Talents in Hogwarts Legacy is the most RPG element in this Harry Potter game. Players can gain experience and from experience gain Talent Points to then spend them into 5 categories according to the Wizard playstyle. This allows Wizards to grow powerful in areas they interested in, increasing their stats and the power of a certain type of spells.


Hogwarts Legacy Talents - Which Are The Best For Your Gameplay?

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Talent Categories

There's a tab in the menu where players can access to their Talents menu, in here players will find the Talents categories listed below, and in the upper left corner, the amount of spent Talent Points. Each category seems to have a limit of points a Wizard can spend on. Spending points may increase different stats, like increasing spell duration time or reducing cooldown time, or grant passive effects such as  the capacity of not making noise with your feet while you are invisible.

 There are a total of 48 Talents available in Hogwarts Legacy.

spells talent category hogwarts legacy wiki guide

These Talents Improve your Spell-casting

dark arts talent category hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Dark Arts

These talents increase your abilities with the Dark Arts

core talent category hogwarts legacy wiki guide

These talents improve your overall effectiveness


stealth talent category hogwarts legacy wiki guide

These talents improve your ability to sneak around.

room of requirement talent category hogwarts legacy wiki guide
Room of Requirement

These talents improve your use of Potions and combat Plants


All Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy All Talents Comparison Table


Talents Comparison Table

You can search by Name, Type, Requirement, Level, or Effect. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Talents 


Level Requirement


Edurus Potion Potency

5 Edurus Potion makes you invulnerable and deflects projectile attacks back to enemies.

Invisibility Potion Potency

5 The invisibility Potion's undetectable effect lasts for a longer period of time.


5 For each Chinese Chomping Cabbage thrown, a second Comping Cabbage is generated and released at no cost.


16 The damage and duration of the incapacitating effect of Mandrakes are increased.

Maxima Potion Potency

16 Maxima Potion causes attacks to have additional increased damage and break enemy shields.

Thunderbrew Potency

22 The range and damage of the potion effect are greatly increased.

Focus Potion Potency

22 The duration of the Focus Potion's effect will be extended when any spell from the Spell Set is cast during its use.


22 Venomous Tentacula attacks deal additional damage and break shields.

Sense of Secrecy I

5 Enemies' ability to detect you is reduced.

Human Demiguise

5 Allows you to Sprint while using Disillusionment.

Sense of Secrecy II

16 Enemies' ability to detect you is reduced.

Petrificus Totalus Mastery

22 Petrificus Total emanates an area of effect that can impact nearby enemies.

Ancient Magic Throw Expertise

5 Ancient Magic Throw catches and throws disarmed enemy weapons.

Basic Cast Mastery

5 Basic Cast impact reduce spell cooldowns.

Protego Absorption

5 Successful Protego blocks will contribute to the Ancient Magic Meter. Perfect Protego blocks contribute even more.


5 Holding down Dodge allows you to vanish quickly and reappear nearby.

Spell Knowledge I

5 A New Spell Set is added.
Hold R2 and tap D-pad in a direction to swap to an unlocked Spell Set.

Spell Knowledge II

5 A New Spell Set is added.
Hold R2 and tap D-pad in a direction to swap to an unlocked Spell Set.

Wiggenweld Potency I

5 Wiggenweld heals you to a greater effect.

Spell Knowledge III

16 A New Spell Set is added.
Hold R2 and tap D-pad in a direction to swap to an unlocked Spell Set.

Stupefy Mastery

16 Enemies struck with Stupefy remain stunned for a longer period of time.

Wiggenweld Potency II

16 Wiggenweld heals you to a greater effect.

Evasion Absorption

16 Successfully evading an unblockable attack with Dodge contributes to the Ancient Magic Meter.

Protego Expertise

16 Blocking a spell with Perfect Protego will send two projectiles back at enemies.

Revelio Mastery

16 Increases the range of Revelio.

Basic Cast Airborne Absorption

16 Basic Cast impacts on airborne enemies contribute more to the Ancient Magic Meter.

Protego Mastery

22 Perfect Protego releases a damaging blast that breaks enemy shields.

Stupefy Expertise

22 Stupefy deals direct damage on impact.

Stunning Curse

5 Stupefy has the same effect as a curse on enemies. Cursed enemies take increased damage.

Blood Curse

5 Dealing damage to a cursed target inflicts damage to all cursed targets.

Knockback Curse

5 Flipendo has the same effect as a curse on enemies. Cursed enemies take increased damage.

Disarming Curse

5 Expelliarmus has the same effect as a curse on enemies. Cursed enemies take increased damage.

Slowing Curse

16 Arresto Momentum has the same effect as a curse on enemies. CUrsed enemies take increased damage.

Enduring Curse

16 A cursed effect remains on an enemy for a longer period of time.

Imperio Mastery

16 An enemy under your control with Imperio curses other targets with each successful strike.

Crucio Mastery

16 Striking an enemy cursed by Crucio releases a projectile that curses a nerby enemy.

Avada Kedavra Mastery

22 Killing an enemy with Avada Kedavra kills all cursed enemies.

Curse Sapper

22 Defeating a cursed enemy restores some of your health.

Incendio Mastery

5 Casting Incendio unleashes a ring of flame around you.

Accio Mastery

5 Enemis near a target summoned by Accio are also pulled to you.

Levioso Mastery

5 Enemis near a target levitated by Levioso are also levitated.

Confringo Mastery

5 Confringo impacts produce fiery bolts that seek enemy targets.

Depulso Mastery

5 Casting Depulso releases an additional blast directly around you.

Diffindo Mastery

5 Diffindo cast slice through impacted enemies to strike additional targets.

Bombarda Mastery

16 Bombarda causes an explosive blast with a massive area of effect.

Descendo Mastery

16 A Descendo slam creates a damaging shockwave around your target.

Glacius Mastery

16 Striking an enemy frozen by Glacius blast damaging shards outward from the target.

Transformation Mastery

22 Enemies struck with the Transformation spell transform into explosive objects.


 Hogwarts Legacy Talent Information

How to Earn Talent Points in Hogwarts Legacy

Starting at level 5, and everytime you level up your Wizarding Level, you will receive a Talent Point.

Locked Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Talents won't be available as soon as players start the game, they will be locked up to a certain point in Hogwarts Legacy story. Players will have to progress through the story to unlock certain talents.

Level Requirement

All Talents in Hogwarts Legacy have one of the three level requirements available:

  • Level 5: Unlocks the first tier of upgrades.
  • Level 16: Unlocks the second tier of upgrades.
  • Level 22: Unlocks the third tier of upgrades.

This means that certain Talents will be locked out until you reach the required level. Until then, they will be shown with this icon lock hogwarts legacy icon fextralife wiki guide, indicating that they are currently locked.

Further Requirements

Besides level, some Talents possess other requirements, such as the knowledge of a certain Spell or having acquired a specific Potion or Plant. Even if players have the required level to earn that talent, they won't be able to do so until they meet the second requirement.

Can I Max out all talents in Hogwarts Legacy?

It is currently unknown if players will be able to max out their characters in Hogwarts Legacy by earning all 48 Talents available. Wizards and Witches maximum level is 40, assuming they earn a Talent Point each time they level up, it would be impossible to max out all talents. But it is still possible to be able to earn Talent Points as a reward for doing certain Quests or completing certain Collections.

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy

Talents and Builds are strictly related in Hogwarts Legacy. Depending on where players decide to spend their Talent Points, may define what kind of Build they go after. Please feel free to check out our Builds page to learn both about our Builds and the ones created by the community.



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