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Total Kneazle Dens 3
Yields Kneazle Fur

Kneazle is a Beast in Hogwarts LegacyKneazles are the fantastical creatures that are encountered throughout the different Locations of the Wizarding World. These Beasts can be friendly and will have different interactions of the game, while some are considered hostile beasts. Some Beasts can become available as a Flying Mount and others can be befriended and can be sent to the Vivarium where you can visit them, care for them and even name the different beasts under your care.

To find all the Beasts in the Wizarding World, players will need to locate their Beast Dens which are marked on the map with a claw icon beast den icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide. You can also visit the Hogwarts Legacy Map to view all available Beast Dens around the different regions of the game. 


Kneazle General Information in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Kneazles are cat-like beasts with large ears and a plumed tail. They can be aggressive, but if they like a witch or wizard, they make exceptional pets. Kneazles are highly intelligent and can detect suspicious or distrustful people.
  • There is a total number of 3 Kneazle Beast Dens that can be found in Hogwarts Legacy.


Kneazle Drops in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Kneazle Fur - Acquired after taming one, feeding and petting it.


All Kneazle Beast Den Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

South Sea Bog


Marunweem Lake

  • Marunweem Lake Kneazle Den. By the cliffs in Southwest Marunweem Lake. [Map Link]


Clagmar Coast



Hogwarts Legacy Kneazle 

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Hogwarts Legacy Kneazle Notes and Tips

  • Other Kneazle, tips, and trivia for Kneazle in Hogwarts Legacy go here.



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