Focus Potion

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Description Reduces the drinker's spell cooldowns
Duration To be added
Brewing Time 1m
Ingredients Lacewing Flies x1
Fluxweed Stem x1
Dugbog Tongue x1

Focus Potion is a Potion in Hogwarts Legacy. Focus Potion is a potion that aids in combat by allowing the player to produce more spells with less cooldowns. Potions are special types of Items, that can be consumed and grant players different bonuses. These bonuses may range from healing a certain amount of health, decrease the damage received for a short time, or enhance Spell Damage for a while. Players can also learn how to concoct Potions by obtaining different recipes.


Reduces the drinker's spell cooldowns


Focus Potion Information


Focus Potion Location in Hogwarts Legacy


How to learn Focus Potion


Focus Potion ingredients

Focus Potion requires the following ingredients in order to be brewed:


Hogwarts Legacy Focus Potion Notes & lore

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