Beast Dens are a type of Location in Hogwarts Legacy. Beast Dens are the dwellings of Beasts, fantastical creatures players will come across on their journey. Players can befriend many of these creatures and send them to their Vivarium, to tend and care for them. In order to befriend Beasts, players must rescue them from their respective Beast Dens. This page lists all the Beast Dens that can be found in Hogwarts Legacy as well as details such as the Beasts that dwell within, how to rescue them, the resources they provide and more.


How do I find Beast Dens in Hogwarts Legacy?

Beast Dens are marked on the map with a claw iconbeast den icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide for easy identification. When traveling to a new location, be sure to look out for these icons as plenty are scattered throughout the Wizarding World.

Where do I find my Vivarium?

Wizards and Witches can access to their Vivarium once they have progressed enough through the story to unlock The Room of Requirement. Once The Room of Requirement is unlocked, the Vivarium can be found there.  

You will unlock more Vivariums as you progress through the game, that will feature different locations or weather.


Navigation by Beast Type

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Diricawl ♦ 
Fwooper ♦ 
Graphorn ♦ 
Hippogriff ♦ 
Jobberknoll ♦ 
Kneazle ♦ 
Mooncalf ♦ 
Niffler ♦ 
Puffskein ♦ 
Thestral ♦ 

All Beast Dens in Hogwarts Legacy

Diricawl Dens

Fwooper Dens

Giant Purple Toad Dens

Graphorn Dens

Hippogriff Dens

Jobberknoll Dens

Kneazle Dens

Mooncalf Dens

Niffler Dens

Puffskein Dens

Thestral Dens

Unicorn Dens


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