NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy covers a list of non-playable characters that can be interacted with and appears in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.

Players are able to meet with Professors, the Npcs in charge of granting players diverse classes and imparting their magical knowledge, in Castle Hogwarts. But they are not the only NPCS related to the school of witchcraft and wizardry that players may be able to meet. 

Students can be found everywhere throughout Hogwarts. Classes, halls, passageways, and even flying around with brooms, and more places can be found crawling with students! Many of them can give us Quests or vital pieces of information regarding the story. They have their own personalities and are also members of one of the 4 Houses in the game. 


Companions are a special type of NPcs that can be found throughout the game. This type of Npcs may join your adventure during certain moments to aid you on your magical journey. Note that they have their own motivations and will ask for your help in certain tasks or personal Quests. By doing so, players may be rewarded with new Spells, Gear or any new kind of equipmnet.

  • Companions aren't listed on this page. Please feel free to check the Companions page if you want to learn more about them.


Merchants are a special type of NPCs that sell wares, useful items and even upgrades of some kind to the player. They can be found in different Locations, such as the famous all-wizarding village, Hogsmeade. Players may be able to interact with them to trade, and some of them may also give us Quests that will unlock better gear.

  • Merchants aren't listed on this page. Please, feel free to check the Merchants page if you want to learn more about them.


Hogwarts Legacy NPCs

Professors in Hogwarts Legacy are Npcs that dictate the different classes players can attend at the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As is the case with Students, Professors also are aligned to one of the great four Houses of Hogwarts. Being older than Students, their knowledge of magic is wider and often give players wise advice regarding the dangers of it.




Hogwarts Legacy Professors

headmaster phineas nigellus black npc hogwarts legacy wiki 375px
Phineas Nigellus Black

Hogwarts Headmaster
VA: Simon Pegg

matilda weasley npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Matilda Weasley

Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts and Transfiguration Professor
VA: Lesley Nicol

mudiwa onai npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Professor Onai

Divinations Professor
VA: Candace Kaine

eleazar fig npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Eleazar Fig

Magical Theory Professor
VA: Nicholas Guy Smith


satyavati shah npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Satyavati Shah

Astronomy Professor
VA: Sohm Kapila

abraham ronen npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Abraham Ronen

Charms Professor
VA: Enn Reitel

aesop sharp npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Aesop Sharp

Potions Professor
VA: Matthew Waterson

dinah hecat npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Dinah Hecat

Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
VA: Jane Windsor


mirabel garlick npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Mirabel Garlick

Herbology Professor
VA: Moira Quirk

chiyo kogawa npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Chiyo Kogawa

Flying Instructor
VA: Karen Maruyama

bai howin npc hogwarts legacy wiki 256px
Bai Howin

Beasts Professor
VA: Jeannie Bolet




Will we see Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are only a few characters that could make a cameo in this game without generating a chronological contradiction such as Dumbledore. But the developers have not given any confirmation whether cameos like these will be included or not in the game.

Will Peeves be in Hogwarts Legacy?

Peeves is a chaotic polstergeist that can turn invisible at will. Peeves appearance is an expression of its personality. There are some events related to Peeves that took place around the late 1800s, just where Hogwarts Legacy's story is situated. It was decided to include Peeves as a minor character in Hogwarts Legacy, but it is yet to discover what role will it take in this new story.

Is Snape in Hogwarts Legacy?

Severus Snape was born on 1960, but Hogwarts Legacy is situated in the late 1800s so even if there's no official confirmation whether Snape will be included in the game, there's not much of a chance.

Is Hagrid in Hogwarts Legacy?

It is very unlikely to see a cameo or his presence included in the game, as Hagrid was born in 1928 while the game story is situated in the late 1800s.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have romance options?

There's no confirmation or footage related to Romance options being included in the game. But Wizards can bond with other characters, form relationships that may change the path of their journey or simply gain rewards. 

Will Harry Potter be in Hogwarts Legacy?

This game does not feature Harry Potter because its story takes place long before the boy wizard was even born, when Hogwarts was still a brand-new institution. Both Harry Potter and his buddies from the book series are missing from Hogwarts Legacy.




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