Hamlet Shop

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Role Merchant
Merchant NPC Fatimah Lawang
Stock Ingredients / Potion
Location Keenbridge

Hamlet Shop is one of the Merchants in Hogwarts Legacy. Hamlet Shop is is a stall in Keenbridge run by Fatimah Lawang. Merchants are special NPCs that can be encountered throughout the game to provide different Ingredients, Resources, Materials and Equipment including Weapons and Gear. A number of shops can be found around Hogsmeade


Hamlet Shop Information in Hogwarts Legacy

A Stall in Keenbridge run by Fatimah Lawang. She sells various Ingredients and Combat Tools.


Hamlet Shop Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Hamlet Shop can be found in Keenbridge


Hogwarts Legacy Hamlet Shop Related Quests


Hogwarts Legacy Hamlet Shop Stock Inventory



Hogwarts Legacy Hamlet Shop Notes & Lore

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