Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy are a category of CollectionsLanding Platforms are octagonal structures scattered across the Wizarding World and are completed by landing on them with your Broom or Flying Mounts. There are no special requirements to these other than landing on them from flight. These Landing Platforms are related to Challenges and completing several in a set can unlock Gear or Appearances. This page covers all Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy.


How do I find Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy?

Before you can find and complete Landing Platforms, you must first unlock the Flying Mechanic by completing the Flying Class quest and then purchasing your own Broom during the Flight Test quest which becomes available right after. Landing Platforms can also be completed by using Flying Mounts which become available after completing The High Keep.

Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy can be quite tricky to find as they do not appear on the map. However, players can look out for the distinct octagonal pads with a star in the center, a black and white starburst pattern and a bronze outer ring with an ornate design.

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These platforms are spread across the world, typically found on hillsides or the top of structures like castles. They are easiest to find during the daytime. Once you land on a platform, the outer rings will spin momentarily before clicking into place, with the four braziers on the rings lighting up. The Challenge Card for Landing Platforms will then appear, indicating how many out of a set you've completed.

What do I get for completing Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy?

Completing Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the many Exploration Challenges available to the player. Challenges are unlocked after completing at least 1 within a specific category. There are several sets of Challenges for any given category and completing each set will reward the player with a piece of Gear or Appearance item. There are 4 sets of Landing Platform Challenges available, each requiring you to complete a certain number of Landing Platforms as follows:

As noted above, each set of Landing Platform Challenges completed awards the player with a piece of the Quidditch Captain's Set of Gear Appearance which they can use to alter the look of any corresponding piece of equipment. So while Quidditch itself is not available in Hogwarts Legacy for the moment, you can still dress up as a team captain and soar the skies in style!

How many Landing Platforms are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are a total of 20 Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy for players to find.



All Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy


North Ford Bog

Landing Platform - Pitt-Upon-Ford

Forbidden Forest

 No Landing Platforms

Hogsmeade Valley

Landing Platform - Hogsmeade Valley Northern Border

Landing Platform

  • Location: Located east of Hogsmeade, can be found to the left of a Merlin Trial. [Map Link]

North Hogwarts Region

Landing Platform - North Hogwarts Region South

Landing Platform - North Hogwarts Region West

South Hogwarts Region

Landing Platform - Aranshire South

  • Location: Located just south of Aranshire, can be found just outside a Treasure Vault. [Map Link]

Feldcroft Region

Landing Platform - Irondale South

Landing Platform - Central Feldcroft Region

Landing Platform - South Feldcroft

  • Location: Located at the southern part of Feldcroft Region found near the South Feldcroft Floo Flames by the cliff. [Map Link]

Landing Platform - North Feldcroft

Hogwarts Valley

Landing Platform - West Hogwarts Valley

Landing Platform - Northwest Hogwarts Valley

  • Location: Located north of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flames by the cliff. [Map Link]

Landing Platform - South Hogwarts Valley

  • Location: Located north of the East South Sea Bog Floo Flames. [Map Link]

Southsea Bog

No Landing Platforms

Coastal Cavern

No Landing Platforms

Poidsear Coast

Landing Platform - Poidsear Coast

  • Location: Located in the southern part of Poidsear Coast, just southwest of South Poidsear Coast Floo Flames. [Map Link]

Marunweem Lake

Landing Platform - Marunweem Bridge

Landing Platform - Northeast Marunweem

  • Location: Located south of Coastal Mine Floo Flames. [Map Link]

Manor Cape

Landing Platform - Southwest Manor Cape

  • Location: Located on a large rock at the southwest part of Manor Cape, Balloons can also be seen floating close to it. [Map Link]

Landing Platform - Northwest Manor Cape

  • Location: Located just outside a Treasure Vault southwest of the Bainburgh Floo Flames. [Map Link]


Landing Platform - Southeast Cragcroft

  • Location: Located at the southeastern part of Cragcroftshire, south of the Cragcroft Floo Flames. [Map Link]

Clagmar Coast

Landing Platform - Clagmar Coast Southeast

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