Legacy Map.

Beast Product Timer Where to Capture



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