Upper Hogsfield is a Location in Hogwarts Legacy. Upper Hogsfield is located in the countryside and is the closest hamlet to Hogsmeade. Because of its proximity to Hogsmeade, the inhabitants dubbed themselves 'Hogsfield". However, around the same time, Lower Hogsfield also opted for the name 'Hogsfield', after Hogwarts. Thus, an unhappy compromise was decided upon and each village added a qualifier to its name. Locations allow players to visit the renowned sites famous throughout the Wizarding World, explore hidden and dark dungeons, or breathtaking and vast open areas, filled with NPCs and activities. On this page, you will find all the information regarding Npcs, Quests, Gear, Spells and more you can find in Upper Hogsfield.


Upper Hogsfield General Information



Upper Hogsfield Map 

Upper Hogsfield can be found in Hogsmeade Valley. [Hogwarts Legacy Map]

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All Upper Hogsfield Collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy

Collection Chests

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Field Guide Pages

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Demiguise Statues

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Hogwarts Legacy Upper Hogsfield Floo Flames & Sub-Locations


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All NPCs and Merchants in Upper Hogsfield

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All Items in Hogwarts Legacy's Upper Hogsfield









Hogwarts Legacy Upper Hogsfield Creatures, Enemies and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies

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Hogwarts Legacy Upper Hogsfield Notes & Tips

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