Walkthrough and 100% Guide for Hogwarts Legacy covers a detailed step-by-step guide for the main story of Hogwarts Legacy. The Walkthrough will include vital information about Equipment, Items, Enemies, Bosses, and NPCs that are encountered throughout the game. Here, you can find important details and guides that will help you uncover all secrets that can be found in Hogwarts!

Helpful Pages for Hogwarts Legacy

  • Hogwarts Legacy Interactive Map: view the interactive map to find all locations of the different collectibles, locations, and more.
  • Game Progress Route: a summarization of objectives and important items to find in the main campaign of the game.
  • Collections: the Collections page lists down all the available collectibles in the game.
  • Quests: you can find all available Main Quests and Sub Quests available in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Spells: the Spells page covers all available Spells in the game, you can find the different type of spells and how to get them.
  • Combat: the Combat page features information regarding basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game.
  • New Player Help: find helpful information and things that you should know before you play the game.
  • Endings Guide: the Endings page covers all the possible Endings that you can get in your playthrough, and how to get them.
  • Puzzles Guide: find a comprehensive guide on how to solve all the puzzles you'll run into while exploring the wizarding world.


Helpful Tips for Exploration in Hogwarts Legacy

Prioritise Buying a Broom

Although exploring the various locations in Hogwarts Legacy on foot can certainly help to thoroughly check and scan the area for different items and secrets, investing in a broom and flying over the scenic views can make exploring more efficient but also more enjoyable. 

Players are required to reach level 6 and to complete Jackdaw's Rest to start Flying Class. During the quest, players will learn the basics of controlling the broom and can eventually participate in broom races. After completing the quest, players will be able to head to Hogsmeade to purchase a broom. After buying a broom, players will be able to upgrade it at the shop they bought their broom in later on in the game as they complete side quests.

Find all Floo Flames

Floo Flames are half-busts of Ignatia Wildsmith with a bowl and a green flame below it that players can encounter throughout the various locations in the game, they act as fast travel points, simply approaching it and it will activate the Floo Flame. This is helpful for players early game who do not have a broom yet or prefer exploring on foot. Floo flames will be marked on your map with the flame icon floo flame undiscovered icon hogwarts legacy wiki guide 125px, simply hover over the icon on your chosen location and you can have the option to fast travel.

Head over to our Floo Flames page to check all the locations of the Floo Flames around the game.


Hogwarts Legacy Main Quests in Chronological Order


Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

The Path to Hogwarts
Welcome to Hogwarts
The Secret in the Restricted Section
Living your Life as a Hogwarts Student
The Map Chamber
The Trials in Hogwarts
Ranrok and Rookwood
Preparing for the O.W.L.S.
Stopping Ranrok & Post Story


Your Legacy Starts Here

Wands at the ready! Welcome to Hogwarts Legacy, where you embark on a journey to forge your legacy. Set in the 1800s, you take the role of a 5th-year student at Hogwarts, get sorted into one of the four Houses, and discover new learnings that will shape you into becoming a magnificent witch or wizard. But you are not an ordinary witch/wizard, you possess a rare ability to see whispers of ancient magic, one who can conjure them. And as your journey begins, an older peril threatens the Wizarding World and it is you, who can protect those who are in need, and stop who or what is responsible for these dangers you are about to face.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already own a wizarding world account and have already taken the Hogwarts Sorting feature on the website, make sure you link your Wizarding World account to whichever platform you are playing on so that you can acquire the type of wand and house that you've been sorted in the game.

The Path to Hogwarts


hogwarts letter walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

As you start the game, you will receive a Hogwarts Letter that states that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a fifth-year student and you will start to create your character via Character Creation. You will be presented with different options for customization from different types of hair, face structure, facial features, and more. When you are ready, click Start Your Journey to formally begin your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy.

wiggenwald potion first acquisition walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

A cutscene begins with Professor Fig and George Osric and you'll travel with them to Hogwarts, but in the middle of the trip, a dragon appears and destroys the carriage you are in, luckily, Professor Fig casts Accio to recover a portkey that transports you both to a cave. As you recover, Professor Fig hands you x4 Wiggenweld Potion to recover your health, press the down button on the d-pad of your controller to heal (your character will consume one upon healing, leaving you with three Wiggenweld Potions). This section of the game will now serve as a tutorial on the basic controls of the game, follow Professor Fig outside of the cave and you'll find out that you are somewhere around the Scottish Highlands. The quest, The Path to Hogwarts formally starts.

using basic cast walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Run along the cliff path and follow Professor Fig, and press the appropriate button to jump and/or climb obstacles, continue following Professor Fig until you come across an enchanted wall that blocks the path ahead. You'll now be able to press the button on your respective console to perform a Basic Cast spell, destroy the enchanted wall with the Basic Cast spell and continue down the slope. As you continue forward, you will see some vases by the side, although there isn't anything inside them, it's better to note that you can break these objects to find some items later on. Continue following Professor Fig until you reach a broken bridge that leads to a ruins area — Professor Fig then casts Reparo to fix the stone bridge, allowing you to cross the other side.

exploring the ruins walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

As you enter the ruins, a message will prompt explaining how the minimap works. Walk up to the statue on the left and investigate it, then go to where the marker is. On the right side of the statue, you'll see an arched doorway, head towards it, and walk along the narrow path, you'll find an enchanted crystallised stone where the quest marker is. Approach it and a room will appear behind it, your character mentions it to Professor Fig, but he'll say that he doesn't see anything at all, just the enchantment — touch the glowing enchantment and you'll be transported to another location, Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

It's Gringotts Bank!

learning revelio walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Approach the podium ahead to wake up the Goblin Banker, and a cutscene will trigger. You'll then ride the bank's cart to reach vault number 12. While you are riding the cart, you can look around to admire the look and design of this section while listening to the conversation. Upon arrival at the vault's platform, follow Professor Fig (once again), and enter the vault. Professor Fig then mentions that there may be something inside this vault that's hidden and he teaches you how to cast the Revelio spell.

secret door in the vault walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

A new HUD will then appear, prompting you to follow the path to learn the Revelio spell. Steady your wand with the left analog stick of your controller and guide it along the symbol's path. There are, however, buttons that you'll need to press when prompted to accelerate or continue the movement of your wand. It may be difficult at first, but the trick here is to press the corresponding button as you pass through it. Cast Revelio upon learning the spell, your character will mention that he/she saw something ahead, move closer to the wall and re-cast Revelio to reveal a door — again, approach the symbol that was similar to what you saw in the ruins section, and you'll be transported to another area.

glowing mist walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

You'll arrive in a different kind of vault that's dark, Professor Fig then casts Lumos to provide light. Stay close to Professor Fig and follow him as you explore the vault. You'll then see a bright glowing mist on the floor, approach it and interact with the magic. This causes the magic to burst and you'll see a reflection of a statue on the floor, approach the reflection and you'll notice a mirage appear in front of you, cast Revelio to reveal an armored statue. Your character realizes that the direction of the statue is not correct with the reflection and the light from Professor Fig's wand has something to do with it.

learning lumos walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Professor Fig then teaches you how to cast Lumos and you'll have to complete the spell path mini-challenge to learn Lumos, this is similar to the one you did earlier with Revelio. Upon learning Lumos, cast the spell and walk around the statue. Look down on the floor and you'll notice the statue's reflection is following the direction of the light from your wand. Simply align the reflection with the statue and prepare to fight a group of enemies, the Guardian statues, along with Professor Fig.

finding chests within the vault walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Upon destroying all of the enemies, stand close to Professor Fig and a surge of magic will disappear, causing the room to go dark and Professor Fig to disappear. Cast Lumos to light your way and follow the magical wisps. but before you do that, walk around the vault area first and you'll find a chest, it's quite hard to pinpoint its exact location since there isn't a compass or direction guide to where you are facing, but the chest can be found next to a pillar. It will be easier to identify where it is when you're near it and you'll see a small white diamond marker indicated on top of the chest, there are two chests that you can find here — follow the magical wisps to find another glowing mist on the ground, touch it and you'll see three reflections of the Guardian statues on the ground.

statues puzzle walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

To proceed, you need to activate the statues by aligning them with the reflection, similar to what you did earlier. Cast Revelio to reveal all three statues, followed by casting Lumos to guide the reflection, aligning it with the statue. Make sure that when you align the reflection to where the statue is facing, to solve this puzzle, all three statues must be standing at once. To do this, you need to align all three statues first, move back a bit and stand at the center where all three glowing lights are connected. Once all three statues stand, it will slam its sword on the ground and a magical barrier will appear where you'll have to fight another group of Guardian statues to proceed.

the last glowing mist in the vault walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

After defeating the enemies, the magical barrier will disappear, allowing you to continue further. Follow the magical wisps that lead to another glowing magical mist on the ground, next to a large structure. Interact with it and the structure next to it will transfigure into an arched doorway. Pass through it to enter another room and interact with the Pensieve ahead, this triggers a cutscene where your character collects a vial and reunites with Professor Fig — your first encounter with Ranrok also occurs here during the cutscene and you'll escape and arrive in Hogwarts.

The Sorting Hat - Perhaps you belong in...

answering the sorting hat walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Continuing the cutscene, you'll be in Hogwarts along with Professor Fig, you'll also meet Phineas Nigellus Black or Professor Black, who is this school year's headmaster. Your character will follow him through the Great Hall and Matilda Weasley or Professor Weasley puts the Sorting Hat on your head where you'll be sorted to your designated House (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin). Now, as mentioned above (at the beginning of this walkthrough), if you've linked your Wizarding World account to the designated platform/s you are playing, you will be easily sorted out to the house that's already been assigned to you based on the feature of the website.

choosing your house walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

On the other hand, if you haven't done any linking at all, you will be sorted to your house depending on the answers you choose when the Sorting Hat talks to you. Once the sorting hat tells you which house you belong to based on your answers, you'll still be given a choice to accept what house the Sorting Hat chooses or you can choose a different house and the Sorting Hat will take your choice into account what house you want to be in. Similar to what Harry Potter did in his first year. If your decision is final, simply choose and you'll be sorted out to your respective house — another cutscene will trigger and you'll complete the first quest upon arriving in your dormitory room.

Welcome to Hogwarts

Within your House

house dormitory room walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

You begin this quest in the dormitory room of your designated house, your first task is to head to the common room of your house (for this walkthrough, we have been sorted in house Ravenclaw). Exit your room and head upstairs, you won't miss it, and you'll arrive at the common room.  Do take note later on that if you head down the stairs where all the other dormitory rooms are, there is a chest that has a Level III Lock, you can't open it for now, so just remember to go back here when you have the requirements to open it.

the common room walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Next, your task is to talk to three students who are in the Ravenclaw common room. First, approach the student who's hiding by the grandfather clock on your right, and speak to the student, Everett Clopton. Samantha Dale is near the fireplace, on the left side by a table, while Amit Thakkar is on the opposite side of the room where Samantha is standing, using a telescope. Once you've introduced yourself to the three students, follow the quest marker that leads outside of the common room to meet Professor Weasley. She will hand you a book called the Wizard's Field Guide that will keep track of what you've been learning.

acquiring your first field page guide walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

After the cutscene, follow Professor Weasley outside and she'll ask you to cast Revelio on a bust as you head down the stairs, casting the spell will reveal a Field Guide Page. Collect the document and you'll be prompted a tutorial about completing challenges and what it does. Completing these challenges yields different rewards, as well as XP. Continue following Professor Weasley and along the way, she will ask you to open your Field Guide so that you can read about how Floo Flames work in the game.

Floo Flames are checkpoints that allow you to fast travel to it, a grey Floo Flame icon means it is undiscovered or inactive and you will need to find or interact with it so that you can use it later on, a green Floo Flame icon means that has been discovered and you can fast travel to that checkpoint. You can visit our Hogwarts Legacy Interactive Map or check the Floo Flames page to find all available Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy — to proceed, select The Library Annex and choose the Central Hall Floo Flame to fast-travel.

central hall fountain field guide page location walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Upon arriving at the Central Hall, continue following Professor Weasley down the steps and another cutscene will trigger along with Professor Fig, before talking to Professor Fig, the Central hall Fountain contains another Field Guide Page, use Revelio next to the two students sitting on it to reveal the document. Now speak to Professor Fig and after, you'll need to attend classes to continue this quest, the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class and the Charms Class. Do take note that some quests are locked out and you'll need to meet certain requirements such as learning a Spell or having the required player level. New Spells can be earned by completing Professor's Assignments or as quest rewards.

Attend your Classes at Hogwarts

learning levioso walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Depending on what class you've chosen, follow the marker and head to that class. During our playthrough, we first selected to attend the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Proceed to the class to continue the main quest where you'll meet Sebastian Sallow and Professor Hecat. Attending this class teaches you how to use the Levioso spell, after the cutscene, you'll immediately start with the spell path mini-challenge, reaching the end of the path, will allow your character to learn Levioso, after which, Professor Hecat will give you an exercise against a training dummy.

duel against sebastian walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Start by using Basic Cast against it and you'll see that the spell has been deflected, Professor Hecat asks you to cast Levioso first and while the training dummy is in the air, follow up with Basic Cast. You'll then have a duel against the charismatic Slytherin student, Sebastian. Whenever you see a yellow barrier surrounding your target, cast Levioso first to make them vulnerable, then use Basic Cast. Continue your duel against Sebastian, watch his attacks, and use Protego when needed. Keep in mind that using the Levioso spell has a cooldown before you can re-cast it, simply knock him off the platform with the combo of Levioso and Basic Cast to continue — before leaving the classroom, speak to Sebastian.

accio spell exercise walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Next up, attend the Charms class. The marker will automatically pin it for you, simply follow the quest marker to reach the classroom. Here, you'll meet a brave Gryffindor student, Natsai Onai, as well as Professor Ronen. After the cutscene, you'll complete another spell path mini-challenge to learn the Accio spell. Professor Ronen then takes the class outside to the school grounds and you'll be given a challenge to use the Accio spell. You'll need to use the spell to draw the bludger closer and at the right time, re-cast the spell to make sure it stops on the blue or green rows to gain high points. You'll only get three tires here, so make it count, your total points will be added to your house.

accio spell exercise against natsai walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

After this, Professor Ronen continues the activity, only this time, you're up against Natsai. Simply. You will be using the blue bludgers, while Natsai plays with the red bludgers. You will take turns here, and Natsai will go first, the goal is to achieve high points against Natsai. When it is your turn, face the blue bludger and you'll see it glow, this means, you're targeting that object and ready to cast Accio. Again, you'll have three tries. For the next and final round, Professor Ronen makes it more challenging by conjuring moving boxes. When it is your turn, cast Accio and re-cast it at the right time while trying to avoid hitting the crates. You'll return to the classroom after the exercise and then speak to Natsai and Professor Ronen — for your next objective, meet with Professor Weasley in her classroom (Transfiguration Classroom) which is off the Transfiguration Courtyard, located between the Library Annex and the Astronomy Wing.

meeting professor weasley in her classroom walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Before you enter, make sure you pass or walk by the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame to activate it, it's just near the classroom entrance. A cutscene will trigger when you begin the quest, Weasley After Class. For this quest, Professor Weasley instructs you to acquire your wand and the supplies you have lost, and this means traveling to Hogsmeade. After talking to Professor Weasley and choosing who will accompany you to Hogsmeade, report next to Professor Ronen who is just by the courtyard near Professor Weasley's classroom — traveling to Hogsmeade requires you to reach at least Level 2 and to learn the Reparo spell from Professor Ronen.

Professor Ronen's Assignment

professor ronans assignment the broken statue walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

flying field page guide by the broken statue walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

To learn the Reparo spell, you will have to complete his assignments which are preliminary tasks you need to do before learning the spell. Marked on the map, you'll have two tasks, (1) Collect the flying page near the broken statue, and (2) Collect the flying page in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. From where Professor Ronen is standing, turn around and go straight towards the broken statue, use Revelio to reveal the flying page and you'll see it flying ahead, by the stone fence. Ready your wand, aim high, and when you see it, use Accio to retrieve it — this document is also considered to be a Field Guide Page.

flying field page guide by defence against the dark arts tower walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Next, head to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower which is just nearby. Head up the stairs and look up, you'll see the page flying above the steps. Ready your wand, aim and use Accio to retrieve it. Return to Professor Ronen in the courtyard and he will teach you the Reparo spell, you just need to complete the spell path mini-challenge to learn the spell. Upon learning Reparo, and assuming at this point, you have reached the player level requirement, you can now proceed to Hogsmeade to continue the task given by Professor Weasley. If you want to try out the Reparo spell, you can approach the broken statue where you got the flying page and use the spell to repair it — moving forward, you will have to meet Sebastian near the entrance to Hogwarts.

Welcome to Hogsmeade

hogwarts north exit floo flame walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

By the entrance of the school, speak to Sebastian first before you formally enter the school grounds area. Simply follow Sebastian to Hogsmeade to the north exit of the school, by the gate, look to your left, there is an inactive Floo Flame, make sure you pass by it to activate the Hogwarts North Exit Floo Flame. Continue following Sebastian and when you reach the opposite end of the bridge, Sebastian mentions that the bush on the left is an excellent spot to collect some Lacewing Flies, an ingredient used to brew a powerful potion. Collect these ingredients and continue following Sebastian. Along the way, you will pass by the entrance to the Forbidden Forest, you won't miss it since Sebastian will tell you about it, make sure to activate the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame near the entrance.

arriving at hogsmeade walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

As you follow Sebastian, make sure you also look around the grass or vegetated spots since you can find some ingredients there such as Moonstone and Leaping Toadstool Caps. Just continue following Sebastian and eventually, you'll reach Hogsmeade. Now you have quite a checklist where you'll need to visit multiple shops: (1) Visit Tomes and Scrolls, (2) Visit Olivanders, (3) Visit J. Pippin's Potions, and (4) Visit the Magic Neep — there's no order of which shop to go first, you can just follow the marker of where the shops are and proceed.

meeting gerbold ollivander walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Inside Olivanders, when you open the door, you'll see a chest on the left that contains Wiggenweld Potion, grab it, and interact with the front desk. Here, you'll meet Gerbold Ollivander who is the current wandmaker working at the Ollivanders store, which is where every Hogwarts student eventually gets their first wand. After two attempts of trying out wands, you'll be given the option the customize the wand that Gerbold Ollivander provides you with. You can cycle through the other three options to change the look or style, the type of wood, and the core of the wand (Draong Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, Phoenix Feather).

Now, if you took the sorting hat feature via the Wizarding World website, it also provides you with your wand. If you've linked your console or PC account to your Wizarding World account, then that wand will be initially shown to you and you can still customize it accordingly if you want to apply some changes. Once you're happy with the look of your wand, select Purchase.

j pippins potions shop walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

At J. Pipppin's Potions, there is a chest inside the shop that contains a Teal Clockwork Scarf, grab the item and speak to Parry Pippin. You'll be able to view the items that are available in the shop such as Potion Recipes, Ingredients, and Combat Tools. You can also sell items here if you want. To proceed with the main objective, take the free supplies, which are the Edurus Potion Recipe and the Wiggenweld Potion Recipe — you can now exit the store and proceed to the next.

flying field guide page in tomes and scrolls walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Next up, Tomes and Scrolls. Upon entering, look to your right and you'll see an item you can interact with on the desk, check the item and it will reveal a set of stairs that goes to the second floor. Behind the front desk, there is a room that contains two chests, one is by the foot of the bed that you can open which contains a Plaid Formal School Uniform, while the other chest has an eye, ignore this for now, and return to it once you have the requirements to unlock it. Go up the stairs and you'll find a small chest that has gold — you'll also see a flying page here, use Accio to retrieve the Field Guide Page.

Now go back down and speak to the shop attendant, Thomas Brown. Gather the supplies that were ordered by Professor Weasley which are the Potting Table with a Small Pot Spellcraft and the Small Potions Station Spellcraft. You can now check the available items that are sold here which are conjuration spells used in the Room of Requirement.

hidden field guide page magic neep shop walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

And finally, visit the Magic Neep shop. Timothy Teasdale, the owner can be found sitting outside. Use Revelio near the cart stand to reveal a Field Guide Page, then speak to Timothy. Collect the Dittany Seed supply and then you can view the shop's inventory if you want to. Now you've gathered all the supplies you need from all four shops, the next objective is to meet Sebastian at the town circle. A cutscene will trigger upon speaking to Sebastian and you'll also have your first encounter against an Armoured Troll — your objective, defeat the Troll.

battle against armoured troll in hogsmeade walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Watch for its attack, especially when a red sigil glows in front of it, this will have the troll charge forward, so be ready to dodge. If it hits a wall, it will briefly become stunned, allowing you to attack it before it recovers. During the battle, you'll gain a new combat tactic, Ancient Magic Throw. By pressing the corresponding button, you can throw objects at your target. Keep your distance, use Basic Cast, and Ancient Magic Throw to throw barrels at it if you can. Once you've depleted its health, you can cast an Ancient Magic spell by pressing the corresponding buttons, this Ancient Magic spell is a finisher move.

repairing the statue in town circle hogsmeade walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

After the battle, you'll have to help out by repairing the damaged objects around the town circle (there are 7 of them). By the statue in the center (when it's repaired) where the tree is, use Revelio to reveal another Field Guide Page. Once you've fixed all 7 damaged objects, head to the marker that leads to Gladrags Wizardwear, and just by the entrance, use Revelio again to acquire another Field Guide Page. Enter the shop to find a chest near the entrance on the right, and there is a bag behind the front desk, next to the mannequins — speak to Augustus Hill after grabbing the items from the chest and bag.

three broomsticks cutscene walkthrough hogwarts legacy wiki guide

Collect the Traditional School Robe as a reward and here you can check the shop's wares to find different Gear that you can purchase. Next, follow Sebastian to the Three Broomsticks shop to progress the main quest. Along the way, a cutscene will trigger where you'll see Ranrok and Victor Rookwood having a conversation and you'll arrive at the Three Broomsticks. After the encounter with Victor Rookwood at the Three Broomsticks, head outside and speak to Sebastian. Since it's night, after talking to Sebastian, you can now fast-travel back to your common room — this completes the quest.

The Secret in the Restricted Section

Regroup with Professor Fig

Back in your room, you'll find that Professor Fig has sent you a letter through the Owl Post. Read it, then your next course of action will be to find and speak to Professor Fig about the Hogsmeade troll attack and the locket. He can be found and spoken to in his classroom, where he reveals a map leading to the hidden Restricted Section of the Library. After a short conversation, he sends you off to Professor Hecat to further enhance your defensive capabilities, thus starting the next quest.

Professor Hecat's Assignments

In her classroom, Professor Hecat expresses an intention to teach you Incendio, the Fire-Making Spell. Before she does so, however, she assigns three tasks for you to do. These three tasks are the Side Quests Crossed Wands Round 1, Crossed Wands Round 2, and Spell Combination I.

All three of these tasks can be initiated by speaking to Lucan Brattleby in the Clock Tower Courtyard. If speaking to him for the first time, he gives a quick explanation on how Crossed Wands works. Join the club and accept the duel to start Crossed Wands Round 1. You'll be paired up with Sebastian to fight against 2 other students. This side quest ends when you win the duel.

After completing Crossed Wands Round 1, Crossed Wands Round 2 and Spell Combination I are unlocked. Crossed Wands Round 2 can be started by asking Lucan about another round of Crossed Wands. From here on out, you can choose your dueling partner and are not restricted to only Sebastian. This time, you'll be pitted against 3 other students. Like before, win to complete the quest. Speaking to Lucan about the training dummy initiates Spell Combination I. In this quest, a series of spells will be presented at the top of the screen. Simply attack the training dummy while following the sequence of spells shown and the quest will be completed.

With all those side quests complete, return to Professor Hecat in her classroom to learn Incendio. Before you move on to the next part of the main quest, you are free to practice this new spell on the targets in Professor Hecat's classroom.

Sneaking into the Restricted Section

Upon returning to Professor Fig in his classroom, he is called away by Professor Black, leading to your character making mention of talking to Sebastian about sneaking into Restricted Section of the Library. Sebastian tells you to meet him outside the Library at night. Doing so initiates a cutscene and teaches you the Disillusionment spell. Make sure to equip it in one of your spell slots as you'll need it for this next section.

As Sebastian mentioned earlier, Disillusionment isn't foolproof and does still require you to be as stealthy as possible. Cast the spell and head downstairs through the marked door, making sure not to rush and let the patrolling prefects pass by. Follow the marker to a spot behind the bookcase on the left to initiate a cutscene on Sebastian coming up with a plan to steal the librarian's key. You can approach the librarian's desk immediately after she's stood up from it, but it's safer to wait for Sebastian to knock a pile of books over to distract the librarian before doing so. With key in hand, the Restricted Section can be unlocked and entered.

While heading down the stairs, you'll be given a quick tutorial on distracting enemies. Immediately in the next room, use the armor stand on the right as a distraction for the first ghost, then in the next room, circle round the banister to get to the next marker, using the pile of books as a distraction if needed. At the bottom of the stairs, Sebastian makes a remark that stealth is no longer required. In the following rooms, you'll find a few chests, one of which has an eye on top of it and requires Disillusionment to open, and a Field Guide Page by using Levioso on a statue.

As you approach a fallen suit of armor, Peeves shows up, threatening to tattle on both you and Sebastian. Sebastian follows after him, leaving you to search for the book on your own. Cast Reparo on the suit of armor to continue forward and you'll find a small chest in the next room. Continue down the spiral staircase to the next marker, casting Lumos if needed, and investigate the pool of ancient magic to open a portal.

The Athenaeum

Through the portal and down the stairs is a door leading into the Athenaeum. When you reach an unfinished bridge overlooking a chasm, use a Basic Cast on the rune above the door on the other side to summon a bridge. Upon entering the next room, 4 Pensieve Sentries will awaken and attack you. Through the next door are another 2 Pensieve Sentries and another rune above the door on the opposite side  activating a bridge to the next marker. You'll have to jump at the beginning and end of this bridge to make it across on time.

Down the stairs and in the next room is another bridge puzzle. This time, activating the rune switches which side of the room the bridge is accessible to. On the right side of the room is an alcove with a large chest in it. To access it, hit the rune to uncover a bridge on the right side of the starting platform and when you get to the end, hit the rune again to reveal the final part of the bridge. Back at the starting platform, hit the rune so that the bridge going forward is on your side of the room. After crossing the bridge as far as you can, activate the rune again and follow the bridge as it forms to avoid falling. You'll find two chests in the next small room.

Approach the marked door ahead and all the Pensieve Sentries in the room will awaken, starting with the two by the door, followed by two in the middle of the rooms, and finally the remaining four. Once all enemies have been dealt with, the doors going forward will open, revealing the book you set off to find. Approaching it triggers a cutscene that ends with your character witnessing Sebastian taking the full brunt of the librarian's punishment for sneaking into the Restricted Section.

Return to Professor Fig's classroom to find him speaking with a new professor, Professor Sharp. After Professor Sharp excuses himself, you can examine the book with Professor Fig. It turns out someone else has gotten to the book first and some of the pages are missing. While Professor Fig travels out of Hogwarts, you are tasked with figuring out what happened to the missing pages while continuing your studies at Hogwarts.

Living your Life as a Hogwarts Student

Resuming Classes

Before he leaves, Professor Fig urges you to pay close attention to your studies of Herbology and Potions, which is exactly what you'll do. You can attend Herbology Class at the school Greenhouse, where you'll be introduced to Professor Garlick. During the cutscene, you'll be given a prompt to pull a Mandrake out of a pot, and later again another prompt to place the Mandrake into a new pot. Afterwards, approach Professor Garlick, who gives you instructions for the next part of the lesson. Head back to your table and interact with the small planter to sow the Dittany Seed from Hogsmeade. Once a seed has been planted, you will be able see how long it will take for the plant to grow, and how many you'll receive. This acts as a tutorial section on growing plants, and you will have free reign of what you grow in your planters in the future.

Professor Garlick will then inform you about the Chinese Chomping Cabbage. Approach Leander Prewett, who can be found at the top of the stairs, to make your way to the other greenhouse. Make sure to grab all the plants you can along the way. In the next greenhouse, you'll be able to find the Chinese Chomping Cabbage. To proceed, follow the tutorial prompt on your screen to throw the cabbages at the training dummy at the far end of the greenhouse. You'll then find yourself in a conversation about the practical uses of cabbages in a battle with Leander, who tells you to go to Dogweed and Deathcap if you're interested in more. Go back and speak to Professor Garlick to conclude the quest.

Next up, we'll be attending Potions Class, taught by Professor Sharp. Follow your compass to the potions classroom and begin the quest to initiate a cutscene. Like in Herbology Class, you'll be prompted multiple times within the cutscene to brew your own Wiggenweld Potion. After completing it, Professor Sharp will recommend learning how to brew an Edurus Potion for defensive purposes. He gives you permission to go into his office for some ingredients, an offer overheard by another student, Garreth Weasley.

Garreth proclaims himself a 'prodigy with potions' and asks you to take an additional ingredient, a Fwooper Feather, from the professor's office for his spectacular potion. Accept or decline his request, then head into the office to collect the ingredients you require - Ashwinder Eggs and Dark Mongrel Fur. Besides the potion ingredients, you can also find a note on the professor's table and a small chest behind his chair. Hand Garreth his feather if you accepted his request, then return to your station to brew the Edurus Potion. While you're waiting for it to finish brewing, if you've given Garreth the feather, his cauldron will start sputtering and the potion he was brewing will cause a small explosion. Collect your Edurus Potion and show it to Professor Sharp to complete the quest. If you helped Garreth, apologising to the professor gets you a more favorable interaction than if you were to feign ignorance.

Though not required, you may start Professor Hecat's Assignment 2 as well at this point to save you some trouble later on in the playthrough.

Discovering the Merlin Trials

With classes done, Natsai asks to meet her in Lower Hogsfield. She tells you about about her newfound resolve to stand up to people like Rookwood and Harlow and gives you some information about Rookwood's operations. Right as the conversation ends, you overhear a woman being threatened by some wizards.

Cross the bridge to reach her and a short cutscene will play, followed by an enemy encounter. You will first have to face against 2 Ashwinder Scouts, and after they're down, an Ashwinder Duellist and 2 more Ashwinder Scouts. The stranger, now introduced as Nora Treadwell, explains that she's a researcher specialising in the wizard Merlin's work and life. She introduces you to the Merlin Trials, a series of puzzles left by Merlin that have never been figured out before, and gives her hypothesis on how one might solve them. Collect the Mallowsweet Leaves from the chest next to her tent and place them on the stone spiral on the ground. Once the vines have been cleared, cast Incendio on the three braziers nearby to complete this Merlin Trial. Speak to Nora once more to complete the quest.

The Map Chamber

A Missing Family Heirloom

What quest you receive next will depend on which House you were sorted in at the start of the game. All four house quests eventually lead into Jackdaw's Rest. This walkthrough will follow the Ravenclaw questline - Ollivander's Heirloom. You'll receive a letter from Gerbold Ollivander asking to meet up at his shop on Hogsmeade. After finding the ancient book from the Restricted Section, Professor Fig recommended you to Ollivander to help him find a missing heirloom wand. He suspects that a student from Howgarts, Richard Jackdaw, took the wand while working as an assistant in the shop long ago. The first clue you get to start the investigation is that Jackdaw frequented the Hogwarts Owlery.

Fast travel to the Bell Tower Courtyard and make your way up to the top of the Owlery. Use Accio on the alcoves with handles on them to look for ones with jackdaw statues. Make sure to check in the area up the ladder as well, where you'll also find a map. Once you've gotten all five statues, place them in their alcoves with the owls to trigger a cutscene. In a hidden spot above the Owlery, you are greeted by the ghost of Richard Jackdaw. He claims to have stolen the wand to help him impress a girl by using its powers to follow a map he stole from Peeves, but got killed in the process. He offers to meet you at the edge of the Forbidden Forest to show you where the wand and the pages he brought with him can be found.

Before you can proceed to the next quest, there's an important spell you will need to learn. If you haven't already, head over to Professor Hecat's classroom to initiate Professor Hecat's Assignment 2. Like last time, she gives you some assignments to do before teaching you a spell. This time, all you have to do is avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling and set enemies on fire 5 times by using Incendio. If you've previously started this quest already, it's likely that you've naturally finished these tasks from your run-in with the Ashwinders. Complete this quest, and Professor Hecat teaches you the spell Expelliarmus.

The Hunt for Treasure

You're now ready to meet with Jackdaw in the Forbidden Forest. He warns you that he might not have the resolve to lead you to the exact place of his death, but tells you to keep a look out for a birdbath. Follow Jackdaw until he stops at a Floo Flame, then keep following the game's location markers where you'll end up at the Jackdaw's Tomb Floo Flame. Interact with the birdbath in the middle of the clearing to reveal a cave. Be aware that doing this spawns a Loyalist Sentinel and 2 Loyalist Warriors. Defeat them, then head on over into the cave.

Ahead, you'll come across a large door. Cast a Basic Cast at all three orbs nearby to unlock the door and reveal a hidden bridge in the distance. Through the door, you'll come across a large spider web in your way that must be burnt with Incendio. Two Thornback Shooters and Thornback Scurriours will come for you when you pass through. You can crawl through the small opening up ahead and face six more Thornback Shooters and three more Thornback Surriours to loot a large chest. Once you're done, crawl back out the opening and head down to the lower section.

To the right, is a room with a platform puzzle. As you approach the chest in the back right side of the room, 2 Thornback Shooters will ambush you. After you've looted the chest, go back to the ledge facing the floating platform and cast Accio on it to move it towards you. Stand on the platform, then cast Accio once more on the opposite ledge to pull yourself towards it. This allows you to reach a large chest in the left side of the room.

Once you're done there, exit the room and head straight i.e. the left side of the earlier split. As you approach the end of the corridor, 3 Thornback Shooters will pop out and attack you. Once they've been dealt with, hit the three orbs by the chasm to unlock the nearby door and reveal even more of that hidden bridge we saw earlier. 

Go through the door and keep following the path, crawling under the small gap. When you reach a small torch on the ground, turn right and climb the wall to find a small chest. Continue forward, jump down the ledge and continue to your right for another floating platform puzzle. From here you can go to the left, right, or straight forward. To the left, you'll find a small chest and to the right is one small chest and one large chest in a cave full of spider eggs.

To progress, pull your platform straight straight forward, where you'll be met by a group of Thornback Shooters and Thornback Surriours. Grab the small chest on a small ledge up ahead then continue forward until you reach a large cave opening. A bit behind you and to your left is another small chest. Facing the same way as when you first came in, the path immediately to your right leads to another simple floating platform puzzle which leads to another four small chests. Once you've done looting, head back to the large cave opening and head down the ledge into the water.

When you head far enough in another group of Thornback Shooters and Thornback Surriours will attack you. Defeat them and 2 Thornback Matriarchs, as well as some other spiders will spawn. After they've been dealt with, you will have to activate another 3 orbs. One is down the slope with a chest, and the other two are up the slope at either sides of the pathway. Cross the bridge and get ready for another fight.

At the end of the bridge and right at the start of the next room are Jackdaw's remains with the pages he took and the unfortunate remains of Ollivander's heirloom. Before interacting with it, make sure to loot the chests on the right and left sides of the room. Once you've interacted with Jackdaw's remains, the 6 Pensieve Sentinels on each side of the room will awaken and attack you. Defeating them will awaken the three Pensieve Protectors at the far side of the room.

When all the enemies have been defeated, interact with the pool of magic that spawns and head through the portal to trigger a cutscene. You'll have a short conversation with Percival Rackham, who asks you to bring the book you found in the Restricted Section to the Map Chamber. From here on out, you also have access to Talents and the talent system.

The Trials in Hogwarts

Discovering more Utilities

Since Professor Fig isn't back from his trip to London yet, might as well attend a few more classes while waiting for the book. Your next class will be Flying Class - an introduction to using a broom. You can attend this class in Hogwarts' north courtyard by the broom rack. The quest starts with a cutscene featuring Madam Kogawa. Get ready for the button prompt to summon your broom.

When you're out of the cutscene, you'll be given a short tutorial on how to ride the broom. Pass through the 3 large rings in front of you, then Madam Kogawa will urge you to fly through the rings circling the school grounds. Fellow classmate Everett Clopton will accompany you and give you a quick tour before stopping you at the last ring. He suggests the both of you go off course on a higher octane trip around the school and no matter what you answer, your next task will be to follow him. Your tour will end when Madam Kogawa blows her whistle, after which a cutscene will play and the quest will end. As suggested by Everett, you can now buy your own broom at Spin******es Sporting Needs when you get the funds for one.

From here you can go on to complete both In the Shadow of the Undercroft or The Room of Requirement in any order. In the Shadow of the Undercroft starts with Sebastian sending you a letter asking to meet him in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower at night. From there, he'll lead you towards the Undercroft, a room beyond a secret passageway only known to him and Ominis Gaunt. While you loot the three chests in the room, Sebastian will ask you not to divulge the location of this secret hideout to anyone. Speak to him after he's done talking and he'll teach you Confringo, the Blasting Curse. Hit the three marked candelabras with Confringo then speak once more to Sebastian. As you leave the Undercroft, you'll get into a confrontation with Ominis, ending the quest.

In The Room of Requirement, Professor Weasley asks to meet her at the top of the Astronomy Tower. When you get there, a cutscene will begin, revealing a hidden door. Head into The Room of Requirement with Professor Weasley, who'll teach you Evanesco when you reach a barrier of chairs. Shortly afterwards, she'll give you free reign to explore the room. By the fireplace opposite to her schoolbag, you'll find a note on the ground. Continue making your way into the Room of Requirement and use Evanseco on the next barrier of chairs. Ahead, you'll find a small platform that you can cast Accio on to pull it out of its alcove. Use it to climb up the wall and loot a chest. Slide back down and keep moving forward, casting Evanesco when needed.

You'll get to a room where your character will talk about a Golden Snitch. In this room, there's a box you can cast Accio in an inaccessible part of the room. To the right of it, cast Accio on the moveable box here to get into the side room, then cast Accio on the box mentioned previously to move it out of the way. Head back into the main room and you can cast Accio on a stack of boxes in the far side of the inaccessible room to loot a chest.

Continue forward through the Room of Requirement and you'll eventually meet Deek. After the cutscene ends, you'll get a brief tutorial on using the Desk of Description. Use it and speak to Professor Weasley to learn the Conjuring Spell and get an explanation on conjuring items in the Room of Requirement. The quest ends after you've put down both the pots and potions table.

The First Trial

After both these quests have been completed, Professor Fig will have returned from his trip. Find and talk to him in his office to update him on what you've been up to, then you'll be warped to the Map Chamber. After a lengthy cutscene of the Map Chamber's transformation and a chat with Percival, you'll be directed towards a tower north of Hogsmeade.

When you get there, Professor Fig informs you that some of Ranrok's men are nearby and that he'd like to investigate why they've made camp in the area. As he suggests, cast Disillusionment on yourself and follow the location markers up the hill. When you get to your first Loyalist Warrior, Professor Fig will briefly teach you about Petrificus Totalus. While it sounds like a spell that should be in one of your spell slots, this spell is actually the silent takedown mechanic for this game. Simply sneak behind an unsuspecting enemy and hit the button prompt when you're close enough to them to cast the spell.

You do not have to take down all the goblins in the area, and can instead sneak towards the tent on your left. Be ready to cast Petrificus Totalus twice in succession on the two goblins standing guard outside. Pick up the note inside the tent, and when you step back outside, you'll be forced out of Disillusionment and will have to fight a Loyalist Assassin, Loyalist Sentinel, and two Loyalist Warriors. Cross the bridge and head into the tower with Professor Fig. At the very top of the tower, speak to the portrait of Percival Rackham, who'll tell you to find and activate a reservoir of ancient magic at the bottom of the tower. Enter the portal and continue down the passageway to get to the doors leading you to your first trial.

Through the doors, head down the hallway towards a room with a large chasm in the middle. Down the stairs on either side of the unfinished bridge, you'll find a reservoir of ancient magic that can be activated. Doing so opens a portal on the bridge that allows you to cross to the other side. Make sure to loot the chests on both side paths on the bridge. In the next room, traces of ancient magic will guide you to another reservoir on the far side of the room. Loot the chest next to the statue in front of you, then turn around and go through the portal you just opened.

This corridor leads to a room with a Pensieve Protector and 2 Pensieve Sentinels. Head into the next room when they've been defeated and get Accio ready. Cast the spell on the floating platform to pull it towards you, then while on the platform, pull yourself towards the middle of the room. To your right will be another hook you can Accio yourself towards. There will be a reservoir of magic here that opens a portal leading you to a chest.

Head back out the portal and back on the floating platform. Pull yourself towards the center of the room to loot another chest, then move towards the close left and far left side of the room (the opposite side of the room as the portal) to collect two more chests. When you're done looting pull yourself towards the side behind the portal and head into the next room.

As you enter the room, another 2 Pensieve Protectors will awaken to attack you. Deal with them to progress further. Head down the stairs and into the back of the room, then climb up the stairs to your right. Follow the pathway until you reach the end of the banister. Accio the floating platform towards you and you'll be able to investigate another reservoir of magic. Enter the newly opened archway with your back facing the large walkway, and when you emerge the walkway will have disappeared.

Climb back up the stairs and Accio the platform towards you. On the opposite side of the room, you can pull yourself to a large alcove in the wall to grab a chest. Drop down the platform, and go through the archway from the opposite side of where you went through last (this time facing the walkway that disappeared). The walkway should be back, and you can climb up the stairs onto the walkway to Accio the platform and yourself to the next section. There will be a chest in the corridor on the way there.

Three more Pensieve Protectors, two Pensieve Sentinels, and three Pensieve Sentries will awaken when you reach the next room. After they've been defeated, head down the stairs on the right side of the room to investigate a reservoir of ancient magic. This opens the portal in the middle of the chasm. Cast Accio on the floating platform to take you to the platform beneath the large portal. From here, you can cast Accio on the floating platform in the portal towards you. Hop back on to the floating platform on your side of the portal and use the key rings on the side of the room, as well as the floating platform in the portal to align yourself with the portal itself. Once you're close enough, jump through the portal and onto the floating platform in it. From here, simply pull yourself towards the quest marker on the opposite side of the room.

Head up the stairs and through the door. Loot the large chest by the opposite closed door and go through once they've opened. Two Pensieve Protectors, two Pensieve Sentinels and two Pensieve Sentries will spawn in the next room. Defeating them triggers a cutscene leading into the boss fight against the Pensieve Guardian. This boss stays in place and casts it's spells from the middle of the arena. When brought down to half health, it briefly turns invulnerable and a rush of magic explodes out from it. Destroying the orb it summons causes the attack to fail and awards you with a Duelling Feat. To do so, you need to cast a spell with the same color as the orb.

Once the Pensieve Guardian has been defeated, a bridge is summoned and the next room is opened up for you. In here, loot the large chest to the right of the Pensieve, then interact with the bowl under it to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, you'll recieve a Pensieve Artefact and can return to the Map Chamber to reunite with Professor Fig and meet Charles Rookwood.

Back to School

Since the trials have been put on hold due to the increasing goblin threat, it's time to go back to school. The next class on timetable is Beasts Class that can be started by going to the Bell Tower Wing. You'll be introduced to Professor Howin in a cutscene. She'll assign Poppy Sweeting to help you with your first class (i.e. tutorial) on taking care of magical beasts. Follow the tutorial on screen to learn about brushing and feeding magical beasts. You can tell if you've satisfied them from the heart and crossed fork and knife icons at the top of the screen. If the icons have been filled green, you're good to go. Your first beast to nurture will be Gerald, the Puffskein, afterwhich, you'll be tasked with taking care of some Kneazles.

After the cutscene ends, you only have to take care of one Kneazle, then Professor Howin will conclude the lesson. Poppy calls you over afterwards asking you to follow her. Do so, and she'll bring you to the nearby forest clearing where she introduces you to Highwing, the Hippogriff. Feed and brush the creature to end the quest.

Pass by the Grand Staircase and you'll meet Gladwin Moon, who'll introduce you to Demiguise Statues. The time will be set to night, allowing you to collect the Demiguise Moon from the nearby statue. Follow Mr. Moon, who'll tell you about his fear of Demiguises and how it's connected with these statues. He asks you to collect another two of these statues on the school grounds and will teach you the spell Alohomora in exchange.

Like Petrificus Totalus, Alohomora doesn't need to be in a spell slot to be casted. Simply approach a locked door and press the button prompt that shows up to initiate a lockpicking minigame. Turn and hold the red and green gears in place when the small gears in the middle and right side of the lock emit a red and green glow respectively and start turning to unlock the door.

Once you're through, cast Disillusionment and head up the stairs. You'll notice a door on your way up that can't be opened with your current level of Alohomora. Bring Mr. Moon more Demiguise Moons later and he'll teach you stronger forms of Alohomora. On the third floor landing is a spiral staircase going up. Be careful of the prefect patrolling the upper floor and unlock the door to the right to access the Prefects' bathroom. You'll find the Demiguise Statue at the far end of the room. Head back out and up the next spiral staircase. You can activate the Floo Flame here, then head into the far end of the left room to grab the Demiguise Statue in the Hospital Wing. With both statues in hand, go back the way you came from and speak to Mr. Moon to end the quest.

Before we continue unravelling the goblin's plot for ancient magic, there's a spell we'll need to learn. Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 begins with two objectives, each requiring you to drink certain potions. Head over to J. Pippins Potions in Hogsmeade to obtain the Maxima Potion, Edurus Potion, and Focus Potion and the required recipes for each. Alternatively, if you already have all the ingredients required, you can brew the potions yourself at the Room of Requirement. Use both Maxima and Edurus Potions simultaneously then use the Focus Potion to complete the objective. Report back to Professor Sharp in his classroom after attending another Potions class and he'll teach you Depulso for finishing your assignment.

An Unlikely Ally

You're now better equipped to start investigating the goblins and their use of Dark Magic. Head on over to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and speak to Sirona to learn of Lodgok's location. Find him at the Hogs Head Tavern and speak to him. He asks you to retrieve an ancient goblin relic, The Helmet of Urtkot, stolen by a witch long ago in exchange for information on Ranrok's plans.

Meet up with Lodgok outside Hogsmeade and follow him to the Collector's Cave. In the tomb, head forward until you get to a door adorned with moths. You'll notice one of the moth slots are empty. Look to your left and you'll find the missing moth. To get it to follow you back to the door, cast Lumos, then uncast the spell when you're at the door to unlock it.

In the next corridor, the left and right splits have a chest and a bit of gold at the end of them, but the way to progress is forward. You'll eventually get to a room with a tomb in the middle and another moth door. This time, none of the moths are on the door. Two of the moths can be found inside the room, and the other moth is behind the loose set of doors you have to cast Accio or Depulso on. Go through the now unlocked door into the next chamber.

When you get there, you'll be introduced to a new type of enemy, Inferi. You must hit them with fire attacks before being able to damage them with other spells. Three Inferi will come out of the opposite corridor, and after they've been defeated, another two will awaken. Once you've dealt with them, continue on ahead.

In this next chamber is a moth mechanism illuminated in the middle of the room. Bring a moth from the walls to the mechanism to activate it then cast Depulso on it to lift a platform that allows you to reach another moth on a higher alcove. Be quick about climbing the platform after you've cast Depulso as it will gradually sink back down into the ground. Bring all three moths to the door, including the one from the mechanism, to unlock it, opening the way forward.

The next room has a precarious pallet hanging in the middle of the room. Before doing anything to it, cast Depulso on the loose double doors nearby and Accio on the crate inside to access the two chests in the alcoves up above. Go back and cast Accio on the pallet to break away the metal grate and jump down. In the next chamber, about ten Inferius will awaken. After they've been dealt with, lure one of the moths into the moth mechanism in the room. Casting Depulso on it will lift a platform between two raised ledges, as well as an empty moth perch. Place the other moth on the empty moth perch, then take the platform up to the upper floor.

Once you're up, quickly run to the raised moth perch and lure the moth into the door. There's another two moths on this upper level you can place on the door to unlock it. Before you head through, up on this upper ledge, you'll also be able to find a set of stairs going down into a room with a chest. When you're done looting, head through the now unlocked moth door.

Up ahead is the tomb you're looking for. Unfortunately, it's already been looted by the Ashwinders. Leave the tomb through the small doors behind the sarcophagus and speak to Lodgok. He'll ask you to retrieve the helmet from the thieves. Follow the forest path to their camp and get ready to fight a Forest Troll, two Ashwinder Scouts, a Poacher Tracker, and three Ashwinder Executioners. Loot all the tents, on of which will have a large chest with the helmet. When you pick up the helmet, an Ashwinder Assassin and two Ashwinder Scouts will show up. Defeat them, then return to Lodgok to end the quest.

Quick Detours

While we wait for Lodgok to report back on Ranrok's plan, there are a few more things we can take care of at this point. Sebastian will have sent out an owl asking to meet him near his home in Feldcroft. Speak to him and he'll take you to his home to meet his twin sister, Anne. When you get there, a confrontation will occur, and you'll have to speak to both Solomon and Anne afterwards to continue forward.

Sebastian will then take you to the place Anne was cursed. There, you'll find a few of Ranrok's loyalists. Defeat them, then a Loyalist Commander will spawn that has to be defeated next. Speak to Sebastian then cast Revelio to reveal the objects you can examine. Head to the house at the top of the hill and investigate the painting inside. Once you've investigated that and a number of other objects, speak to Sebastian about the memories you've seen in the Pensieve. When your talk is done, cast Depulso on the nearby fragile wall to reveal a staircase going down. You'll find the first two of Isidora's journals in this basement. Cast Depulso again on the empty bookcase and stack of crates in front of it to find a window leading into the Undercroft. Speak to Sebastian about your revelation, then go through the window. Back in the Undercroft, a destroyed triptych will will reveal itself. Cast Revelio on it, pick up the note, then speak to Sebastian one more time to end the quest.

After that's done, fast travel to the Room of Requirement to learn how to rescue mythical beasts using the Nab-Sack. Speak to Deek and he'll take you to a Puffskein habitat. Set your Nab-Sack to a spell set then cast it when one of the Puffskeins is in range. A button prompt will appear, press it to complete the capture. Deek will then suggest you try rescuing a Jobberknoll and meet you at a habitat full of them. As Deek suggests, use Levioso to render one immobile, then use the Nab-Sack to capture it. Speak to Deek once more, and he'll suggest you capture a Mooncalf. If you're having trouble catching one, you can cast Accio on one to pull them towards you. Show it to Deek and the next thing to do is to return to the Room of Requirement.

In the Room of Requirement, you'll conjure up a space specifically for the rescued beasts - the Vivarium. You'll get a quick tutorial on how to manage your beasts. Nurture all three beasts you have captured and collect their special materials, Puffskein Fur, a Jobberknoll Feather, and Mooncalf Fur. Deek will then tell you that these materials can be used to upgrade your clothing in the Room of Requirement. Conjure up an Enchanted Loom and a short tutorial will appear, teaching you how to add additional Traits and improve stats. Return to Deek to complete the quest.

Next, attend Astronomy class by heading over to the Astronomy Wing. Here, you'll get into a cutscene featuring Professor Shah and Amit Thakkar. Being a new student without your own telescope, Amit lets you take his old one, which can be found downstairs. Meet back with Amit and he'll tell you about the Astronomy Tables that Professor Shar mentioned during class. Follow him to the site, and when he asks you to take the lead, go through the door. Keep moving forward, casting Depulso on box stacks and setting cobwebs on fire when needed, until you finally reach the Astronomy Table.

This Astronomy Table is the first and easiest of tables you'll find in the game. To solve the puzzle, you have to rotate and move the telescope so that the dots on the constellation given align with the bright stars. Doing so gives you the constellation Lyra, and after your conversation with Amit finishes, the quest ends and you are now able to interact with any Astronomy Table you find.

Pass by the Great Hall to catch Sebastian and Ominis speaking. This part of Sebastian's quest is quite short and only involves speaking to him to finish.

One last thing before progressing. Professor Garlick would have given you your first assignment by now. Head over to Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade and purchase a Venomous Tentacula and Mandrake. Alternatively, you can buy the seeds for the two plants and grow them yourself in the Room of Requirement. To complete the professor's assignment, you have to use a Venomous Tentacula at anytime (no enemies required) and a Mandrake on at least two enemies at the same time. Once you've done so, attend Herbology Class and report to Professor Garlick to learn Wingardium Leviosa.

Uncovering Rookwood's Plans

Natty has learnt some new things about Rookwood's operations, so go and meet her just outside Falbarton Castle. She asks for help in retrieving a letter that can help bring Rookwood and Harlow to justice. Climb up the battlements, then cast Depulso on the highlighted mechanism next to a lowered gate. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the crate inside and bring it to the tall ledge leading to the upper level of the battlement. In make sure to double back and grab the chest where you found the crate, then cast Levioso on the crate to climb up.

Up on the upper level, circle round to the very end to loot a sack. From the window here, pull the moveable crate towards you using Accio. Double back and cast a basic cast on the loose boards and crawl through. Cast Depulso on the spinning mechanism until it reveals a ring you can cast Accio on. This lets Natty reunite with you. 

You will witness some men harassing Highwing during a cutscene. Natty then suggests that you split up; she'll go look for the letter while you rescue Highwing. Climb your way up and cast Depulso on the crate through the window at the top. Head down to where the crate dropped and cast Wingardium Leviosa on it to move it into the gap left in the broken staircase. Cast Levioso on it and climb up the stairs.

Up the stairs, you'll encounter some Poacher Trackers. Defeat them or sneak past them, and at the top, you'll find a door that can be unlocked with Alohomora. Continue forwards and up and three Poacher Rangers will span that you must defeat. Cast Alohomora on the gate nearby to get into the tower. There are a few beasts here you can rescue (Puffskeins and Nifflers), but the way forward is up the stairs. You'll free Highwing and another Hippogriff in a cutscene, then you'll be given control of flying the magical beast. Follow Natty into the forest, then the quest will conclude after a short conversation.

The Second Trial

Head back to the Map Chamber and update Professor Fig on what you've been up to. Charles Rookwood will then point you towards Rookwood Castle - the location of the next trial. Meet him there, and once again the place is crawling with Rookwood and Ranrok loyalists. Circle round to the back of the castle, choosing to sneak past all the enemies or take them out. Once you get close, you'll be forced into combat with a Loyalist Ranger.

When you're out of combat, pull the nearby crate to the climbable wall using Wingardium Leviosa, then cast Levioso on it to climb up and into the hole in the castle wall. You'll then witness Ranrok and Rookwood arguing during a cutscene. Before you can enter Rookwood Castle, an Ashwinder Executioner and some Ranrok loyalists will interrupt you. After they've been defeated, head up the stairs and circle round the battlements. When you step on the wooden platforms in one of the castle rooms, it'll buckle. Jump down into this room and to open the door, you'll have to find and hit 3 runes. One will be on the wall to the right of the door, another in an adjacent room visible through a hole in the wall, and the last behind some wooden boards you can cast Depulso on. With these three switches on, you can now enter the castle and into the Rookwood Cellar.

Head down to the study, where you can find and talk to Charles' portrait. Follow the trail to the reservoir of ancient magic and interact with it to proceed to the Second Trial. In the large room, head up the stairs on the right to interact with a reservoir of ancient magic, activating the archway in the middle of the room. Head back down the stairs and on the opposite side of the room is an ornate cube you can move around with Accio. Place it between the ledge where you interacted with the ancient magic and the upper ledge above where you grabbed the cube. Look at the cube through the portal to bring another, taller pillar through the portal. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on it and stack it on top of the smaller box. Head back up the stairs and cross to the other side.

When you reach the next room, you'll find a reservoir of ancient magic to the right of the large archway. Enter through it from the blue side, this will spawn a chest. Cast basic cast at the rune switch located to the left of the pillar that is blocking the way. Doing this will reposition the portal. You can see the pillar as a silhouette now, so use Wingardium Leviosa on it and move it to the side, to reveal the path forward.

Go into the next room and you'll have to face a Pensieve Protector. After it's been defeated, four more Pensieve Sentries spawn and have to be defeated. Keep going forward and interact with the reservoir of ancient magic. Hit the circular switch through the portal and go through it. You should now be on a small platform with a statue of a Pensieve Protector on it. Hit the switch again to move the portal back, revealing a path forward now. 

Interact with the reservoir of ancient magic in the next room to summon a pillar and activate another archway. Head through the portal and two Pensieve Protectors will awaken. One is only visible and can only be damaged while you are in the 'blue' instance of the room while the other can only be seen damaged while in the 'red' instance. Defeat the protector that is weak in the 'blue' side then go through the portal through the red side and defeat the other one. 

Go back through the blue side of the portal, then take the cube through the portal into the red side. Place the cube onto the ledge you entered the room from, then go through the portal again from the blue side. You should now be able to climb the pillar onto the upper platform. Hit the circular rune on the right side of the room to rotate the platform, letting cross into the next room.

As you enter, two Pensieve Sentries will awaken. Continue forward, up the stairs and the door will unlock and open when you approach it. In the next room is another archway and two more Pensieve Protectors that are vulnerable depending on which side of the portal you are on. This time, however, they are accompanied by a few Pensieve Sentries so be careful. Defeat them all and the Pensieve Guardian for this trial will awaken. Defeat it and the way to the next Pensieve will reveal itself, giving you access to Charles' memories. Grab the Pensieve Artifact and head through the window to the Map Chamber to discuss your findings with Professor Fig and the two Keepers. You'll also meet Niamh Fitzgerald, a previous Hogwarts headmaster. While she prepares the next trial, you are to continue to hone your magic.

Ranrok and Rookwood

A Change of Seasons

It is now winter, and while you await your third trial, there's more to be done with your studies and friends. Meet with Poppy at the Forbidden Forest and she'll let you know about Horntail Hall, a secret hideout for the poachers currently infesting the area. Follow Poppy and investigate the poachers' belongings when prompted. You can use Revelio to reveal the items you can investigate. Once you're done, speak to Poppy and follow her down the hill.

For the next section, you can choose to either sneak past all the poachers with Disillusionment or defeat them all. Either way, head to the quest marker and into the tent to reach Horntail Horn, a dragon fighting arena. Again, you can go in guns blazing or stealth through the area. The way forward is to the right and down the stairs. A cutscene will play, after which you can head through the door ahead and cast Alohomora on the cage to unlock it. Grab the dragon egg and down to where the poachers are harassing the chained up dragon. When you've defeated all the enemies, a Poacher Animagus and more loyalists will spawn. Defeat them all and free the dragon by casting Accio. After the cutscene ends, the quest is complete.

The next course of action is to complete Professor Weasley's Assignment to learn an important spell. For this assignment, you have to find two Field Guide Pages. For the first page, use the elevator in Viaduct Courtyard to get down to the Underground Harbour. The page is at right-hand side of the docks. For the second page, head to the Library and speak to Sophronia Franklin. She'll give you a series of riddles, to which the answers are:

  • The Golden Snidget
  • Felix Felicis
  • The Deathly Hallows
  • The Quaffle
  • False

Cast Revelio and collect the Field Guide Page. With these tow pages collected, attend a Transfiguration class to learn Transformation. Speak to Professor Weasley after class, then you can move on to progressing the story.

Find Sebastian at the Overlook in Upper Hogsmeade and he tells you that he recognised the area you're currently in as the same place in the triptych you uncovered last time in the Undercroft. There's a mine nearby infested with Ranrok's loyalists. You can go through the area stealthily or loudly. Keep following the quest marker until you eventually get to the mines itself.

Up ahead are two loyalists that you can Depulso into the pit below. Climb up and around the pit to the next quest marker, and you'll slide into a room full of Loyalist Warriors and Loyalist Rangers. Burn the cobweb in your way with Incendio or Confringo, then pull the nearby crate to the high ledge with Wingarduim Leviosa. Climb up to the ledge, then make your way down to the next marker.

In the next room, climb up the ledge on the left, and you'll find a cobweb blocking access to a chest. Burn it away, take your loot, then hop back down and cast Reparo on the broken bridge to cross it. You'll then be met with a Venomous Scurriour and two Venomous Shooters. Continue through the crawlspace, destroying the wooden barriers on a side room to access a chest. There is another side path with dark tendrils. Cast Lumos to go forward, then set the brazier on fire to climb up and grab the large chest. Head towards the quest marker to continue forward. On the way, you'll come across more spiders.

You'll eventually reach a large room with a Loyalist Commander and a few more loyalists. When a few of them have been defeated, a Venomous Matriarch and some spiders will spawn alongside them. Once all the enemies have been defeated, you'll need to find and hit three rune switches to continue. You can cast Revelio to find them, but one will be visible from the get go when you look up, another is behind some cobwebs, and another is up on the higher ledge that you need a crate to reach. The crate can be found behind some cobwebs. Wingardium Leviosa it to the ledge then climb up and burn the cobwebs blocking the rune.

Head through the now unlocked door to get to another study. Pick up the second triptych piece and Isidora's journal pages, then speak to Sebastian. There's another window here leading into the Undercroft. Go through it, speak to Sebastian one more time, then you've completed the quest.

Next, find Amit at the Astronomy Tower. He'll agree to help you with you Gobbledegook problems. Fast travel and make your way to the mine entrance to meet up with Lodgok. He'll tell you of the repositories built by one of Ranrok's ancestors, the ones carrying a magic power that Ranrok is seeking out. When Amit arrives, he asks the two of you to seek out some plans left behind by a careless Ranrok loyalist in the mines.

Cast Disillusionment to open the enchanted door and head into the mines. Head down the tunnel and use a fire spell to ignite the machine, and access the lift. Leave the platform and use Accio on the hook to the left to fix the pipe. Then activate the conveyor belt to release some Galleon Bags, and keep going through the main path. Use Accio on the platform to get it close to you and then, another time, to the other side. Fight the enemies and cast Disillusionment again to get through the door.

Now, use Incendio on the furnace located on your right and head back to your previous room and cast Accio on the handle located above the door to fix the pipe.  Head up the sewers and crouch under it. Use Depulso to reveal a path to a chest. Head back to the main path. Cast Revelio on the ground floor, and loot all possible items. Head upstairs and do the same. You will find Enemies there, defeat them and continue your way back down.

Once you are done, use Depulso on the grid, then crouch to the other side for more chests, and then return to the area you came from. Use Incendio in the furnace and Accio on the handle next to it, to fix the pipe. When that is done, continue through the cave tunnels. You will face another group of Enemies. Use Disillusionment to be able to pass the eye above the door once the enemies are defeated. Loot everything to proceed.

Check behind the furnace and use Incendio to light it up, and head back from where you just came from. On the right side there should be an Accio handle. Head into the elevator and continue until you get to another cave. On the left side you will find a locked door, you can unlock it by using Alohomora lvl 2. If you can't open it, don't worry, you can always just come back later. Head back to the main area, and return to Hogwarts Valley. Speak to Amit, then Lodgok and the quest will conclude.

The Third Trial

Return to the Map Chamber and speak to the portraits. Headmaster Fitzgerald has your third trial ready, but unfortunately it's located in the Headmaster's Office. Find Professor Fig in his office to get help with getting into Professor Black's office. He'll give you a Polyjuice Potion to help you disguise as Professor Black himself. 

Activate you Charmed Compass and follow it to Madam Kogawa. On the way, you'll be stopped by Professor Sharp. Answer him however you'd like, then speak to Kogawa. Follow the compass to Scrope next. Right before you get to him, you'll be stopped by Professor Weasley. When speaking to Scrope, choose the option about 'the purity of blood'. Now that you have the password to the headmaster's office, head on over there to start the third trial.

Once in the office, Headmaster Fitzgerald will urge you to read a book to initiate the trial. You will be transported into the book and go through a story about the Deathly Hallows. Once the first cutscene ends, cast Disillusionment and keep moving towards the quest marker stealthily. You'll circle round a crumbling building, go down some steps, under a bridge, then you need to climb a ladder on the left. Keep following the quest marker, darting between ruined buildings, and you'll eventually get to a Mysterious Cloak - the Invisibility Cloak. With this cloak on you will not be noticed, even if you get right up to an enemy.

Keep following the quest markers and the scenery will change. Your cloak will be taken from you, but instead you'll be given a Mysterious Wand - the Elder Wand. When the environment comes back, cast Bombarda on the stone pile blocking your way. 5 Death's Shadow will appear and need to be defeated. The way forward will then open, and more Death's Shadow, along with some Shadowy Mongrel, will appear and once again have to be defeated. Head into the castle and you'll have to battle two waves of enemies consisting of Death's Shadow, Death's Trolls and Death's Dark Mongrels. After that's done keep progressing forward and you'll relinquish the Elder Wand.

Take the Mysterious Stone - the Resurrection Stone - this time. At the quest marker, use the stone on the body to resurrect storybook Niamh Fitzgerald. This marks the end of the trial, and after a short walk, you'll gain access to a Pensieve and Fitzgerald's memories. Head back to the Map Chamber to report back to Professor Fig and the Keepers. You'll meet San Bakar and after all cutscenes are done, the quest will end.

Preparing for the O.W.L.S.

Meet Sebastian

You've finally learned the exploding spell, Bombarda, which you can now use to pass through the mountains section to reach the southern regions where you'll meet Sebastian. Unfortunately, you can't use your Broom or Flying Mount to reach the area and you'll have to pass through a mine where you'll encounter Goblins and Trolls. Simply use the charmed compass to follow the objective trail, this will lead you to the exit of the mine where you'll unlock the North Podisear Coast Floo Flame. Once you're out, you can use your Broom or Flying Mount to fly, making it easier to arrive at the meeting point. Wait for nightfall at the spot if you arrive during the daytime, or talk to Sebastian if you arrive at night. You'll learn from Sebastian that he spotted Ranrok's Loyalists, so you'll have to tread carefully. You can either fight them or just sneak past them while using the Disillusionment spell.

Travel up the switchbacks as you follow the trail of your charmed compass, eventually, reaching a Goblin campsite where you'll have to defeat all of the enemies. Make sure to loot the section before you continue up the mountain after defeating the goblins. Continue going up until you reach the Tower Tunnel. Enter the dungeon to search for the Runes, here, you'll encounter Spiders. Defeat the enemies to continue your search towards the inner section of the cave. Head up the stone steps, use Confringo to remove the spider webs, and use it again at the rubble that's blocking the path ahead. When you reach the ruins section, more Spiders will appear and you'll have to clear the area before you can continue investigating.

Find the Triptych Canvas Piece

Once you're done fighting, approach the rune door where you'll see two runes on each side. Use Confringo on the right to remove the spider web, then look behind to find the third rune on the rubble. Use Basic Cast quickly on the three runes to unlock the door. Continue through and don't forget to get loot and some Wiggenweld Potion on the crates. Slide down the ramp and a cutscene will trigger, where you'll have to fight a Mountain Troll and some spiders. After fighting the monsters, look to your right to find a broken staircase, use Reparo to fix it then head up the steps, and into a storage area to search for the triptych segment. You'll see a crate ahead, use Wingardium Leviosa to move it on the left side, and leave it levitating so you can reach the staircase. Follow the runway around and when you reach the marked checkpoint, Sebastian will mention that the path ahead is (once again) blocked.

Use Confringo to remove the rubble and continue forward, where you'll see more runes, similar to the ones you saw earlier by the Rune Door. You'll see one on the wall ahead of you, another on the right side (also on the wall), and the third, behind another rubble, on the left side near the rune door. Make sure to use Basic Cast quickly on all three to unlock the door. Behind the door is a chamber used to brew potions, head up the staircase on the right, turn left, and climb the wall. You'll see a table, approach it and grab the Final Triptych Canvas Piece, then approach the crystal wall on the right to teleport back to the Undercroft. All that's left is to place the canvas into the triptych to complete the quest

Search for Lodgok at the Coastal Mine

To start the next main quest, Lodgok’s Loyalty, you need to complete In the Shadow of the Mountain and read Lodgok’s second letter. Fast travel to the Tower Tunnel Floo Flame and enter The Coastal Mine. The area is filled with Goblins, so be ready to fight if Stealth doesn't work out. After defeating the first group of enemies, approach the cart on the right to head deeper into the mine. You'll get off when you reach the end of the line, on the right is a table with some Galleons on it, on the left, is a bag you can loot to find more Galleons. Head up the steps and use Confringo on the furnace to ignite it. Continue forward and use Accio on the handles to move the platform close to you and reach the other side once you're on it.

Head to the next area where you'll encounter another group of enemies, then use Revelio to unveil the location spots of all lootable and interactable objects. Now, before you move to the quest objective, you'll want to search the area first. As you're facing the area, opposite the stairs that you've descended, go to the right and use Wingradium Leviosa on the crate so you can use it to climb the ledge where you'll find a locked door at the end of the path. You'll need to have learned Alohomora III to unlock the Level 3 lock. Behind that door, you'll find a chest that's blocked by some wooden beams, cast Bombarda to destroy it.

Retrace your steps to the main zone and then head right where you'll find another furnace. Use Confringo to ignite it and then ride the lift down one floor. Defeat all of the enemies, loot any dropped items, as well as two chests. Ignite the surface again and go back upstairs. Back at the main zone, go right and head to the upper section as you climb the ledges. At the end of the path, you'll see a manhole, remove the lid by using Wingardium Leviosa and then climb down. Below, you'll find more loot and two chests. Open the door here to find a conveyor belt that takes you back to the main zone. You can now continue to the main objective.

You'll encounter another platform where you need to use Accio to move it. Hop on it and use Accio on the handle ahead to pull the platform. As you make it across, be ready to fight another group of enemies in the following area. After fighting all of the enemies, before you ignite the furnace, make sure to loot the area. Once it's clear, use Confringo on the furnace so that you can use the lift crank to go up. The next area will then trigger another cutscene where you'll need to fight more enemies. Your next objective here is to destroy 5 pillars to tear down the drill. You can simply cast Revelio to highlight the pillars, then use Bombarda to destroy them. A cutscene will then trigger after destroying the fifth pillar and you'll escape the collapsed mine. Simply exit the mine back to Marunweem Lake to complete the quest.

Complete San Bakar's Trial

After the encounter with Ranrok at the mines, you've gained information about his plans. Fast travel to the Map Chamber in Hogwarts and speak to Professor Fig to learn about the next trial. After the conversation, you'll need to travel to the south area, near the Shoreline Mine. At the meeting spot where you find Professor Fig, you can unlock the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame. Use Revelio to highlight the ivy on the wall, and use Confringo to burn it, which reveals the clue, a sculpture of a Graphorn's head. You'll now need to search for the Lord of the Shore.

Head towards the marked objective by flying there on your Broom or Flying Mount and when you arrive, a cutscene will trigger where you'll have to fight against a Graphorn. The trick for this boss fight is to spam Basic Cast and other Spells, as well as hurl barrels toward the Graphorn by using Ancient Magic Throw. Then finish off with Ancient Magic once your meter is full to deal significant damage. All of the Graphorn's attacks are unblockable but all are also easy for you to react and dodge, as the sequence of attacks is slow. The Graphorn will mostly create distance and charge toward you.

Once you've defeated the Graphorn, a cutscene will occur, giving you two choices:

  • Kneel
  • Attack

The outcome will be the same whether you choose to kneel or attack the Graphorn, in the end, you will still acquire the beast as a mount. Now, ride the Graphorn and return to the Pensieve Chamber where you met Professor Fig. You can travel there while riding the Graphorn or you can fast travel to the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame and then release the Graphorn from the Nab Bag. At the entrance of the chamber, make sure that the Graphorn is standing still on the platform and wait for it to fully light up. Dismount the Graphorn and head inside the chamber to witness San Bakar's memories. After the cutscene, use the crystal doorway here to teleport back to The Map Chamber and then speak to the Keepers. This concludes the San Bakar's Trial quest.

Stopping Ranrok

Head to Ollivanders

You've cleared out all of the trials of the Keepers and it's now time to head to the final repository of ancient magic, but, you'll need to acquire a special wand first at Ollivanders. Fast travel to Hogsmeade and speak to Gerbold Ollivander in the shop. During the cutscene, Victor Rookwood and his men arrive to try and stop you. The main boss is Rookwood himself, but before you fight him, you'll need to defeat his men. When he joins the battle, he will cast Avada Kedavra, and be ready to press the corresponding button to counter it. When he joins his men, the trick here is to focus all your attacks on Victor Rookwood.

Otherwise, the waves of enemies will never end until you beat him. Rookwood will often use Protego and other Spells such as Avada KedavraReducto, and Petrificus Totalus. To defeat him, you'll need to cast Stupefy, which is a counterspell that automatically casts if you press the Protego button spell longer after casting it. Stupefy is the only way to break his shield, once it is broken, you can cast other attack spells at him. When Rookwood's health is almost empty, he will cast Avada Kedavra again and you will need to counter it before you can defeat him.

The Final Repository

Before you head back to the Map Chamber after the encounter with Victor Rookwood, make sure you've made preparations, and stock up on potions and plants, you'll need them. Inside the Map Chamber, speak to Professor Fig and enter the Keeper's Caverns. We would recommend you check the Endings Guide page as you are reading this to learn more about what's to come.  The path ahead is pretty much straightforward where you'll have to fight against Trolls and Ranrok's Loyalists, eventually, reaching Ranrok who transforms into a Dark Magical Dragon.

During the boss fight, it is important to note that you cannot deal damage when Ranrok Dragon's body is covered in black. You would first need to cast a spell on the colored orbs floating near his body, the spell would need to match the color of the orb. For example, if the orb's color is yellow, you would need to use a Control Spell such as Levioso or Glacius, if it's in red, use Damage Spells such as Incendio or Expelliarmus, and if it's in color violet, you would need to use Force Spells such as Accio or Depulso. Once you've destroyed the orb, Ranrok Dragon's health bar will then appear, this is where you can start attacking and deal damage to him. The colored orbs will reappear from time to time throughout this boss battle. During the first phase, you would only need to destroy one orb at a time to make Ranrok Dragon vulnerable, but during the second and third phases, you would need to destroy 2-3 orbs at a time.

Be wary of his attacks since it deals a lot of damage. Some of his attacks are blockable, but most are unblockable. He also has an attack that can instantly kill you, the prompt will be similar to when he turns his color to black, but this time he charges up and releases an AoE attack that will cover most of the area, you can run back to avoid this or dodge roll right before the attack hits you. You can also use Ancient Magic while he's charging up to prevent him from using this attack.

During his Fire Breath attack, avoid stepping on the scorched ground as the area could still damage you. During each phase, you will move to a different location. This is the best time to heal when you're not being overpowered by multiple attacks. After defeating Ranrok Dragon, a cutscene will occur. The cutscene shown will depend on the choice you made when you were speaking to Professor Fig before Ranrok arrives.


Weasley's Watchful Eye

After the battle with Ranrok, you return to Hogwarts. Head to the Transfiguration Classroom in the Astronomy Wing to speak to Professor Weasley. If you want to unlock the True Ending after talking to Professor Weasley, you will need to Reach Level 34, complete all Side Quests and/or Relationship Quests, and complete all Puzzles and Collections. Once you've met all these conditions, head to the Great Hall where a ceremony will take place to announce the winners of the House Cup — this ends your journey in Hogwarts Legacy, thank you for playing.

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