Lilac Ensemble Male

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Type Outfits
House N/A
  • Common
  • Well-Appointed
  • Superb
  • Extraordinary
  • Legendary
Gender Male

Lilac Ensemble Male is an Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy. Outfits are pieces of armor that covers up the chest of the playable character. This type of Gear not only allows you to customize the appearance of the character, also provides the user protection from damage, and some of them may even grant diverse boosts to other stats or bonuses. Outfits can be upgraded up to 3 times at the Enchanted Loom, to boost their stats. 


A ensemble perfectly suited for a glamorous personality


Lilac Ensemble Male Stats and Information

All Gear in Hogwarts Legacy is random, which means that Base Stats, Rarity and Locations are not fixed. Legendary Gear is the only exception to this rule, and can be found in certain places.

Lilac Ensemble Male can be found in the following rarities:

  • Common
  • Well-Appointed
  • Superb
  • Extraordinary
  • Legendary

Lilac Ensemble Male belongs to the following House:

  • N/A


Where to find Lilac Ensemble Male in Hogwarts Legacy

Lilac Ensemble Male can be found at the following location:

  • Lilac Ensemble Male can be found randomly inside chests or as loot from Enemies.


Hogwarts Legacy Lilac Ensemble Male Notes & Lore

  • Traits can also be woven into Outfits at the Enchanted Loom.
  • Notes and tips about this item go here


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Blazer Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Elegant Blazer Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Elegant Blazer Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Elegant Blazer Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Elegant Blazer Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Elegant Blazer Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Elegant Blazer Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Elegant Casual Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Elegant Formal Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Elegant 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Female  ♦  Herodiana's Attire Male  ♦  Highland Explorer Garb Female  ♦  Highland Explorer Garb Male  ♦  Hogwarts Regalia Ensemble Female  ♦  Hogwarts Regalia Ensemble Male  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Jumper School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Kilted Garb Female  ♦  Kilted Garb Male  ♦  Knitted Jumper Attire Female  ♦  Knitted Jumper Attire Male  ♦  legendary Armoured Attire Female  ♦  legendary Armoured Attire Male  ♦  Lilac Ensemble Female  ♦  Lucky Leprechaun Ensemble Female  ♦  Lucky Leprechaun Ensemble Male  ♦  Mermish Liaison Uniform Female  ♦  Mermish Liaison Uniform Male  ♦  Midnight Debonair Ensemble Female  ♦  Midnight Debonair Ensemble Male  ♦  Nocturne Teal Ensemble Female  ♦  Nocturne Teal Ensemble 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Formal School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Plaid Formal School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Plaid Formal School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Plaid Formal School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Plaid Formal School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Plaid Shirt and Tie School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Plaid Vest School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Prefect Casual Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Prefect School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Prefect Shirt and Tie Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Prefect Vest Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Professional Blazer Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Protector's Ensemble Female  ♦  Protector's Ensemble Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Quidditch Captain's Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Rapscallion Garb Female  ♦  Rapscallion Garb Male  ♦  Red Plaid Garb Female  ♦  Red Plaid Garb Male  ♦  Relaxed Garb Female  ♦  Relaxed Garb Male  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Relaxed Jumper School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Rose Riding Attire  ♦  Rose Riding Attire Female  ♦  Rose Riding Attire Male  ♦  Russet Motley Garb Female  ♦  Russet Motley Garb Male  ♦  Rustic Garb Female  ♦  Rustic Garb Male  ♦  Samhain Festival Garb Female  ♦  Samhain Festival Garb Male  ♦  Scottish Jumper Attire Female  ♦  Scottish Jumper Attire Male  ♦  Seafoam Nightwear Female  ♦  Seafoam Nightwear Male  ♦  Secret Solver's Bathing Costume Female  ♦  Secret Solver's Bathing Costume Male  ♦  Secret Solver's Nightwear  ♦  Secret Solver's Nightwear Female  ♦  Secret Solver's Nightwear Male  ♦  Shopkeeper's Ensemble Female  ♦  Shopkeeper's Ensemble Male  ♦  Slate Jumper Attire Female  ♦  Slate Jumper Attire Male  ♦  Starry-Eyed Seer's Ensemble Female  ♦  Starry-Eyed Seer's Ensemble Male  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Striped Jumper School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Stylish Blazer School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Stylish Casual School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Stylish Informal School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Stylish Midday School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Stylish Vest School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Suave Striped Attire Female  ♦  Suave Striped Attire Male  ♦  Tan Riding Attire Female  ♦  Tan Riding Attire Male  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tartan Blazer School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tartan Casual School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tartan Classic School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tartan Vest School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tattersall Casual School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tattersall Shirt and Tie School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Tattersall Vest School Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Teal Striped Attire Female  ♦  Teal Striped Attire Male  ♦  Tenebrous Attire Female  ♦  Tenebrous Attire Male  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Gryffindor Female  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Gryffindor Male  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Slytherin Female  ♦  Top of the Class Ensemble Slytherin Male  ♦  Treasure-Seeker's Attire Female  ♦  Treasure-Seeker's Attire Male  ♦  Undergarments Female  ♦  Undergarments Male  ♦  Woodlands Ensemble Female  ♦  Woodlands Ensemble Male  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Wool Jumper Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Gryffindor Female  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Gryffindor Male  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Hufflepuff Female  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Hufflepuff Male  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Ravenclaw Female  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Ravenclaw Male  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Slytherin Female  ♦  Worn Quidditch Uniform Slytherin Male  ♦  Zonko's Chief Prankster Ensemble Female  ♦  Zonko's Chief Prankster Ensemble Male


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