Jackdaw's Rest

Main Quest

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How to Obtain Complete Professor Hecat's Assignment 2
Requirements Complete Professor Hecat's Assignment 2
Rewards 260 XP
Unlock the Talents system

Jackdaw's Rest is a Main Quest in Hogwarts LegacyJackdaw's Rest is one of the most important and revealing quests of the game. Main Quests are mandatory Quests that tell the main story of the game, and completing all of them will accomplish the completion of the game. Still, that doesn't mean that Subquests, Challenges and Collections are not important, as these quests grant very useful items as rewards for completion and also contain a lot of Lore.


Jackdaw's Rest Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideMeet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest

Activate your charmed compass by pressing up on the d-pad and follow the golden trail to the location. Press square hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide to talk to Richard Jackdaw.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideFollow Jackdaw through the Forbidden Forest

Follow Richard Jackdaw through the Forbidden Forest. You will activate a Floo Flame, while doing this.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideFind the cave where Richard Jackdaw Died

Explore the cave tunnels. You will find many hostile spiders, burn their webs as you advance. Then, continue through the forest to the next objective. Remember to activate your charmed compass if you get lost. 

You will find Richard Jackdaw's grave to the left of the glowing lake.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideWhisper the Password

Head to the basin and press square hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideDefeat Ranrok's Loyalists

After this, Goblins will spawn and attack you. Deal with them.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideFind the Missing Pages

Down the cave you will find three rune switches, to activate them you will have to aim basic cast at them. Doing so will unlock the gate and reveal part of a bridge. You will be met by more spiders on your way, continue until the path splits in two. You can crouch through the tunnel to reach a spider cave with a chest.

Leave the cave and head downhill, and you will reach a second split. Take the right way first, and defeat more spiders, you can also find a chest here. Cast and hold Accio on the platform to pull it towards you, jump on it and do this again but aim to the other ledge to make the platform move. There is another chest to be found here.

Head back to the last split and take the other way, here you can three more rune switches. Use basic cast on all three of them to open a second gate and reveal more of the previously found bridge. Go through the gate and crouch under the rock, and after it on the right side there is a ledge, climb it to find another chest.

Continue along to the right, and you will drop down, and you will find another platform and use Accio on it towards you. Jump on the platform. Note the three hooks: one on each side and on in front of you. Use Accio on the right one to reach one chest, then a spider cave and finally, another chest.

Return to the platform, and use the hook that is in front of you (this was previously on your left). Climb up the ledge and you will find another chest. Return to the platform and now use the hook on your left (previously in front of you) and continue towards that path. There will be more spiders on your path and another chest on the ledge. 

On your left there is another chest.

If you stand with your back to the hill you just came from, you will notice three openings, two on the right and one of the left. Head to the first opening on your right and use Accio to ride the platform to the different ledges alongside your path, to find up to four chests in the area.

Return to the main room and head right, and you will drop down into a watery area to find even more spiders. After defeating the smaller ones, two more will appear.

When you are done with all spiders, head under the gate to find a rune switch. You can find the other two rune switches at both sides of the gate. Quickly cast Basic Cast on all of them to reveal the third part of the bridge. There is another chest under the gate. 

On the other side of the bridge, interact Richard Jackdaw's skeleton to collect the missing pages.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideDefend yourself against the Ancient Defenders

 After this interaction, you will be attack be Pensieve Sentinels, and after dispatching them, more powerful Enemies will appear, Pensieve Protectors. The Protector is immune to all Spells, but you can make him vulnerable by disarming it, so use Expelliarmus


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideInvestigate the Traces of Ancient Magic

Head to the portal to investigate the pool of ancient magic, and proceed.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideSpeak to the Portrait

 You will find Percival Rackham inside a portrait and talk to him. You will unlock the Talents system. Follow the on-screen tutorial to learn the basic, you can head to the Talents page to learn more about them.


main quest icon hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guideExit the Map Chamber

Leave the area to complete the quest.




Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Information

The search for the missing pages led me to an ornate room where I met the portrait of Percival Rackham. Professor Fig will be excited to hear about all I've learned.


How to find Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest

 Jackdaw's Rest Main Quest can be obtained as follows:


Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Enemies and Npcs

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during Jackdaw's Rest


Jackdaw's Rest Requirements & Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy

Jackdaw's Rest quest has the following requirements:

By completing Jackdaw's Rest quest, you will obtain the following Rewards:

  • 260 XP
  • Unlocks the Talents system.


Notes, Tips & Trivia for Jackdaw's Rest in Hogwarts Legacy

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